Jan 16, 2009

Speaking of Nitwit Numbers...

In Philip R. Klein's latest message to himself in his "Reader Mail" section, he claims:

Today - we see 129 hits in about an hour during the day.

As I've pointed out before, Philip is either confused or intentionally misleading readers with his references to hits, when he's clearly referring to page views. Readers may remember that the last time Klein mentioned traffic to the SETPR site, he claimed 348,712 page views for the 30 days period ending on December 5, 2008. 

By crunching those numbers, readers can see that Philip is again making up numbers. Consider that there are 720 hours in a 30-day period:

348,712 page views / 720 hours = 484.3 page views every hour in the month

And if Philip truly meant server hits, the numbers become even more bizarre, considering that each page on the SETPR generates at least 8 server hits per view.  In this scenario, Klein's site generates 3,874 hits every hour of a 30-day period. 

Consider PRK's claim on November 3, 2008:

"This past month we had over 163,000 direct and indirect hits."

As I've noted, there is no such thing as an "indirect hit." However, this extrapolates to 226 "hits" every hour during the month, not 129.

Bottom line: Philip's numbers don't add up, which is typical of most of his rumors, lies, and half-truths. 

I suspect the numbers from Website Outlook are more accurate than Philip's outlandish claims, which measures SETPR traffic at an average of 119 page views per day. Considering that most visits consists of two page views (Philip's Front Page and Top Story page) or more, then he's clearly averaging around 40 to 50 readers per day. This is further verified by the participation in his weekly polls, which usually generate between 30 and 60 unique votes.  Special thanks to the Sam The Eagle Political Review for his diligence in tracking Philip's traffic.

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