Jan 14, 2009

Statement by the Editor

Philip has a new editorial up:

This week the company that owns the Southeast Texas Political Review was informed that the investigation has been completed by agencies looking into violations of federal law. These violations were reported by a third party, and not the Southeast Texas Political Review.

The first issue was an email that was doctored and posted on a web site called "Sam The Eagle" that is owned by Google. With the cooperation of the companies security division and government agencies - it is our understanding that a violation occurred under federal statute. The original email was voluntarily produced by Klein Investments, Inc. in voluntary cooperation with the investigation. The original email was a email to a witness in the Wendell Radford case to which was posted originally on the public talk back line - and then doctored to show that it may have come from a witness. The Review editors have given testimony to it's original form and provided documents to such.

The second issue was a letter received by the company lawyers. It was perpetrated to have come from the US attorney in Tyler Texas. It was a fake letter - it was sealed upon arrival and given to the FBI field office in Beaumont, Texas, and transferred to Tyler Texas as well as forensics labs. Again, the Review editors have given testimony and provided documents to such.

Both issues are related to each other.

I believe in the cause of freedom of speech. I believe in the laws of the United States as well as the State of Texas. As the next days unfold the Review continues to press forward with cooperation with the agencies involved and the prosecution of such. In no way or form are the unfolding issues a retribution towards free speech to any one person. Yet it is cooperation in prosecution of violator (s) of Federal Law.

Neither myself or anyone associated with the Southeast Texas Political Review will make any further statements due to the gravity of the situation and the request by officials involved. We thank you for your understanding.

Philip's latest version is so convoluted that even someone "of the sixth sense"  like Klein can't follow. His story has changed considerably over the past 16 months or so. Compare with his original explanation of the incident in September of 2007:

The matter surrounds a post on the talk back line in 2006 from a person that is involved in the Helena labs scandal. We were made aware of it from emails to me from those who follow the web site "The DOKS" or as they like to call themselves, Operation Klein Watch. A copy of an email was posted on their site to which this web site responded. In that post, it was suggested that there was an ongoing investigation into emails sent to this web site. We have since learned that the information was false.

Apparently, as part of the ruse from the DOK site or the person that is provoking the DOK Web site to post information (RE " Philip Klein Has Some Splannin [SIC] To Do"), this letter follows to the day that the post was made. I will not make any accusations towards the DOK site - and frankly I just do not read them. However, when an issue as sensitive to suggesting that I was involved in an operation or our sister company was - we will answer.

The only question that will now need to be answered is if Gus Pillsbury made up the email post and attempted to garner a story - or if Gus Pillsbury is involved with others that have committed a criminal act.

The "Philip, You Got a Lot of 'Splaining to Do!" article is here. I also documented the rest of that incident as it occurred here, here, here, and here. As I've pointed out, I have the original emails in question as they were posted to Philip's "talk back line" - several are reprinted in the articles above  However, Klein's purported investigation has somehow shifted from Operation Kleinwatch to the Sam The Eagle Political Review over the past 16 months.

Furthermore, Klein claimed in November of 2007 that the investigation had been completed and arrests were imminent before Christmas:

And yes - we caught the person responsible and they are getting a Christmas Surprise (hint - turn yourself in now to avoid the crush of what is going to happen to you).

I do find it interesting, however, that Klein now admits that Lisa Hahn was indeed corresponding with him through his "talk back line." And, if Lisa Hahn was indeed using Klein's distribution list to find information on the Radford investigation, perhaps this sheds some light on why Philip's mailing list is now defunct.

Lastly, we're still waiting on Klein to reveal Sam's true identity, only 87 days after he originally stated he'd reveal everything.  We'll revisit this in the future, many times I'm sure.

Question for Philip: Isn't "the company that owns the Southeast Texas Political Review" the same company that went bankrupt back in the '90s? If so, that certainly says a lot about PRK Enterprises and the Southeast Texas Political Review.   I also noticed you changed your "Reader Mail" letter after I mentioned it in the article below, but I didn't change the original version below - let me know when you get finished with the rewrites.

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