Jan 29, 2009


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes of contract negotiations between The United Steel Workers and over 60 different oil companies nationally(emphasis is mine):

What in the **** is the Southeast Texas Union Leadership thinking? Seriously - a STRIKE? As a caller from the rank and file told us today : "There are many of us that think these guys (union leaders) are stuck on stupid!"

Readers may notice the similarities between this comment from Philip's purported "caller"  and his response last week to Chris' letter in the Beaumont Enterprise (again, emphasis is mine):

Chris Kelley, 21

"I'd like to see the gas prices stay down low...."

[Klein's] Answer : Hey Chris - how is it going? Are you stuck on stupid?

Coincidence? I think not - as I've repeatedly pointed out, Philip and all of his so-called sources make the same grammatical errors and use the same trite expressions, "over and over and over again."

Philip is also typically confused about the real issues. Readers will note that this is a national negotiation, not a local contract dispute with the "Southeast Texas Union Leadership." In the case of Exxon Mobil, not only is the Beaumont refinery affected, but refineries in Louisiana,  Montana, and California. Perhaps Philip is just too stupid to realize that "The Southeast Texas Union Leadership" has nothing with operations in those states.

Klein's bottom line:

You get zero respect from us here at the Review - as well - as your fellow union member said - you guys must be stuck on stupid.

Oh, look! Philip mentions "stuck on stupid" again; I don't think it takes a seasoned private investigator as big as Texas to figure out the pattern in Klein's bogus callers, letters from readers, and sources.

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