Jan 18, 2009


Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review is about Beaumont City Council member Dr. Alan Coleman, not PRK, as the title seems to imply.  Philip purportedly exposes Dr. Coleman's support of red light cameras in Beaumont and his primary reason:

You see - Coleman runs in the same social groups as Beaulieu. It is that simple. And what you have is a bunch of social ninnies with nothing better to do than try and bring Beaumont to a more lawful place. They think that if there is more big brother than they can (1) create Revenue [sic], (2) punish those bad people that break the law, (3) be responsive to something that has not happened yet (accidents).

Philip didn't cite his sources, but his entire point of reference is an article in The Examiner here. Readers will note that the item was originally tabled in April 2008.  Dr. Coleman clearly stated his reasons for revisiting the issue:

"I don't like things left hanging out there," Coleman said. "I think we need to look at it and make a decision if this is what we want to do."

At this point, it's quite obvious except to Klein that there is not enough support to pass such an ordinance; by forcing a vote on the issue, the issue of red light cameras in Beaumont is laid to rest for good.  Isn't is interesting that Philip R. Klein, shrewd political analyst, somehow missed that?

Philip's bottom line is an arrogant ultimatum to Dr. Coleman:

The bottom line to this story is that Alan Coleman has to come out this week against the Red Light Camera's [sic] and must distance himself politically from Nancy Beaulieu. And we mean distance.

As Philip becomes more of an irrelevant anachronism, he's becoming more shrill and hysterical. Philip R. Klein is Jefferson County's equivalent of a Scud missile: : no guidance and no payload.

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