Jan 27, 2009

Team Lampson Speaks

Apparently, Team Lampson is only speaking to Philip R. Klein and the Southeast Texas Political Review (anonymously), however:

"He can have his day in the media. We will have our day," says one source to the Review this afternoon.

"Nick will get his day also. And then we can debate the issues," said the source.

The rest of the article is about Jeff Branick:

Branick showed up on KBTV this morning and hit some pretty strange topics....

Typically, Philip makes up facts to match his manufactured sources:

Also - the unemployment rate in Jefferson County which is DOUBLE the Texas Average.

According to the latest  numbers from the Texas Workforce Commission, the state unemployment rate is 5.7. The unemployment rate in Beaumont-Port Arthur is 7.9 percent, not 11.4 percent as Philip claims. 

I'll revisit when Nick Lampson actually announces that he's running for an office. Until then, this is simply more of Philip's premature speculation while "cranking his hot tube."  Next time, perhaps Philip should fix his shirt and zip his pants.

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