Jan 1, 2009

Update on Hurricane Ike Fatalities

Philip R. Klein's prediction on casualties from the Bolivar Peninsula during Hurricane Ike provides an excellent example of how he publishes hysterical and unsubstantiated rumor with a reckless disregard for the real truth. Typically, Philip quotes anonymous sources concerning the victims on the Bolivar Peninsula:

Sadly - the officers that I am know and are friends with in that area tell me that over 300 bodies will be found.

I certainly hope that no one in local law enforcement was so irresponsible as to repeat this rumor to Philip R, Klein.

Here's the reality: 20 people from Galveston County have been confirmed as dead.  Another 11 from the Bolivar Peninsula are still missing, as of December 30, 2008.  That's about one-tenth of what Philip R. Klein published on several occasions.

Philip's callous and untrue claims trivialize the deaths of these real victims.

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