Feb 24, 2009

LOL (:-)


In Philip Klein's latest letter to himself in his purported "Reader Mail" section, he writes:

And-for all of you folks who think this was written by Phil---it wasn't.

This "reader" should compare notes with Philip - they apparently had the same punctuation and grammar teacher.  Philip responds with another guilty cackle:

First be clear - the other side is going to pounce on your letter and say it is from us. And that is their only recourse.

Not true.  Since Philip apparently thinks of me as "the other side,"  I looked hard for Philip's point.  After wading through his self-adulation, I found his point in one question:

May I be bold enough to ask when the last time GOVERNMENT CUT BACK IN JEFFERSON COUNTY?

Bold, or just dense? 

Jefferson County eliminated 11 positions in the current budget and reduced capital outlays by 28 percent.

And, that's not to mention the 2.5 cent tax cut in the current budget, placing Jefferson Jefferson County in the bottom third of the lowest tax rates in the 254 Texas counties.

I can name more, but these three examples prove Philip is simply asking inflammatory questions with a reckless disregard for the truth.

In closing, readers should note that I've displayed two different strategies for recourse, not one as Klein claims. The first is to address his confused rhetoric with fact, while the other strategy is to show that Philip is still writing simpleton questions to himself and badly answering them, too.

Philip's Bottom Line


Philip R. Klein's "take" on the alcohol referendum in Lumberton:

Our take? We are not going to waste our time. Either the petition is legal or illegal. If it is illegal (again) then Walton will shut it down and Bellow can try to get it right again. Bellow's best move is to call a press conference and do a Jimmy Swaggart and cry he has sinned. And then go over to a church that he has not been thrown out of and pray that Don Burnett does not sue him for slander.

Ironically, Philip doesn't mention the alcohol referendum or the blatant misrepresentation of the facts to the Secretary of State's office by Lumberton City Council Member Don Burnett.  As detailed below, the councilman asked for an opinion from the Secretary of State's office - his question is in quotes from the Secretary of State's reply:

You have asked our office to opine on the following question: "Can a city that has no legal status to sell alcohol, therefore is dry, hold an election to make it dry?" 

Ann McGeehan rescinded her original opinion based on that question, after she was informed of the real facts:

Specifically, we have been informed that the City of Lumberton’s liquor status is not completely dry.  In fact, some of the city’s territory is said to contain land on which limited forms of alcohol sales are legal.  We have been informed that Hardin County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 has a “wet” liquor status and part of the city’s territory extends into this “wet” J.P. precinct.

Based on the facts currently presented to us, it appears that because alcohol sales are legal in part of the City of Lumberton, the citizens of Lumberton may petition for a prohibition election to limit alcohol sales throughout the city.

None of this has anything to do with David Bellow.

Someone is obviously feeding Klein information - I wonder if Don Burnett got Philip's phone number from Bugs Coe? If so, perhaps he can let readers know if those 27,000 cases in Hardin County were ever "refilled" as Philip Klein once claimed?

Feb 23, 2009

Open Letter to Philip R. Klein


Dear Philip,

I read your latest rant on David Bellow, dated Feb. 23, 2009. Typically, you seem quite confused about the real issues.  You wrote:

Sources tell the Review that Bellow is one of ten children that lives in Lumberton. He is currently a graduate of Texas A&M and has no job. He is in the reserves and is living at home with mom and dad at the age of 24 years. He has his own web site and our understanding is that he is taking online courses to be a preacher?

What does any of this have to do with the issue of a public referendum on alcohol sales in Lumberton.

While you vilified David Bellow, you praised Lumberton City Council member Don Burnett. Yet, Don Burnett, not David Bellow, was the one who misrepresented the original issue (see posting below).

I noticed that for someone who professes to speak for the common man, you seem to align yourself with the "good ole boy" network more often. I'm sure David Sheffield would agree, don't you think?

Care to discuss the real issues of how that misinformation ended up in the Texas Secretary of State's office, and upon whose orders Burnett was acting? I certainly hope that members of the Lumberton City Council aren't paying you for a "consultation," since the citizens of Lumberton have already voted once on this issue. 


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. I'm sure we'll revisit this many times, especially after March 3, 2009.

Philip R. Klein: Busted Again On Lumberton!


On Friday, Feb. 20, 2009, Philip R. Klein published an article on David Bellow, where he accused Bellow of an ad hominem attack on Lumberton City Council member Don Burnett.

Well, Bellow cannot seem to get it right. He simply does what he wants to do. Makes it up as he goes and that has created a challenge to the previous election which has cost the taxpayers money.

Now - adding insult to injury for the young budding politico - he has gone after a very popular city council person Don Burnett.

This past week the SETPR received an email with a press release. So we wanted to sit back and watch and see if the mainstream would pick up on it - and guess what? Nobody picked up on it. Leaving Mr. Bellows in the woods alone.

The press release was an attack on Councilman Burnett - and the review looked into the accusations that Bellow launched at Burnett - and guess what? None of them were true. As well, the media looked into to them and found that none of them were true.

However, Philip failed to inform his readers that the Texas Secretary of State's office revised their original opinion based on Burnett's misrepresentation of the facts.  In the Texas Secretary of State's opinion, Burnett's question is enclosed in quotes (emphasis is mine):

January 30, 2009

Mr. Don Burnett
City Councilman
City of Lumberton

Dear Mr. Burnet:

You have asked our office to opine on the following question: "Can a city that has no legal status to sell alcohol, therefore is dry, hold an election to make it dry?"  After the repeal of prohibition, Texas state law provided that political subdivisions were generally "dry" by default, meaning that the sale of liquor was prohibited. As a result, counties, cities, and justice of the peace precincts are generally "dry" except where the voters have approved the sale of liquor pursuant to a local option liquor election.

It is my understanding that the City of Lumberton, has never had an election to change their dry status; therefore, the city is still dry. Section 501.035(c)-(f) of the Texas Election Code prescribes the types of prohibitory liquor elections authorized to be voted on within the State of Texas once the voting unit has taken on a wet status. Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 501.035 (Vernon Supp. 2008). For example, Subsection (c) provides as follows:

(c) In an area where the sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages has been legalized, the ballot for a prohibitory election shall be prepared to permit voting for or against the one of the following issues that applies:

(1)  "The legal sale of beer for off-premise consumption only."
(2)  "The legal sale of beer.", . . .
Id. § 501.035 (c) (emphasis added).

Accordingly, it is our opinion that the commissioners court does not have the authority to order a prohibitory liquor election in a territory that is already dry even if the petition meets all the minimum statutory requirements. There is a well-established line of case law that requires either statutory or constitutional authorization to call an election. In Smith v Morton Independent School District, 85 S.W.2d 853, 858 (Tex.Civ.App.--Amarillo 1935, writ dism'd), the court held “In our form of government elections must be held by virtue of some legal authority, and an election held without affirmative statutory authority or contrary to a material provision of the law is universally held to be a nullity.”

If you have other questions, please contact our office toll-free at 800-252-VOTE (8683).

Yours truly,

Ann McGeehan
Director of Elections

Burnett did not inform the Secretary of State's office that portions of Lumberton allow for sales of alcoholic beverages, which substantially changed the issue.  As a result, Ms. McGeehan rescinded the opinion (emphasis is again mine):

Dear Mr. Owens:

This email is in response to your questions about a possible local option liquor election in the City of Lumberton.  On January 30, 2009, this office wrote a letter to Lumberton City Councilmember Don Burnet concerning the following question: "Can a city that has no legal status to sell alcohol, therefore is dry, hold an election to make it dry?"  Our letter response to Mr. Burnet indicated that a city with an existing “dry” liquor status has no legal authority to an election on the issue of adopting a “dry” liquor status.  Since we issued the January 30th letter, additional facts have been presented to the office, and we issue this email to clarify the letter of January 30th.  We are also copying Mr. Don Burnet, Ms. Rebecca Walton, Mr. Kenneth Legendre, Mr. David Bellow, and Ms. Glenda Alston.

Specifically, we have been informed that the City of Lumberton’s liquor status is not completely dry.  In fact, some of the city’s territory is said to contain land on which limited forms of alcohol sales are legal.  We have been informed that Hardin County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 has a “wet” liquor status and part of the city’s territory extends into this “wet” J.P. precinct.

Based on the facts currently presented to us, it appears that because alcohol sales are legal in part of the City of Lumberton, the citizens of Lumberton may petition for a prohibition election to limit alcohol sales throughout the city.  If the city had been subject to a blanket prohibition on all alcohol sales, and if that prohibition had applied to the entire territory of the city, then a prohibition election would not have been authorized.  However, we would like to emphasize that our response today is based on the facts as presented.  Local option liquor elections are extremely fact specific and the Office of the Secretary of State is not a fact finding body.  Ultimately, the decision on whether a local option petition is valid or even authorized lies with the governing body in charge of ordering the election, Hardin County Commissioners Court.  We issue this email to clarify earlier legal advice, but we are not issuing a ruling on the specific petition that is before the Hardin County Commissioners Court.  We hope you find this clarification helpful, and please do not hesitate to contact this office if we can be of assistance.


Ann McGeehan
Director of Elections
Office of the Secretary of State

Because of this misrepresentation, Hardin County Commissioners today granted a delay of one week in the decision to allow a public referendum on the issue. 

Readers should note that I have no opinion on this factious matter; instead, the purpose of my blog is counter Klein's constant drone of half-truths and half-baked opinions.  Most importantly, the purpose of my blog is to get all of the facts out on the table so that readers can make up their own minds about the issues, rather than being told what to believe by a very confused Philip R. Klein.

Most importantly, it seems to me that the citizens of Lumberton do indeed have the right to put the issue of alcohol sales to a public referendum, based on a complete review (pun intended) of the real facts in this case.

Philip R. Klein attempts to divert issue with a personal attack, just as he diverted attention from the public referendum in Nederland, where the citizens voted to take portions of the EDC funding and apply it to municipal roads and bridges.

Burnett, who many rumor could step up to the plate and be a conservative mayor one day - has a strong following. Meaning, Bellow now is on some bad listed. And really big names.

So now we have a young man that either made a silly political mistake - or a death shot to his future. Either way - Bellow has lost any and all credibility to his cause and now lost the media.

It seems to me that there are some in Lumberton who are desperately trying to keep this from coming to a vote.  This issue has already been decided once, but the citizen majority vote was disenfranchised based on technicalities in the way the original election was conducted.

I also find it quite interesting that Philip is apparently obsessed with David Bellow. From one of Klein's polls:

Apparently, only 15 of Philip's 25 readers that week shared his opinion.

Care to debate the real issue, Philip?

Care to debate the real issues, Philip?

Philip R. Klein's Hate Speech ("Meyers Speaks? Gezzz....")


In Philip's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip Klein comments on an op-ed piece by Maury Myers in yesterday's Beaumont Enterprise.

Consider that Philip has a page specifically reserved for his Editorials (I used the term loosely), yet Klein has posted his opinion of an op-ed piece on his "news" (I used the term loosely) page.  Apparently this makes sense to Philip R. Klein; for the rest of us, it's highly representative of his confusion over the difference in news, rumor, unsolicited opinion, half-truths, and blatant lies.

Since Philip lacks the mental acumen to discuss the issues raised by Maury intelligently, he resorts to another standard from his bag of tricks: hate speech from the very first line:

And maybe Former Beaumont Mayor Maury Meyers has found his place on the net - but G** when he speaks - it makes you want to go....Gezzzz....just shut up.

The next sentence/paragraph is classic:

So what do they pull out of the old hat - former Mayor Maury Meyers - and man does he sound simply stupid.

Do I hear the pot calling the kettle black?

After using God's name in vain in the first sentence, Klein also invokes the name of forces which he's obviously more familiar:

Where in the hell to start? Crockett Street is a winner? How about there?

Typically, Philip's confusion is legion (pun intended):

Well, the entire Crockett Street shut down about six months ago? Did it not? And it has had nothing but bad press. From arrests for selling illegal alcohol to drunks getting in wrecks and killing people. As well, restaurants that have closed down not once - but three times? And the bankruptcies of the companies that ran them?

Another of Klein's common literary devices (I use the term loosely) is evident in this comment:

Maybe if you want to keep count of the political dead bodies that will wash ashore if these crazy ideas keep coming up.

Philip apparently believes his flagging credibility is somehow enhanced by using the term "political" in his sophomoric imagery.

Bottom line - Meyers is nuts.

Here's the real bottom line - Philip has no solutions. Philip refuses to acknowledge that downtown Beaumont has seen over $100 million in investments, both private and public, in the past 15 years. These include the renovation of the Kyle Building, the Julie and Jefferson theater renovations, St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, and the Cathedral Square lofts and shops. And, that's not mentioning the Crockett Street Entertainment District.

Most people will realize that Maury seeks to stimulate discussion on the continuing renovation of Beaumont' Downtown District, yet Philip R. Klein is too dense to offer constructive suggestions. This is the difference between a visionary and an idiot - in addition to running his own business, Maury has actually served as an elected official.

How many elected positions has Philip held as a self-proclaimed "politician?"  How's that search for Patrick McDermott coming along, Philip?

Feb 22, 2009

Philip R. Klein: Tabloid TV Star


I'm still patiently waiting for that interview with Philip R. Klein by a "major Network crew" on Judge Larry Thorne, but in the meantime, readers can check these out:

Is that "Ee-a-vette Nee-a-Par" or Yvette Nipar?

In his interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Philip "Klane" used his sixth sense to channel Patrick McDermott's coat tails:

I particularly enjoyed Philip's "simple" answer to Greta's succinct questions of "What's your proof?" and "So, where is he?" Neither did Philip explain how his investigation also uncovered more corruption in Jefferson County.

I do hope this investigation is more successful for Philip than his investigation into the identity of Sam the Eagle. I've noticed that whenever Sam visits my little blog, he seems to be using several IP addresses in Europe. If Philip will pay for my expenses, I'll go undercover and investigate that case for him.

Speaking of ignored press releases, I thought the following was rather funny. Note that this is a real press release: (follow the link to see for yourself):

Private Investigators Find Olivia Newton John’s missing ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott

Private investigators claim to have tracked down the whereabouts of Olivia Newton John’s missing ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott and say that he is very much alive after he disappeared in 2005.


PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 03, 2009 – Olivia Newton John’s former partner, who it was believed drown whilst on a fishing trip 4 years ago, is said to be alive and living on a boat in the South American coast.

A team of American private investigators claim to have traced Patrick McDermott using a specially set up website.  The site, aptly named ‘findpatrickmcdermott.com’ has been regularly logging onto by someone on a boat travelling along the Mexico coastline to South America.

Patrick McDermott and Olivia Newton John had been together for nine years before he disappeared from the chartered fishing boat ‘The Freedom’ in 2005.

Mr McDermott is believed to have faked his own death to avoid paying debts and to make sure that his teenage son would be cared for by a very substantial life insurance payout of $150,000.

Philip Klein says that there is no doubt in his mind that Patrick McDermott is alive and living somewhere in the Cabo San Lucas (or that vicinity) in Mexico and that sooner, rather than later, he will found and many unanswered questions will finally be resolved.

Patrick McDermott ended his nine year relationship with Olivia Newton John just before his disappeared. Newton John, who remarried last year, was devastated when he disappeared and refused to be interviewed for the private investigation.  It is clear that the new evidence stirs up old memories for her.

There have been several confirmed sightings from at least 17 witnesses and Philip Klein is confident of finally coming face to face with Patrick McDermott.

According to Philip's logic, 17 alleged sightings must mean Patrick McDermott is alive. Over 2000 alleged sightings of Elvis must mean he's still alive, too.

I suspect this entire investigation has more to do with Philip R. Klein's own personal economic stimulus plan than any real mission. Readers will note that Klein's vacation expenses in Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas were paid for by a tabloid TV show, not any serious stakeholder in the real missing persons investigation.  

If they only knew Philip like we know Philip - this is obviously just another case of Klein's premature speculation.

Feb 20, 2009

Credibility Lost


He wants to have a "positive impact on the world?" Well, welcome to the world of Philip R. Klein. And the guy has his own web site about himself : Here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Unfortunately, to lose credibility, one must first possess some credibility to lose.

Mr. Klein - get it straight. You are who you are. Remember that - a one voice [wingnut].

Feb 19, 2009

Business Community Revisited


As promised, let's revisit Klein's article from earlier this week concerning the Nederland City Council races (emphasis is mine):

The Review has learned that Randy Sonnier a businessman from Nederland and John Benard, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors will run for Pct. 1 and 2 of the Nederland City Council.

Question for Philip: doesn't Randy Sonnier work for Total?  Perhaps you can explain how this qualifies Sonnier as a "businessman."

Philip had lots of sources on this one:

According to our sources who have called us all morning long - as well as one of the candidates themselves - it is time to bring "real business sense" to the city of Nederland.

Isn't it odd that neither Philip, his sources, or the candidate who called Klein knew that Nederland is based on wards, not precincts? From the Nederland City Charter:


The City of Nederland shall, by ordinance, divide the City into four (4) wards for the purpose of electing a bona fide resident from each ward as Councilmember.

If I were running to represent a precinct in a city that had wards, I'd be quite embarrassed.

I'd be even more embarrassed if I were running for a seat that wasn't up for election. In this case, voters will decide on Ward 1 and Ward 3 this year, not Precincts 1 and 2 as Philip claims.

Philip also claims the business community is angry:

The business community was angered when the EDC board was raped by the city council and money collected for economic development ended up for roads and bridges.

And just who did this raping? Why, the citizens of Nederland, who voted on and passed that proposal in 2007. Apparently Philip doesn't care what the citizens decided in his own home town. I suppose this is to be expected from someone who doesn't know the difference between a precinct and a ward.

Did I mention that Philip claims to be the voice of the "common people?"

Camera Crew


Philip R. Klein pulls out an oldie but a goodie from his bag of tricks in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Big time TV has come to Jefferson County Texas. Seemingly a major Network [sic] crew doing a story on our own Jefferson County is in town asking questions. What about?

And just who did this major network interview for the story?

The Review granted an interview by the film crew this afternoon. And we made comment. We will let all of you see it on Network TV. And our point was pretty clear. The Review's editor was made victim of one of the "justice's" work and seemingly the case is not alone.

The last time Philip made this claim, he claimed that a news crew from the Fox Network was in Hardin County investigating those 27,000 cases that were to be "refilled." How did that story come out, Philip?

I do appreciate Philip's magnanimous offer to let all of us see it.  On what date and network will that air?

I'm sure we'll revisit this many times.

Feb 18, 2009

Business Community


Philip R. Klein writes:

The Review has learned that Randy Sonnier a businessman from Nederland and John Benard, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors will run for Pct. 1 and 2 of the Nederland City Council.

Many of you will ask why? According to our sources who have called us all morning long - as well as one of the candidates themselves - it is time to bring "real business sense" to the city of Nederland.

I can't think of a better reason to vote against a candidate than an association with Philip R. Klein. It's fairly obvious in the rest of the story who called Klein, but to play it safe, it's probably better to just say no to both candidates.

I hope Philip's not charging for his political "expertise" (I use the term loosely).  More importantly, I hope this candidate isn't stupid enough to actually pay Klein - this is not a good sign of fiscal responsibility.

To be revisited - many times, I'm sure.

Giggle (Another Snoozer From Philip R. Klein)


Nothing new in the latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, just more of the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

Like? Hi - welcome to Jefferson County Texas - where government is king? Where unemployment is the highest in Texas? Where crime is out of control? What is the purpose of the sale?

Maybe it could be? Na? Like welcome business? By the way your shoes are black and we need brown and you knew it so here is a lawsuit? Welcome business?

Please folks - this is just another song and dance to try and get MORE pork so that they can spend it and make you think they are doing something in county government.

The bottom line gang is this - Jefferson County is dying a long slow death. Rather than give a good shot of sense by making government smaller and letter the people and business keep their money - we tax them to death around southeast Texas. And crime and there are no real jobs.

If Philip hates Jefferson County and Southeast Texas this much, and if the area is truly dying as Klein alleges, why does he continue to do business here?

Ironically, Philip R. Klein missed this story on national fourth quarter home prices:

The largest single-family home price increase in the fourth quarter was in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area of Texas, where the median price of $132,600 rose 16.7 percent from a year ago. Next was the Bloomington-Normal, Ill., area at $159,300, up 9.6 percent from the fourth quarter of 2007, followed by Dover, Del, where the median price increased 6.5 percent to $212,500.

This puts Philip's statement from October 2008 in perspective:

Here is the bottom line...the homes values are topped out now. And there is no place to go but down...Jefferson County has been built on match sticks of hope. And the fire is coming.

Of course, we can always expect Klein to "stand up and say 'we' were wrong when 'we' are wrong."

Feb 17, 2009

Uh Oh


Philip R. Klein has such an expressive way with words, especially when it comes to the titles of his so-called articles on the Southeast Texas Political Review. I'm waiting for the one entitled "D'oh!"

In this article, Philip writes of the proposed hospital taxing district in Jefferson County:

Then there is the dirty secret that the media has missed.

This past week there have been discussions regarding a county taxing hospital district in Jefferson County.

Actually, Philip missed that, not the local media. For instance, the Beaumont Enterprise covered the issue last week on Feb. 10, 2009:

Telephone surveys this week are gauging Jefferson County taxpayer opinions about creating a countywide hospital district that would impose new taxes to raise money for not-for-profit hospitals to recoup losses treating uninsured patients.

The newspaper also presented a balanced argument for both sides of the issue in another article on February 14, 2009.

Philip, of course, is just now finding out about the issue:

Typically, Philip is confused:

The Review has also learned that a push poll is being done regarding the subject in Jefferson County

According to another Enterprise article last week on Feb. 11, 2009:

A hospital district that would levy new taxes has been touted by hospital administrators, who are researching public opinion about the taxing district that would help support Christus St. Elizabeth and two not-for-profit hospitals in the county.

Opinion results should be available early next week.

By the time Philip found out about the poll, it was already over.  Philip further confuses the issue with another quote from an "anonymous source" concerning a countywide EMS:

Once source close to the county commissioners told the Review this afternoon : "If the cities are willing to sign on to the Hospital District - we would be open to bring a county wide [sic] EMS system to Jefferson County. It would take a year or two - but I think we could get it done. It would solve the emergency ambulance situation in the cities and let the private ambulance groups go back to doing what makes them money."

Philip's signature grammatical train wrecks abound throughout this spurious quote.

Question for Philip Klein: Is it true that you are the only member of the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department with strobes on your personal vehicle and the only member who runs hot to any fire?

Feb 16, 2009



In his latest Southeast Texas Political Review article, Philip R. Klein comments on videos of recent Port Arthur City Council meetings. Most of his article (I use the term loosely) concerns a discussion of a potential program to help clean up the City of Port Arthur:

Apparently the city is overrun with tires? To hear the description there are tires everywhere?

That's no secret, except to the uninformed. Most recently, Channel 6 mentioned the problem in a report on February 7, 2009.

Debris, tires and every day trash have littered the streets and sidewalks of Port Arthur for years.

On that date, a group of volunteers met to collect trash as part of Mayor Bobbie  Prince's "One Block at a Time" program.  Of course, Philip never mentioned that ongoing program.

Instead, Philip commented on the math and "UTUBE:"

The math part is really the funniest to watch and should be up on UTUBE. We swear - the enter exchange is simply a hoot.

Philip frequently swears, but it's still YouTube, not "UTUBE."  See for yourself.

Now here's a thought - if this should be on YouTube, why doesn't Philip post it?  Given Klein's propensity for gross exaggeration, misinformation, and mangled facts, I'd rather see the video and make up my own mind.

As I've repeatedly documented, Philip has a problem with simple math. Those figures could be perfect and he's simply confused by advanced mathematical concepts operations, such as multiplication. So, I'd like to see the video myself.

Here is the thinking of the leadership of the city. If the citizens will bring the tires to "us" - we can dispose of them. Meaning it is cheaper to have the citizens bringing them in rather than going around with city trucks and finding them and picking them up. Then the city pays to have the tires picked up by a recycler.

Rather than take Philip's mangled description at face value, I'd like to see the cost-benefit analysis myself - many cities make a tidy profit through recycling such items as tires. These cities pay a certain bounty on these items, then haul them to a recycling center. The recycling center then pays these cites according to the current market rate for the materials.

Unfortunately, we're left with Philip's biased and confused description:

It is simply everything that is brought up irrupts into either a silly discussion or a fight.

Philip probably meant"erupt," since "irrupt" means to enter uninvited.  This was my favorite line of the entire article:

And that problem is simple - stupidity and self promotion.

Philip R. Klein could have been referring to himself.

How about it, Philip - are you too technologically-impaired to post that video so that you readers can draw our own conclusions?  If your readers can post interesting videos like this, then surely you can post this video.

If you can't figure out how to get onto "UTUBE [sic], then send it on, I'll be glad to post the video for you.

Breaking News: Philip Klein Finds Patrick McDermott


Feb 13, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits (Pt. 1)


After claiming that the Southeast Texas Political Review registered over 64,000 page views in January, only 41 people voted in Philip R. Klein's latest weakly poll (pun intended):

More to come!

Feb 12, 2009

The Matchstick Woman


This nonsensical title reflects the nonsensical nature of the content concerning Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames in Philip R. Klein' latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review/

In this posting, Klein makes a number of claims which are clearly not true. As an example, Philip claims that Mayor Ames initiated the downtown development project:

Ames then came in with the glorious plan of building up downtown. A park, waterway (dubbed the ditch in downtown) and expanding on the dead Crockett Street. Seemingly, just as every other mayor has done starting with Maury Meyers - everyone wants a great downtown. Why? It is the heartbeat of government - not the people. But the politicos do not get that.

Philip is inventing his own version of the real facts as usual.

The downtown development project was first proposed under the administrations of Mayor Evelyn Lord and Mayor Guy Goodson. As examples, the city has already completed the reconstruction of Orleans and Pearl streets, the Julie Rogers Theatre renovation, and the new Convention and Visitors' Bureau. These plans also originally included the renovation of the Police and Fire Departments, the downtown lakes to which Klein refers to as "ditches," and a number of other ongoing projects. Typically, Philip doesn't know what he's talking about.

Philip also repeats a "rumor' that he claims to have heard:

Ames is in.....but what about the rumors of running for county Judge? That has tongues wagging this morning around the political world.

Philip's political world is obviously quite small - it's interesting to note other people who Klein has previously claimed are "rumored" to be running for County Judge. Note that none of these people have actually announced their candidacies or filed the proper documents as of today:

  • Nick Lampson
  • Judge Layne Walker
  • Sheriff Mitch Woods
  • Tax Assessor-Collector Miriam Johnson
  • Commissioner Beau Alfred
  • Commissioner Mark Domingue
  • Commissioner Eddie Arnold
  • Rhonda Dugas
  • Thurman Bartie
  • Hilton Kelley
  • "Hampshire [sic] Fannett"

Note to Philip: How's that search for Patrick Kim going? Any luck in uncovering the conspiracy between his former wife and McDermott?

Feb 11, 2009

In Lieu of Actual Substance


No doubt Philip R. Klein is chasing a hot tip on the location of Patrick McDermott, thus he's too busy to post a new article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Instead, let's look at his most recent "Reader Mail."

Philip is still writing letters to himself and answering them, too:

"Why do you think that you can get away with saying things about people that are innocent and just trying to do their job. All of us in Government and that work in Government are not bad.

I know quite a few people who work for municipal, county, state and even the federal government, but I've never heard any of them claim that they work "in Government." Rather, they'll generally answer with "I work for the County," "I work for the City of Beaumont," or "I work for the State of Texas." Others may even fictitiously claim to work for the FBI, but they'll never identify themselves as working for "the Government." Anecdotal, perhaps, but I suspect that most readers can verify this from their own experience.

Klein's answer is priceless (emphasis is mine):

Answer : Oh come on. Really? Do you really think that I think that way? Really? Put the Kool-Aid cup down and think about it. Government does some good things - cops, firemen, roads, bridges and infrastructure. Then it goes to pork. The difference between you and me is that I think that we can do it alone and we do not need daddy government. But again....who am I?

While I'm sure that Philip would love to build his own road and bridges, each named after himself, I have another case in point: The Nederland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.  Philip asks,"Who am I:"


I've raised questions about Klein's involvement with the NVFD before - as an example, see these articles here and here.

Unfortunately, Klein has a tendency to lose interest in the discussion when faced with questions he doesn't want to answer. Isn't it odd that a city the size of Nederland has both a professional fire department and an incorporated volunteer fire department?

I think it's even more interesting that Philip R. Klein, as a registered agent, director, secretary, and treasurer of the NVFD, is attempting to influence voters in Nederland, evidenced by his recent articles on the city's municipal elections and the NISD school bond issue.

Any comment, buddy?

Uh Oh (Philip Flunks his Math Test)


I apologize for falling somewhat behind, but a dear friend passed on Sunday. He believed in Southeast Texas and was everything that Philip R. Klein is not, including honest, kind, and successful. Ironically, he really was a former FBI agent before pursuing another career. I'll miss him greatly.

I'm always highly amused when Philip R. Klein comments on budgets, the economy, and other financial matters.  These issues always show how uninformed and confused Philip really is. 

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he writes:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned today that the State Board of Education in Texas has suspended taking applications from districts for Bond Guarantees by the Permanent School Fund. According to our source, the fund has dropped below it's capacity to insure additional bonds.

As a shrewd political consultant and world-renowned finder of missing people, one would expect Philip Klein to be a bit more in touch.

This action that Philip just heard about actually occurred almost three months ago when the Permanent School Fund (PSF) took a $300 million hit due to falling stock prices and the lowered demand on oil:

In December 2008, the PSF suspended further guarantees of school district bonds after experiencing significant declines in asset values. As of Nov. 30, 2008, the market value of PSF equity, fixed income, and absolute return holdings declined to $17.6 billion (or 30%) from $25.3 billion in fiscal 2007.

If Philip lacks credibility over something as simple as dates, his financial speculation is even more inept:

We did some calling late in the evening and found out from another source in the Texas Legislature that the amount of the insurance and interest rate increase may exceed almost 14% of the total bond.

"I think the amount they have to add in is about 14% of the total bond," said the source.

Meaning? Another million? Or so?????

Since the proposed Nederland school bond issue is 120.3 million, 14 percent of the total would actually be around $16.8 million, not "another million" as Philip claims.  Readers will note that this is a substantial difference and Klein's figures aren't even close. Ironically, this is simple math. Many middle school students can figure out simple percentages like this in their head, but Philip apparently doesn't know how to run a calculator.

The bond issue in Nederland may well fail for several reasons, but Philip's article proves that, once again, he has no credible insight and that he has to invent "facts" to support wingnut opinions.

Care to discuss the real issues, buddy?

Feb 8, 2009

Stupid's Still Stuck


In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review dated Thursday, January 29 2009, Philip R. Klein hysterically predicted a strike in Southeast Texas:

What in the **** is the Southeast Texas Union Leadership thinking? Seriously - a STRIKE? As a caller from the rank and file told us today : "There are many of us that think these guys (union leaders) are stuck on stupid!"

As I pointed out on Tuesday, this was  a national contract affecting numerous companies at 86 refineries across the U.S, not a local issue. The Beaumont Enterprise documented Friday's response among local union membership:

The local ExxonMobil union group ratified their contract Friday night by a large majority, said group president Mark Hidalgo.

They voted at the United Steel Workers union hall in Beaumont to accept an agreement that was tentatively reached Wednesday.

In a self-penned letter to himself on his "Reader Mail" page, Philip claimed:

They are not idiots - just an industry that has seen their ranks drop from 5,000 strong to 1,500

Philip is the real idiot - he apparently invented his own "statistics" to bolster his lack of credibility:

To avoid a national strike of 30,000 workers in deteriorating economic times, the USW withdrew its health and safety proposal, choosing instead to focus on the economic package.

A simple question for Philip: if the industry fell from 5,000 to just 1,500, how could there be 30,000 union members?

Any comment, buddy?

Feb 6, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits


This breaking news just in: Patrick McDermott is still missing.

On with this week's edition of Nitwit Tidbits:

So we must take Breaux at his word.

Which version?

In fact, speaking of being a conservative, Pate is seemingly more of a conservative than his fellow GOPER Alan Coleman.

Philip, needs to find some new weasel words, I'm getting tired of "seemingly." As a conservative, didn't Bubba run against Jack Brooks in Democratic primaries during the '80s, not once, but twice?

Who will be next? Who will run either of them for the at large seat? That is a good question that must be answered?

If the sentence mentions a question but doesn't contain a question, should a question mark be used?

Let's watch if the negotiator is going get...

Going get?



No announcement is expected anytime in the next few weeks as the process unfolds according to our new friends in the Houston District of the US Attorney's office.

When did they move Houston out of the Southern District of Texas?

And that opens the door for another new judge? Who will it be? And we have a GOPER Governor?

Who needs sentences? When one can write? In gibberish with question marks?

This past week we had a conversation on another matter regarding an issue that the Review is taking a look at regarding illegal prescriptions being given out by the Jefferson County Health Department.....and that story may be later in the week...

...Or maybe? Not?

Well - the conventional wisdom of the power structure in Jefferson County is that if Walker were to step down...

The great cosmic wheel of irony turns again as Philip comments on wisdom.

Regarding Philip's weakly poll (pun intended), he's had the same ("un-scientific") poll up for two weeks and a huge influx of 26 new voters participated this week for a total of 84 votes:

I'm reminded of Philip's claim in his latest editorial (note subject-verb agreement):

Here is [sic] the actual numbers were posted on the site for the month of January :


Page Loads : 64,020

If readers apply the smell test, I'm sure most would agree that something stinks.

Feb 5, 2009



I'm not sure if the title of Philip R. Klein's latest article refers to the Southeast Texas Political Review in general or only this article. He first quotes Lt. Curtis Breaux's testimony in the Keith Breiner arbitration hearing:

Over the years we've had occasion to speak with the district attorney's office. I knew it was perfectly OK from past experiences. There's not a clear policy on it and I know it's permissible by law and the acts had already been committed."

Let me make this perfectly clear for Philip, who is has a problem understanding even the simplest of points. I'm neither condemning nor defending Officer Breiner, Lt. Breaux, or any other person involved with the case. Rather, the focus of this article is Philip Klein's ignorance of this issue.

I'll note, however, that the SETX Bayou blog article from which Klein pirated his article points out that Lt. Breaux has given conflicting testimony in the past.

Typically, Philip claims that he's verified his wingnut opinion with his so-called anonymous sources (emphasis is mine):

We called two DA's offices in Texas that we have done business with in the past. We asked the question - would you approve of a case if the officer had sex with the person charged?

The first laughed and said : "What DA's office would approve that?" And the second said : "You are kidding me right?"

As I've repeatedly pointed out, Philip's sources use the same grammatical train wrecks, the same phrasing, and the same tired idioms as Klein. Most readers will see the similarities between Philip's source and his own words in previous articles (again, emphasis is mine):

  • Unemployment - Rises in Southeast Texas. You have got to be kidding right?
  • You are kidding me right? Do the crime do the time. Grow up.
  • You have to be kidding right? The tax dollars raised by industry in Jefferson County makes up most of the tax base.

There are many more examples, but these three are quite sufficient.

Most importantly, the controversy over this issue has been going on for quite a while. In 2006, the Washington Post detailed the practice in a county sheriff's office in Maryland:

In Spotsylvania County, as part of a campaign by the sheriff's office to root out prostitution in the massage parlor business, detectives have been receiving sexual services from "masseuses." During several visits to Moon Spa on Plank Road last month, detectives allowed women to perform sexual acts on them on four occasions and once left a $350 tip, according to court papers.

Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard D. Smith said that the practice is not new and that only unmarried detectives are assigned to such cases. Most prostitutes are careful not to say anything incriminating, so sexual contact is necessary, he said.

Actually, these cases have some striking similarities:

Smith said most "professionals" know better than to name an explicit act and a price. And with the Asian-run parlors that have periodically sprung up in Spotsylvania, he said, "they don't speak much English. There's not a lot of conversation." Smith and Spotsylvania Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Thomas Shaia likened the situation to investigators buying drugs from a drug dealer -- a necessary violation to prove a larger crime.

I'm sure this sounds quite familiar to those who are familiar with the Jefferson County Case.

The practice has been debated in academic circles, as well.  Dr. Gary Marx wrote in an article entitled "Under-the-Covers Undercover Investigations: Some Reflections on the State’s Use of Sex and Deception in Law Enforcement:"

Prostitutes know their behavior is illegal and that police will use deception to arrest them. The prostitute chooses to convert sex into a marketable commodity. For law enforcement to use deception in the pretended, or real, purchase of sex is less morally questionable than to use deception in circumstances when it is not for sale, but instead, is voluntarily given out as part of what is presumed to be an intimate relationship.

Criminal Justice Ethics (Citation:  vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 13-24, Spring 1992)

But, our shrewd political consultant and his anonymous sources are aware of the controversy. Or, is that "our shrewd politician?" I'm not sure which one Philip claims to be today.

Feb 3, 2009

Crime Wave (Klein Still "Stuck on Stupid")


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for Jefferson County and insults rank-and-file officers who contributed to a drop in Jefferson County's crime rate:

What is up? The crime stats say everything is okay? Right?

Well not in Port Arthur. Arsons, shootings, and robberies? Say it is not so.

Readers will remember Philip's erroneous claim from December 12, 2008 (emphasis is mine):

Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!

As I pointed out in this article, Philip R. Klein lied - the crime rate for Jefferson County actually went down by almost 10 percent. This is a substantial reduction, and after Philip's fat lady sang off-key, 2008 had the lowest crime rate of the past three years.

Philip obliquely mentions his previous statement but avoids accountability for his blatant lie:

We here at the Review continue to catch heck for even mentioning it. So lets all put our heads in the sand and ignore it!

After shifting the focus from Jefferson County to Port Arthur in this article, Philip attempts to divert attention.

Readers should note that the issue here is Klein's lie - no one is ignoring crime, as the figures clearly show, and Klein is denying credit to the rank-and-file officers for their hard work.  This is an insult to all law enforcement personnel in Jefferson County, not just Port Arthur. 

Furthermore, manufacturing lies only obfuscates the real issues. For example, Philip claimed on December 10, 2007:

If you are a criminal in Port Arthur Texas you can either leave or go to jail. And if the DA cannot do his job the US Attorney will," - so says a source close to the City of Port Arthur Police Department earlier Sunday to the Review after calling us.

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Philip claimed that not only would this include help from the US Attorney's office, but help from the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, USCIS/Border Patrol, and the military (warning: grammatical train wreck straight ahead):

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is [sic} agencies in the United States have been lined up [sic] to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.

Oh, look - pep rallies! Over a year later, we can look back and see that Philip's so-called "source" was as bogus as his claim. Philip's source was apparently as ignorant as Philip over jurisdictions, but most importantly, the law enforcement officers of Jefferson County did this with their own hard work and without the help of "agencies in the United States."

So, congratulations to all of our local officers on a job well done. Even though Philip R. Klein denigrates and trivializes your efforts, I sincerely wish you all continued success in making 2009 better than 2008.

On this subject of Philip's ignorance, let's revisit his rant concerning a strike in his article "Stuck on Stupid" from last Thursday, January 29, 2009:

What in the **** is the Southeast Texas Union Leadership thinking? Seriously - a STRIKE? As a caller from the rank and file told us today : "There are many of us that think these guys (union leaders) are stuck on stupid!"

As I pointed out in my article. Philip again displayed considerable confusion over this simple issue.

This was not a local negotiation with the "Southeast Texas Union Leadership," but a national issue between the United Steelworkers and 86 refineries across the U.S. owned by Shell, Exxon Mobil, Valero , BP, and Chevron. 

Today's development:

The United Steelworkers union on Tuesday said it reached a tentative agreement with a unit of Royal Dutch Shell, the lead company for the oil industry that becomes the minimum standard of wages, benefits and working conditions for all 30,000 refinery workers in the U.S. that belong to the union.

Readers will notice that the United Steelworkers has 30,000 refinery workers, which contradicts Philip's statement in a response to a letter that he himself wrote:

Answer : They are not idiots - just an industry that has seen their ranks drop from 5,000 strong to 1,500. And remember this - unions do not create jobs - they kill jobs.

Philip's very clearly making up numbers again. We'll revisit the rest of those claims in that letter later.

"Gezzz," Philip! Can't you "stand up and say [you] were wrong when [you] were wrong?"

John Stevens, Ron Walker, and Nick Lampson


Philip R. Klein writes about Jefferson County District Judge John Stevens and his political ambitions in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

No announcement is expected anytime in the next few weeks as the process unfolds according to our new friends in the Houston District of the US Attorney's office - however - the "vetting" process looks good and many of the big time democrats are pushing!

I wonder why Philip's new friends didn't tell him that Houston is actually in the Southern District of Texas, not the "Houston District?" 

Bottom line: old news, Philip. 

In an article earlier this week, Philip  comments on the upcoming race for Jefferson County Judge in 2010:

Well - the conventional wisdom of the power structure in Jefferson County is that if Walker were to step down, his number 2 and now candidate for Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick would be the shoe in for the replacement - or at least someone that would be in retirement or headed that way would take over and let the two candidates - Branick and former congressman Nick Lampson fight it out and take over at the end of the term.

Klein writes as if someone in the "current power structure" of Jefferson County would actually confide in him.  For an example of Philip's credibility with this "power structure, see another of Philip's lies exposed in this article that I posted on Sunday. Philip claimed in December 2008:

Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!

When the official 2008 numbers were released, the crime rate was the lowest in three years for Jefferson County, down almost 10 percent from 2007.

Concerning Philip's article on Walker, Braniff, and Lampson, it's interesting to note that Judge Ron Walker has not announced any intention of stepping down, Nick Lampson has not announced any intention of running, and has publicly stated he's not really interested in the job, and that Philip Klein routinely makes up mythical races for on a regular basis:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Philip was asked not to leak the names, probably because they didn't exist. No one, either Democrat or Republican, ran against Eddie Arnold last year. 

Need I mention Delores Douglas? We'll revisit Philip's prognostications many times between now and the elections next year.

Feb 2, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Patrick McDermott Investigation Widens


Sources close to Philip R. Klein, Licensed Psychic Investigator, have confirmed that Philip may have secured the rights to a number of other websites, similar to the FindPatrickMcDermott.com site.

Based on Philip's recent appearance on NBC Dateline, "he figured that he can probably get a free vacation every year for the next decade and a TV series to boot!" said the source who demanded anonymity.

In the series' ongoing plot, Philip will apparently track "hits" to the website, then have the TV network bankroll a trip for Philip and his team to investigate the most exotic locations. Additional production costs will be paid for by a small business loan.

According to the source, Philip may have registered the following websites on GoDaddy.com, a well-known website registration company:

  • FindJimmyHoffa.com
  • FindAmeliaEarhardt.com
  • FindJudgeCrater.com
  • FindGerryRafferty.com
  • FindDBCooper.com
  • FindHaleBoggs.com
  • FindGlennMiller.com
  • FindAmbroseBierce.com
  • FindSteveFossett.com
  • FindtheRoanokeColonists.com

The show will mix hard-core adventure with psychic phenomena. "Think of it like a mixture of Dog The Bounty Hunter and the John Edwards TV show." the source explained. During each installment, Philip will attempt to channel the location of the missing person by using his "6th sense."  According to the source, "When Philip tried to use his Ouija Board to help find McDermott during the NBC Dateline show, the Nielson ratings went off the scale."

On Philip's "Numbers" - A Philip Klein Challenge


For someone who professes not to care about the number of visitors to his website, Philip R. Klein spends a lot of time on the subject. In his latest editorial, he writes (apparently with a straight face):

Now where is the lie?

Let's look at those purported numbers:

  • Statcounter
    • Page Loads : 64,020
  • Microsoft Front Page
    • Page Loads : 36,933

Notice anything that seems a little odd?  Of course, Philip was never very good with numbers, but I'm sure the Website Outlook figures are much closer to reality than Philip's wild claims concerning traffic to his site:

  • Daily Pageview : 149
  • Daily Ads Revenue : $1.86

Readers will note that page views and page loads are the same thing. Extrapolated to a 30 day month, that's 4,470 page views, not the inflated numbers that Philip claims. Given that most visitors load at least two pages (hence, two page views), that's 75 unique visitors to his website each day, at best.

Consider that if the Southeast Texas Political Review was truly getting the traffic that Philip claims, his weakly polls (pun intended) would be generating a lot more response than 30 - 60 votes each week.

Readers will notice that Philip's numbers from Front Page are displayed, but the Statcounter numbers aren't.  That's because Klein can manipulate the numbers on Front Page, but not the numbers on Statcounter. Here's how he resets the numbers on Front Page:

Readers will notice that Philip is using the second display option, and that he can enter any number he pleases in the counter reset text box. Readers will also notice that Microsoft Front Page was discontinued in 2006, replaced by Expressions. 

The Challenge to Philip Klein: enable the numerical display on his StatCounter, since he can't manipulate those numbers.

Since Philip is clearly on the dark side of the digital divide, I'll make it easy for him with step by step instructions.

First, Philip will need to log into his account, then click this actual link to get to his Statcounter configuration page. Once there, he only needs to look for the following section on the page - it's at the very bottom of the page:

Note that Philip is currently showing the next to the last display on the page, which doesn't reveal the actual numbers. If Philip truly doesn't care about the traffic and there's no lie as he claims, then making this simple change and displaying his real metrics shouldn't be a problem - that is, unless he's really hiding his true numbers. Right, Philly boy?

Feb 1, 2009

Open Letter to Patrick McDermott


Dear Patrick,

You should note that Philip R. Klein, Psychic Investigator, claims to have extra-sensory perceptions regarding his investigations: In his local blog (I use the term loosely), the Southeast Texas Political Review, Mr. Klein unequivocally stated on Wednesday, July 30, 2008:

"I firmly believe in the business I am of the 6th sense."

Many of his "anonymous sources" can be traced to these psychic revelations. Philip not only sees dead people, but frequently confuses them for living people, too.

Philip would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Please address a postcard to:

Philip R. Klein
Psychic Investigator
P.O. Box 1212
Nederland, TX 77627

You can also phone collect at:

(409) 729-8798

Use the code name, "Patrick Kim," so he'll know it's really you. If you're currently deceased, contact Philip through his "sixth sense." He'll channel your message on his Ouija board.


Gus Pillsbury

Another of Philip's Lies Disproven


Today marks the first day of February and it's time to revisit Philip R. Klein's claim from December 12, 2008, when he wrote on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!

Unfortunately, Klein's own claims and theories are contradicted by the actual numbers, which show that 2008 had the lowest crime rate over the past three years. Instead of being up 8 percent or more as Psychic Investigator Philip R. Klein  claimed, the crime rate was actually down about 10 percent from 2007:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office U.C.R. Stats 2008

We can always depend upon Philip R. Klein to do the right thing:

We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.