Feb 2, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Patrick McDermott Investigation Widens

Sources close to Philip R. Klein, Licensed Psychic Investigator, have confirmed that Philip may have secured the rights to a number of other websites, similar to the FindPatrickMcDermott.com site.

Based on Philip's recent appearance on NBC Dateline, "he figured that he can probably get a free vacation every year for the next decade and a TV series to boot!" said the source who demanded anonymity.

In the series' ongoing plot, Philip will apparently track "hits" to the website, then have the TV network bankroll a trip for Philip and his team to investigate the most exotic locations. Additional production costs will be paid for by a small business loan.

According to the source, Philip may have registered the following websites on GoDaddy.com, a well-known website registration company:

  • FindJimmyHoffa.com
  • FindAmeliaEarhardt.com
  • FindJudgeCrater.com
  • FindGerryRafferty.com
  • FindDBCooper.com
  • FindHaleBoggs.com
  • FindGlennMiller.com
  • FindAmbroseBierce.com
  • FindSteveFossett.com
  • FindtheRoanokeColonists.com

The show will mix hard-core adventure with psychic phenomena. "Think of it like a mixture of Dog The Bounty Hunter and the John Edwards TV show." the source explained. During each installment, Philip will attempt to channel the location of the missing person by using his "6th sense."  According to the source, "When Philip tried to use his Ouija Board to help find McDermott during the NBC Dateline show, the Nielson ratings went off the scale."

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