Feb 19, 2009

Business Community Revisited

As promised, let's revisit Klein's article from earlier this week concerning the Nederland City Council races (emphasis is mine):

The Review has learned that Randy Sonnier a businessman from Nederland and John Benard, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors will run for Pct. 1 and 2 of the Nederland City Council.

Question for Philip: doesn't Randy Sonnier work for Total?  Perhaps you can explain how this qualifies Sonnier as a "businessman."

Philip had lots of sources on this one:

According to our sources who have called us all morning long - as well as one of the candidates themselves - it is time to bring "real business sense" to the city of Nederland.

Isn't it odd that neither Philip, his sources, or the candidate who called Klein knew that Nederland is based on wards, not precincts? From the Nederland City Charter:


The City of Nederland shall, by ordinance, divide the City into four (4) wards for the purpose of electing a bona fide resident from each ward as Councilmember.

If I were running to represent a precinct in a city that had wards, I'd be quite embarrassed.

I'd be even more embarrassed if I were running for a seat that wasn't up for election. In this case, voters will decide on Ward 1 and Ward 3 this year, not Precincts 1 and 2 as Philip claims.

Philip also claims the business community is angry:

The business community was angered when the EDC board was raped by the city council and money collected for economic development ended up for roads and bridges.

And just who did this raping? Why, the citizens of Nederland, who voted on and passed that proposal in 2007. Apparently Philip doesn't care what the citizens decided in his own home town. I suppose this is to be expected from someone who doesn't know the difference between a precinct and a ward.

Did I mention that Philip claims to be the voice of the "common people?"

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