Feb 18, 2009

Business Community

Philip R. Klein writes:

The Review has learned that Randy Sonnier a businessman from Nederland and John Benard, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors will run for Pct. 1 and 2 of the Nederland City Council.

Many of you will ask why? According to our sources who have called us all morning long - as well as one of the candidates themselves - it is time to bring "real business sense" to the city of Nederland.

I can't think of a better reason to vote against a candidate than an association with Philip R. Klein. It's fairly obvious in the rest of the story who called Klein, but to play it safe, it's probably better to just say no to both candidates.

I hope Philip's not charging for his political "expertise" (I use the term loosely).  More importantly, I hope this candidate isn't stupid enough to actually pay Klein - this is not a good sign of fiscal responsibility.

To be revisited - many times, I'm sure.

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