Feb 3, 2009

Crime Wave (Klein Still "Stuck on Stupid")

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for Jefferson County and insults rank-and-file officers who contributed to a drop in Jefferson County's crime rate:

What is up? The crime stats say everything is okay? Right?

Well not in Port Arthur. Arsons, shootings, and robberies? Say it is not so.

Readers will remember Philip's erroneous claim from December 12, 2008 (emphasis is mine):

Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!

As I pointed out in this article, Philip R. Klein lied - the crime rate for Jefferson County actually went down by almost 10 percent. This is a substantial reduction, and after Philip's fat lady sang off-key, 2008 had the lowest crime rate of the past three years.

Philip obliquely mentions his previous statement but avoids accountability for his blatant lie:

We here at the Review continue to catch heck for even mentioning it. So lets all put our heads in the sand and ignore it!

After shifting the focus from Jefferson County to Port Arthur in this article, Philip attempts to divert attention.

Readers should note that the issue here is Klein's lie - no one is ignoring crime, as the figures clearly show, and Klein is denying credit to the rank-and-file officers for their hard work.  This is an insult to all law enforcement personnel in Jefferson County, not just Port Arthur. 

Furthermore, manufacturing lies only obfuscates the real issues. For example, Philip claimed on December 10, 2007:

If you are a criminal in Port Arthur Texas you can either leave or go to jail. And if the DA cannot do his job the US Attorney will," - so says a source close to the City of Port Arthur Police Department earlier Sunday to the Review after calling us.

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Philip claimed that not only would this include help from the US Attorney's office, but help from the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, USCIS/Border Patrol, and the military (warning: grammatical train wreck straight ahead):

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is [sic} agencies in the United States have been lined up [sic] to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.

Oh, look - pep rallies! Over a year later, we can look back and see that Philip's so-called "source" was as bogus as his claim. Philip's source was apparently as ignorant as Philip over jurisdictions, but most importantly, the law enforcement officers of Jefferson County did this with their own hard work and without the help of "agencies in the United States."

So, congratulations to all of our local officers on a job well done. Even though Philip R. Klein denigrates and trivializes your efforts, I sincerely wish you all continued success in making 2009 better than 2008.

On this subject of Philip's ignorance, let's revisit his rant concerning a strike in his article "Stuck on Stupid" from last Thursday, January 29, 2009:

What in the **** is the Southeast Texas Union Leadership thinking? Seriously - a STRIKE? As a caller from the rank and file told us today : "There are many of us that think these guys (union leaders) are stuck on stupid!"

As I pointed out in my article. Philip again displayed considerable confusion over this simple issue.

This was not a local negotiation with the "Southeast Texas Union Leadership," but a national issue between the United Steelworkers and 86 refineries across the U.S. owned by Shell, Exxon Mobil, Valero , BP, and Chevron. 

Today's development:

The United Steelworkers union on Tuesday said it reached a tentative agreement with a unit of Royal Dutch Shell, the lead company for the oil industry that becomes the minimum standard of wages, benefits and working conditions for all 30,000 refinery workers in the U.S. that belong to the union.

Readers will notice that the United Steelworkers has 30,000 refinery workers, which contradicts Philip's statement in a response to a letter that he himself wrote:

Answer : They are not idiots - just an industry that has seen their ranks drop from 5,000 strong to 1,500. And remember this - unions do not create jobs - they kill jobs.

Philip's very clearly making up numbers again. We'll revisit the rest of those claims in that letter later.

"Gezzz," Philip! Can't you "stand up and say [you] were wrong when [you] were wrong?"

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