Feb 3, 2009

John Stevens, Ron Walker, and Nick Lampson

Philip R. Klein writes about Jefferson County District Judge John Stevens and his political ambitions in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

No announcement is expected anytime in the next few weeks as the process unfolds according to our new friends in the Houston District of the US Attorney's office - however - the "vetting" process looks good and many of the big time democrats are pushing!

I wonder why Philip's new friends didn't tell him that Houston is actually in the Southern District of Texas, not the "Houston District?" 

Bottom line: old news, Philip. 

In an article earlier this week, Philip  comments on the upcoming race for Jefferson County Judge in 2010:

Well - the conventional wisdom of the power structure in Jefferson County is that if Walker were to step down, his number 2 and now candidate for Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick would be the shoe in for the replacement - or at least someone that would be in retirement or headed that way would take over and let the two candidates - Branick and former congressman Nick Lampson fight it out and take over at the end of the term.

Klein writes as if someone in the "current power structure" of Jefferson County would actually confide in him.  For an example of Philip's credibility with this "power structure, see another of Philip's lies exposed in this article that I posted on Sunday. Philip claimed in December 2008:

Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!

When the official 2008 numbers were released, the crime rate was the lowest in three years for Jefferson County, down almost 10 percent from 2007.

Concerning Philip's article on Walker, Braniff, and Lampson, it's interesting to note that Judge Ron Walker has not announced any intention of stepping down, Nick Lampson has not announced any intention of running, and has publicly stated he's not really interested in the job, and that Philip Klein routinely makes up mythical races for on a regular basis:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Philip was asked not to leak the names, probably because they didn't exist. No one, either Democrat or Republican, ran against Eddie Arnold last year. 

Need I mention Delores Douglas? We'll revisit Philip's prognostications many times between now and the elections next year.

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