Feb 6, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits

This breaking news just in: Patrick McDermott is still missing.

On with this week's edition of Nitwit Tidbits:

So we must take Breaux at his word.

Which version?

In fact, speaking of being a conservative, Pate is seemingly more of a conservative than his fellow GOPER Alan Coleman.

Philip, needs to find some new weasel words, I'm getting tired of "seemingly." As a conservative, didn't Bubba run against Jack Brooks in Democratic primaries during the '80s, not once, but twice?

Who will be next? Who will run either of them for the at large seat? That is a good question that must be answered?

If the sentence mentions a question but doesn't contain a question, should a question mark be used?

Let's watch if the negotiator is going get...

Going get?



No announcement is expected anytime in the next few weeks as the process unfolds according to our new friends in the Houston District of the US Attorney's office.

When did they move Houston out of the Southern District of Texas?

And that opens the door for another new judge? Who will it be? And we have a GOPER Governor?

Who needs sentences? When one can write? In gibberish with question marks?

This past week we had a conversation on another matter regarding an issue that the Review is taking a look at regarding illegal prescriptions being given out by the Jefferson County Health Department.....and that story may be later in the week...

...Or maybe? Not?

Well - the conventional wisdom of the power structure in Jefferson County is that if Walker were to step down...

The great cosmic wheel of irony turns again as Philip comments on wisdom.

Regarding Philip's weakly poll (pun intended), he's had the same ("un-scientific") poll up for two weeks and a huge influx of 26 new voters participated this week for a total of 84 votes:

I'm reminded of Philip's claim in his latest editorial (note subject-verb agreement):

Here is [sic] the actual numbers were posted on the site for the month of January :


Page Loads : 64,020

If readers apply the smell test, I'm sure most would agree that something stinks.

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