Feb 2, 2009

On Philip's "Numbers" - A Philip Klein Challenge

For someone who professes not to care about the number of visitors to his website, Philip R. Klein spends a lot of time on the subject. In his latest editorial, he writes (apparently with a straight face):

Now where is the lie?

Let's look at those purported numbers:

  • Statcounter
    • Page Loads : 64,020
  • Microsoft Front Page
    • Page Loads : 36,933

Notice anything that seems a little odd?  Of course, Philip was never very good with numbers, but I'm sure the Website Outlook figures are much closer to reality than Philip's wild claims concerning traffic to his site:

  • Daily Pageview : 149
  • Daily Ads Revenue : $1.86

Readers will note that page views and page loads are the same thing. Extrapolated to a 30 day month, that's 4,470 page views, not the inflated numbers that Philip claims. Given that most visitors load at least two pages (hence, two page views), that's 75 unique visitors to his website each day, at best.

Consider that if the Southeast Texas Political Review was truly getting the traffic that Philip claims, his weakly polls (pun intended) would be generating a lot more response than 30 - 60 votes each week.

Readers will notice that Philip's numbers from Front Page are displayed, but the Statcounter numbers aren't.  That's because Klein can manipulate the numbers on Front Page, but not the numbers on Statcounter. Here's how he resets the numbers on Front Page:

Readers will notice that Philip is using the second display option, and that he can enter any number he pleases in the counter reset text box. Readers will also notice that Microsoft Front Page was discontinued in 2006, replaced by Expressions. 

The Challenge to Philip Klein: enable the numerical display on his StatCounter, since he can't manipulate those numbers.

Since Philip is clearly on the dark side of the digital divide, I'll make it easy for him with step by step instructions.

First, Philip will need to log into his account, then click this actual link to get to his Statcounter configuration page. Once there, he only needs to look for the following section on the page - it's at the very bottom of the page:

Note that Philip is currently showing the next to the last display on the page, which doesn't reveal the actual numbers. If Philip truly doesn't care about the traffic and there's no lie as he claims, then making this simple change and displaying his real metrics shouldn't be a problem - that is, unless he's really hiding his true numbers. Right, Philly boy?

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