Feb 24, 2009

Philip's Bottom Line

Philip R. Klein's "take" on the alcohol referendum in Lumberton:

Our take? We are not going to waste our time. Either the petition is legal or illegal. If it is illegal (again) then Walton will shut it down and Bellow can try to get it right again. Bellow's best move is to call a press conference and do a Jimmy Swaggart and cry he has sinned. And then go over to a church that he has not been thrown out of and pray that Don Burnett does not sue him for slander.

Ironically, Philip doesn't mention the alcohol referendum or the blatant misrepresentation of the facts to the Secretary of State's office by Lumberton City Council Member Don Burnett.  As detailed below, the councilman asked for an opinion from the Secretary of State's office - his question is in quotes from the Secretary of State's reply:

You have asked our office to opine on the following question: "Can a city that has no legal status to sell alcohol, therefore is dry, hold an election to make it dry?" 

Ann McGeehan rescinded her original opinion based on that question, after she was informed of the real facts:

Specifically, we have been informed that the City of Lumberton’s liquor status is not completely dry.  In fact, some of the city’s territory is said to contain land on which limited forms of alcohol sales are legal.  We have been informed that Hardin County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 has a “wet” liquor status and part of the city’s territory extends into this “wet” J.P. precinct.

Based on the facts currently presented to us, it appears that because alcohol sales are legal in part of the City of Lumberton, the citizens of Lumberton may petition for a prohibition election to limit alcohol sales throughout the city.

None of this has anything to do with David Bellow.

Someone is obviously feeding Klein information - I wonder if Don Burnett got Philip's phone number from Bugs Coe? If so, perhaps he can let readers know if those 27,000 cases in Hardin County were ever "refilled" as Philip Klein once claimed?

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