Feb 23, 2009

Philip R. Klein's Hate Speech ("Meyers Speaks? Gezzz....")

In Philip's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip Klein comments on an op-ed piece by Maury Myers in yesterday's Beaumont Enterprise.

Consider that Philip has a page specifically reserved for his Editorials (I used the term loosely), yet Klein has posted his opinion of an op-ed piece on his "news" (I used the term loosely) page.  Apparently this makes sense to Philip R. Klein; for the rest of us, it's highly representative of his confusion over the difference in news, rumor, unsolicited opinion, half-truths, and blatant lies.

Since Philip lacks the mental acumen to discuss the issues raised by Maury intelligently, he resorts to another standard from his bag of tricks: hate speech from the very first line:

And maybe Former Beaumont Mayor Maury Meyers has found his place on the net - but G** when he speaks - it makes you want to go....Gezzzz....just shut up.

The next sentence/paragraph is classic:

So what do they pull out of the old hat - former Mayor Maury Meyers - and man does he sound simply stupid.

Do I hear the pot calling the kettle black?

After using God's name in vain in the first sentence, Klein also invokes the name of forces which he's obviously more familiar:

Where in the hell to start? Crockett Street is a winner? How about there?

Typically, Philip's confusion is legion (pun intended):

Well, the entire Crockett Street shut down about six months ago? Did it not? And it has had nothing but bad press. From arrests for selling illegal alcohol to drunks getting in wrecks and killing people. As well, restaurants that have closed down not once - but three times? And the bankruptcies of the companies that ran them?

Another of Klein's common literary devices (I use the term loosely) is evident in this comment:

Maybe if you want to keep count of the political dead bodies that will wash ashore if these crazy ideas keep coming up.

Philip apparently believes his flagging credibility is somehow enhanced by using the term "political" in his sophomoric imagery.

Bottom line - Meyers is nuts.

Here's the real bottom line - Philip has no solutions. Philip refuses to acknowledge that downtown Beaumont has seen over $100 million in investments, both private and public, in the past 15 years. These include the renovation of the Kyle Building, the Julie and Jefferson theater renovations, St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, and the Cathedral Square lofts and shops. And, that's not mentioning the Crockett Street Entertainment District.

Most people will realize that Maury seeks to stimulate discussion on the continuing renovation of Beaumont' Downtown District, yet Philip R. Klein is too dense to offer constructive suggestions. This is the difference between a visionary and an idiot - in addition to running his own business, Maury has actually served as an elected official.

How many elected positions has Philip held as a self-proclaimed "politician?"  How's that search for Patrick McDermott coming along, Philip?

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