Feb 22, 2009

Philip R. Klein: Tabloid TV Star

I'm still patiently waiting for that interview with Philip R. Klein by a "major Network crew" on Judge Larry Thorne, but in the meantime, readers can check these out:

Is that "Ee-a-vette Nee-a-Par" or Yvette Nipar?

In his interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Philip "Klane" used his sixth sense to channel Patrick McDermott's coat tails:

I particularly enjoyed Philip's "simple" answer to Greta's succinct questions of "What's your proof?" and "So, where is he?" Neither did Philip explain how his investigation also uncovered more corruption in Jefferson County.

I do hope this investigation is more successful for Philip than his investigation into the identity of Sam the Eagle. I've noticed that whenever Sam visits my little blog, he seems to be using several IP addresses in Europe. If Philip will pay for my expenses, I'll go undercover and investigate that case for him.

Speaking of ignored press releases, I thought the following was rather funny. Note that this is a real press release: (follow the link to see for yourself):

Private Investigators Find Olivia Newton John’s missing ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott

Private investigators claim to have tracked down the whereabouts of Olivia Newton John’s missing ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott and say that he is very much alive after he disappeared in 2005.


PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 03, 2009 – Olivia Newton John’s former partner, who it was believed drown whilst on a fishing trip 4 years ago, is said to be alive and living on a boat in the South American coast.

A team of American private investigators claim to have traced Patrick McDermott using a specially set up website.  The site, aptly named ‘findpatrickmcdermott.com’ has been regularly logging onto by someone on a boat travelling along the Mexico coastline to South America.

Patrick McDermott and Olivia Newton John had been together for nine years before he disappeared from the chartered fishing boat ‘The Freedom’ in 2005.

Mr McDermott is believed to have faked his own death to avoid paying debts and to make sure that his teenage son would be cared for by a very substantial life insurance payout of $150,000.

Philip Klein says that there is no doubt in his mind that Patrick McDermott is alive and living somewhere in the Cabo San Lucas (or that vicinity) in Mexico and that sooner, rather than later, he will found and many unanswered questions will finally be resolved.

Patrick McDermott ended his nine year relationship with Olivia Newton John just before his disappeared. Newton John, who remarried last year, was devastated when he disappeared and refused to be interviewed for the private investigation.  It is clear that the new evidence stirs up old memories for her.

There have been several confirmed sightings from at least 17 witnesses and Philip Klein is confident of finally coming face to face with Patrick McDermott.

According to Philip's logic, 17 alleged sightings must mean Patrick McDermott is alive. Over 2000 alleged sightings of Elvis must mean he's still alive, too.

I suspect this entire investigation has more to do with Philip R. Klein's own personal economic stimulus plan than any real mission. Readers will note that Klein's vacation expenses in Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas were paid for by a tabloid TV show, not any serious stakeholder in the real missing persons investigation.  

If they only knew Philip like we know Philip - this is obviously just another case of Klein's premature speculation.

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