Feb 16, 2009


In his latest Southeast Texas Political Review article, Philip R. Klein comments on videos of recent Port Arthur City Council meetings. Most of his article (I use the term loosely) concerns a discussion of a potential program to help clean up the City of Port Arthur:

Apparently the city is overrun with tires? To hear the description there are tires everywhere?

That's no secret, except to the uninformed. Most recently, Channel 6 mentioned the problem in a report on February 7, 2009.

Debris, tires and every day trash have littered the streets and sidewalks of Port Arthur for years.

On that date, a group of volunteers met to collect trash as part of Mayor Bobbie  Prince's "One Block at a Time" program.  Of course, Philip never mentioned that ongoing program.

Instead, Philip commented on the math and "UTUBE:"

The math part is really the funniest to watch and should be up on UTUBE. We swear - the enter exchange is simply a hoot.

Philip frequently swears, but it's still YouTube, not "UTUBE."  See for yourself.

Now here's a thought - if this should be on YouTube, why doesn't Philip post it?  Given Klein's propensity for gross exaggeration, misinformation, and mangled facts, I'd rather see the video and make up my own mind.

As I've repeatedly documented, Philip has a problem with simple math. Those figures could be perfect and he's simply confused by advanced mathematical concepts operations, such as multiplication. So, I'd like to see the video myself.

Here is the thinking of the leadership of the city. If the citizens will bring the tires to "us" - we can dispose of them. Meaning it is cheaper to have the citizens bringing them in rather than going around with city trucks and finding them and picking them up. Then the city pays to have the tires picked up by a recycler.

Rather than take Philip's mangled description at face value, I'd like to see the cost-benefit analysis myself - many cities make a tidy profit through recycling such items as tires. These cities pay a certain bounty on these items, then haul them to a recycling center. The recycling center then pays these cites according to the current market rate for the materials.

Unfortunately, we're left with Philip's biased and confused description:

It is simply everything that is brought up irrupts into either a silly discussion or a fight.

Philip probably meant"erupt," since "irrupt" means to enter uninvited.  This was my favorite line of the entire article:

And that problem is simple - stupidity and self promotion.

Philip R. Klein could have been referring to himself.

How about it, Philip - are you too technologically-impaired to post that video so that you readers can draw our own conclusions?  If your readers can post interesting videos like this, then surely you can post this video.

If you can't figure out how to get onto "UTUBE [sic], then send it on, I'll be glad to post the video for you.

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