Feb 8, 2009

Stupid's Still Stuck

In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review dated Thursday, January 29 2009, Philip R. Klein hysterically predicted a strike in Southeast Texas:

What in the **** is the Southeast Texas Union Leadership thinking? Seriously - a STRIKE? As a caller from the rank and file told us today : "There are many of us that think these guys (union leaders) are stuck on stupid!"

As I pointed out on Tuesday, this was  a national contract affecting numerous companies at 86 refineries across the U.S, not a local issue. The Beaumont Enterprise documented Friday's response among local union membership:

The local ExxonMobil union group ratified their contract Friday night by a large majority, said group president Mark Hidalgo.

They voted at the United Steel Workers union hall in Beaumont to accept an agreement that was tentatively reached Wednesday.

In a self-penned letter to himself on his "Reader Mail" page, Philip claimed:

They are not idiots - just an industry that has seen their ranks drop from 5,000 strong to 1,500

Philip is the real idiot - he apparently invented his own "statistics" to bolster his lack of credibility:

To avoid a national strike of 30,000 workers in deteriorating economic times, the USW withdrew its health and safety proposal, choosing instead to focus on the economic package.

A simple question for Philip: if the industry fell from 5,000 to just 1,500, how could there be 30,000 union members?

Any comment, buddy?

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