Feb 17, 2009

Uh Oh

Philip R. Klein has such an expressive way with words, especially when it comes to the titles of his so-called articles on the Southeast Texas Political Review. I'm waiting for the one entitled "D'oh!"

In this article, Philip writes of the proposed hospital taxing district in Jefferson County:

Then there is the dirty secret that the media has missed.

This past week there have been discussions regarding a county taxing hospital district in Jefferson County.

Actually, Philip missed that, not the local media. For instance, the Beaumont Enterprise covered the issue last week on Feb. 10, 2009:

Telephone surveys this week are gauging Jefferson County taxpayer opinions about creating a countywide hospital district that would impose new taxes to raise money for not-for-profit hospitals to recoup losses treating uninsured patients.

The newspaper also presented a balanced argument for both sides of the issue in another article on February 14, 2009.

Philip, of course, is just now finding out about the issue:

Typically, Philip is confused:

The Review has also learned that a push poll is being done regarding the subject in Jefferson County

According to another Enterprise article last week on Feb. 11, 2009:

A hospital district that would levy new taxes has been touted by hospital administrators, who are researching public opinion about the taxing district that would help support Christus St. Elizabeth and two not-for-profit hospitals in the county.

Opinion results should be available early next week.

By the time Philip found out about the poll, it was already over.  Philip further confuses the issue with another quote from an "anonymous source" concerning a countywide EMS:

Once source close to the county commissioners told the Review this afternoon : "If the cities are willing to sign on to the Hospital District - we would be open to bring a county wide [sic] EMS system to Jefferson County. It would take a year or two - but I think we could get it done. It would solve the emergency ambulance situation in the cities and let the private ambulance groups go back to doing what makes them money."

Philip's signature grammatical train wrecks abound throughout this spurious quote.

Question for Philip Klein: Is it true that you are the only member of the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department with strobes on your personal vehicle and the only member who runs hot to any fire?

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