Mar 13, 2009

Another Nitwit Tidbit


Written in Philip R. Klein's style: After THREE weeks, Klien's latest pole on the Southeast Texas Political Review has registered ONLY 35 VOTES. Meaning no one is paying attention to Philip. Because he's an idiot.

Mar 10, 2009

Dr. Fiddle Faddle


In his latest article, Philip R. Klein engages in more of the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

Hello Dr. Fiddle Faddle - our new name for Dr. Klem - the doctor that put his hands down little girls pants and played with their vaginas.

I've previously addressed this issue here, here, and  here. Little brother Peter was so incensed that I questioned Philip's reckless disregard for the truth that he began leaving comments to me, where he referred to me as Dr. Klem. I documented that here.  But perhaps the Klein brothers know more about incest than I. 

Philip's bottom line:

It is a sad day for the kids in our opinion.

When Philip had his short-lived radio talk show early Saturday mornings, listeners could hear him salivating as he made up imaginary details about Dr. Klem's sins.  If Philip is truly interested in "the kids," his speculative and graphic detail is unwarranted and a true disservice to the victims. With idiots like Philip R. Klein offering unsolicited and unsubstantiated opinions on what may or may not have occurred, most readers will understand why the victims were reluctant to testify in court.

Since both Jefferson and Harris Counties came to the conclusions, I suspect there is more here than meets the eye. Readers will remember that the family is quite divided over this issue, and the girl's own grandfather tried to force them to leave his church. Since Philip failed to address the civil lawsuit that is still pending, Klein is clueless about the real issues here.

Mar 9, 2009

What Philip R. Klein's "Source" Didn't Say


In his article on Thurman Bartie and his new job as a substitute teacher, Philip R. Klein quoted an anonymous source, who wrongfully alleged:

"They hired that man. He abused our kids when he was judge and got fired. The school board hired him. I am sick over it," said the source.

Those "kids" in Bartie's case were Manya and Matya Bush, who appeared before Bartie on a truancy charge with their mother, Tammie. Although in high school, Matya apparently already had a daughter, Colitha. The family later received more publicity, when Manya and Matya's younger brother, Joshua, was shot in the head while robbing a convenience store in Port Arthur.

During the robbery, Joshua tried to shoot a businessman, Alan Olive, who returned fire and shot Bush in the head.  Bush initially claimed he had been shot accidentally by a friend and refused to have the bullet removed from his head, since it would have proven his involvement in the robbery.

Bush later admitted involvement, but denied being the shooter. His mother Tammie said:

"'We know he's not a criminal,' she said. 'He's a good kid.'"

While Bartie may have indeed have some problems that would preclude him from serving as an substitute teacher, it's interesting to note Philip Klein, as a self-proclaimed "citizen journalist." regularly manifests a reckless disregard for the truth.

Did I mention that Philip is a self-admitted bigamist? From his latest article this afternoon:

And back to our beautiful wife. Maybe he can play fiddle faddle with her?

"Our beautiful wife?"

Shake Our Head


In today's Top Story on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein lapses into the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

And the beat goes on in Port Arthur, Texas. Dysfunction breeds dysfunction. You can spend millions and billions and you still have Port Arthur, Texas. And the money will run dry one day - and Port Arthur will drop off the map.

As evidence, Philip provides astounding news: Former Justice of the Peace Thurman Bartee is working as a substitute teacher:

We contacted our source at the PAISD that we use when things get heated up....and well....they did not want to talk other than to confirm that Bartee was employed. In fact, nobody would talk to us - except a parent that called into the Review.

"They hired that man. He abused our kids when he was judge and got fired. The school board hired him. I am sick over it," said the source.

Compare Philip's big story of Thurman Bartee's new job with the headline story in today's Beaumont Enterprise:

Obama's stimulus bill should impact local businesses, but owners are wondering how

March, 8, 2009

President Barack Obama has assured small businesses that they will benefit from $787 billion stimulus bill, but local business owners said they are unsure exactly what is in it for them.

Cara Kinchen, an owner of GiGi's, A Children's Boutique, on Dowlen Road, is among a number of local business owners waiting to see how the stimulus bill will affect her store.

"I don't know if it will help us directly, but I'm hoping it has an overall good effect on the economy," she said. "(I hope) it puts more money in people's pockets and increases their spending."

Henry Venta, Lamar University's college of business dean, said if the Recovery Act works the way it is supposed to, every business in the country should benefit, whether it's directly or indirectly.

"The whole idea of the stimulus is to get money in people's hands quickly, and that tends to help small businesses," Venta said. "The theory is that if you get money in people's hands, then it should pump up the economy, and small business is such an important part of the economy."

Oh look! Quotes that are actually attributed to someone!

Mar 6, 2009

That's It?


Philip R. Klein's latest article fails to deliver on his promise from yesterday's posting:

Come ride with guys like us - we will take you to stories - like one we will post tomorrow that will blow your head off. "Where did he get that?" - you may ask. People call us and talk to us - more than they will ever talk to you.

Phillip's big story:

Sources at the Port of Beaumont tell the Southeast Texas Political Review this week that the Jefferson County Navy has "not moved in weeks" from its berth at the Port of Beaumont. Meaning - the boats are sitting in the water doing nothing.

More of Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again."  I've already covered this issue here, here, here, here, and here. Any questions why Philip's poll has generated less than 40 votes in two weeks?

Got anything new, Philip?

Nitwit Tidbit: No Comment Necessary


In his article "Oh No...," Philip R. Klein writes (emphasis is mine):

The reason your station and the newspaper business is declining and people are getting laid off around you and you make less than someone makes at McDonalds is because we the people that watch you the reporter are sick and tired of being lied to - or at least having an agenda. That is why sites like this one - that actually report what in the **** is going on in the political world continue to thrive.

Results from Philip's latest poll after two weeks:

Mar 5, 2009

Another Open Letter to Philip R. Klein (Oh No)


Dear Philip;

I read your latest rant concerning a KFDM/Channel 6 news story by Ashley Rodrigue with interest. It's obvious from the misinformation that you are clueless concerning journalism. For example, you wrote:

Bloggers and citizens journalist are now doing your job. Because your station and your editors have a political agenda and none of you have **** to tell the real story.

After following your little blog closely for years, I'm amused that you would make this accusation.  How's the real story behind those "27,000 cases refilled" in Hardin County coming along? Or that big story concerning the multiple lawsuits and investigations alleging misconduct by a district judge in Jefferson County?  How about the Christina Delgadillo conspiracy, Nick Lampson's nonexistent race for County Judge, the firing of Chief Scott Kerwood by Orange County Commissioner Beamon Minton, or over 300 dead bodies on Bolivar Peninsula that you claimed would be found?

Any comment, buddy? Or, are you just reacting from the same bumper sticker mentality in hope that someone will actually believe you? From your past "articles" (I use the term loosely), even the most obtuse readers should realize that you have no ethics and routinely manufacture sources as so-called evidence to further your own political agenda. 

Regarding those "real stories," I'm curious why you failed to mention the recent incident where you were forced to pull a photo from your website. You pirated, without permission, the work from a local professional photographer, yet you you claim to be well-versed in "copywrite" law. Any comment on that one, buddy?  

I thought not.


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. Typically, you misunderstood my statement concerning my hiatus. I clearly pointed out that I would continue to post on issues of interest, but not on a daily basis as I have over the past two years or so. 

Mar 4, 2009

Selling Sanctuary


Philip writes:

Well - Terry Woodard - the president of the Orange County Emergency Services District #1 came up with an idea called the "smart tax plan" and presented it to the OCESD board as well as to the Orange County commissioners court.

It sounds good - "The Smart Tax Plan!"

Well what it is? It is a money grab that has been created by Commissioner Beamon Minton in his latest attempt to take over OCESD and its assets. Being the Vidor Fire Department.

Typically, Klein is quite confused  - Vidor doesn't have a fire department; rather, it's the ESD #1.

Speaking of assets, here's an interesting flashback from the Orange Leader:

Liberty EMS closed its doors for business Friday afternoon, leaving Vidor residents without a permanent ambulance provider.

Liberty EMS took over as the full-time ambulance service for residents of Vidor and other parts of western Orange County when Priority Care Ambulance Service opted to discontinue service earlier this year.

The closure was a shock to Liberty EMS employees and Vidor city officials.

[Vidor CIty Manager Ricky Jorgensen] referred any other questions to Chief Scott Kerwood of the Orange County Emergency Services District 1, who recommended both Priority Care, in 2006, and Liberty EMS, earlier this year, as ambulance providers for Vidor area residents.

Kerwood could not be reached for comment.

“We didn’t know anything about Liberty EMS pulling out until it happened,” said Barbara Aldridge of Orange County ESD-1. “We have already put things into place to maintain service for our community. Acadian Ambulance and Priority One have agreed to help us out for the time being.”

Philip once claimed that Commissioner Minton would fire Chief Kerwood.

Unfortunately, Kerwood doesn't answer to Minton, so Philip was as confused about that as he is about this issue.

Mar 3, 2009

Pet Lover


Philip's Big Bomb


Philip writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

They evacuated the courthouse - oh yes they did because of a bomb scare. And that is good - you always want to be safe - right?

Well it started us thinking about the safety at the Jefferson County Courthouse. How safe is it? It is under lock down right? So..........

Seriously - they have scanners - nobody can get in or out. There are camera's monitored 24-7? Right? How could someone get it with a bomb we ask?

Well - no answer from our sources at the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department.

That's probably because the question is so stupid it deserves no answer - the bomb threat was a call-in:

At around 10 a.m., an anonymous caller to the Beaumont Police Department said the courthouse would be blown up in half an hour. BPD immediately notified the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, which handles courthouse security, and deputies then notified department heads and discussed the situation with elected officials.

Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Zena Stephens said
new security precautions at the courthouse made the actuality of a bomb inside the building unlikely.

My source at the Jefferson County Sheriff's office told me Philip R. Klein is an idiot.

Philip's New Editorial


High comedy ahead!  Note the disclaimer in the first line of Philip R. Klein's latest "editorial" (I used the word loosely) :

Editors Note : This is a transcript of my speech that I never gave at the non-invitation of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

Philip is so desperate for attention that he's inventing non-reasons to give speeches. Unfortunately Klein got lost between the title and that first line however,

"My Speech To The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce"

The "Jefferson Chamber of Commerce?"

Mar 2, 2009

Hiatus Announcement


Due to a family illness, I'm taking a hiatus from Operation Kleinwatch for a while. While I'll continue to monitor The Southeast Texas Political Review, I'll only post on issues of particular significance.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. Readers may still leave comments, which I'll also continue to post if pertinent.