Mar 5, 2009

Another Open Letter to Philip R. Klein (Oh No)

Dear Philip;

I read your latest rant concerning a KFDM/Channel 6 news story by Ashley Rodrigue with interest. It's obvious from the misinformation that you are clueless concerning journalism. For example, you wrote:

Bloggers and citizens journalist are now doing your job. Because your station and your editors have a political agenda and none of you have **** to tell the real story.

After following your little blog closely for years, I'm amused that you would make this accusation.  How's the real story behind those "27,000 cases refilled" in Hardin County coming along? Or that big story concerning the multiple lawsuits and investigations alleging misconduct by a district judge in Jefferson County?  How about the Christina Delgadillo conspiracy, Nick Lampson's nonexistent race for County Judge, the firing of Chief Scott Kerwood by Orange County Commissioner Beamon Minton, or over 300 dead bodies on Bolivar Peninsula that you claimed would be found?

Any comment, buddy? Or, are you just reacting from the same bumper sticker mentality in hope that someone will actually believe you? From your past "articles" (I use the term loosely), even the most obtuse readers should realize that you have no ethics and routinely manufacture sources as so-called evidence to further your own political agenda. 

Regarding those "real stories," I'm curious why you failed to mention the recent incident where you were forced to pull a photo from your website. You pirated, without permission, the work from a local professional photographer, yet you you claim to be well-versed in "copywrite" law. Any comment on that one, buddy?  

I thought not.


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. Typically, you misunderstood my statement concerning my hiatus. I clearly pointed out that I would continue to post on issues of interest, but not on a daily basis as I have over the past two years or so. 

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