Mar 10, 2009

Dr. Fiddle Faddle

In his latest article, Philip R. Klein engages in more of the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

Hello Dr. Fiddle Faddle - our new name for Dr. Klem - the doctor that put his hands down little girls pants and played with their vaginas.

I've previously addressed this issue here, here, and  here. Little brother Peter was so incensed that I questioned Philip's reckless disregard for the truth that he began leaving comments to me, where he referred to me as Dr. Klem. I documented that here.  But perhaps the Klein brothers know more about incest than I. 

Philip's bottom line:

It is a sad day for the kids in our opinion.

When Philip had his short-lived radio talk show early Saturday mornings, listeners could hear him salivating as he made up imaginary details about Dr. Klem's sins.  If Philip is truly interested in "the kids," his speculative and graphic detail is unwarranted and a true disservice to the victims. With idiots like Philip R. Klein offering unsolicited and unsubstantiated opinions on what may or may not have occurred, most readers will understand why the victims were reluctant to testify in court.

Since both Jefferson and Harris Counties came to the conclusions, I suspect there is more here than meets the eye. Readers will remember that the family is quite divided over this issue, and the girl's own grandfather tried to force them to leave his church. Since Philip failed to address the civil lawsuit that is still pending, Klein is clueless about the real issues here.

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