Mar 9, 2009

What Philip R. Klein's "Source" Didn't Say

In his article on Thurman Bartie and his new job as a substitute teacher, Philip R. Klein quoted an anonymous source, who wrongfully alleged:

"They hired that man. He abused our kids when he was judge and got fired. The school board hired him. I am sick over it," said the source.

Those "kids" in Bartie's case were Manya and Matya Bush, who appeared before Bartie on a truancy charge with their mother, Tammie. Although in high school, Matya apparently already had a daughter, Colitha. The family later received more publicity, when Manya and Matya's younger brother, Joshua, was shot in the head while robbing a convenience store in Port Arthur.

During the robbery, Joshua tried to shoot a businessman, Alan Olive, who returned fire and shot Bush in the head.  Bush initially claimed he had been shot accidentally by a friend and refused to have the bullet removed from his head, since it would have proven his involvement in the robbery.

Bush later admitted involvement, but denied being the shooter. His mother Tammie said:

"'We know he's not a criminal,' she said. 'He's a good kid.'"

While Bartie may have indeed have some problems that would preclude him from serving as an substitute teacher, it's interesting to note Philip Klein, as a self-proclaimed "citizen journalist." regularly manifests a reckless disregard for the truth.

Did I mention that Philip is a self-admitted bigamist? From his latest article this afternoon:

And back to our beautiful wife. Maybe he can play fiddle faddle with her?

"Our beautiful wife?"

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