Jul 31, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review,  Philip writes:

The Review received a copy of a statement put out after the story by Robert L. Reyna.

Meaning: he read it on the Channel 4 website.

Philip offers this suggestion for those working poor who fall behind in their rent:

Fire the entire staff at BHA and get some people in there that protect our tax dollars.

Most people will immediately see the problem in turning out large numbers of indigent and now-homeless people, but I'm sure Herr Klein has a final solution.

On his editorial where Klein offered his version of his lawsuit for not paying child support, the court documents in Klein v. Klein (C-0154240) show Philip owed over $2300 in back support for his "childrens." 

Note to Philip: If you spin this story again, I may post the court documents so that our readers can form an opinion based on the facts of the case, rather than your invention. Your divorce decrees make for interesting reading. If you don't want your family discussed, then don't insert them into the discussion. Anecdotal evidence is not credible.

One might ask, why does Klein mention this?

This judge today continues his "reign of terror." He throws files - he screams - and he degrades attorney's in front of their clients. His rulings are way off the beaten path. As I understand how crazy his court is....I further understand that some of the crazy businesses is of his own hand.

This most honorable judge runs a straightforward and respected court, but recently admonished Klein's courthouse mole when he discovered some contradictions in her statements, said my own anonymous sources. Does the concept of contradictory statements sound familiar?

Philip referred to her as his "in-house attorney" on his short-lived radio show on KOLE-AM.

According to my anonymous sources, "in-house" meant that this attorney rented a room in Philip's office for her law business, displaced because of a mold problem in her house.  I suppose she saved a lot by running her law business out of her house, at least until the mold escaped and began eating the neighborhood. From the Nederland City Council minutes of June 28, 2004:

The structure...was found to have mold throughout. An insurance claim was filed..and the claim was paid over a year ago, but no improvements have been made.

Whether fact or speculative rumor, readers can decide for themselves whether Philip R. Klein's vituperative editorial is a commentary on "Southeast Texas Politics" or another example of his purely personal feuds. <cough><tom maness>cough>.

On retirements:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this morning, and confirmed by three sources...

Philip still hasn't heard about Vi McGinnis.


We checked with 12 and 4 - business is good and raises have been given on time.

Unfortunately, no one at Channel 6 would return Philip's calls. "Klein lies when he says there is a 'second round.'  No, we did get the luxury of a 5% across the board pay cut IN LIEU of a second furlough.  Had he actually talked to anyone at the station that would have been easy to confirm. We've not only made our budgets, but we're getting (for the second consecutive quarter) BONUSES for beating EBIDTA!" said another anonymous source.

Note to Philip: EBIDTA = Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. Before you get into sophomore business concepts, you'll need to educate yourself on the meaning of comp time and vacation pay.

Philip never commented on employees riffed from a certain private detective firm earlier this year.

On the salaries of Jefferson County Employees:

The Review has learned that for a county our size - the average employee is paid 15.23% more in wages.

Another manufactured statistic with no supporting citation. The 2008 Salary Survey from the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) clearly disputes Philip's bogus claim. 

On Ed Shettle's 17-year-old daughter and her attendance at a party where alcohol was allegedly consumed by minors:

so.....the SO lied to me and said that they spoke with him on the phone. Or the fact that the Dispatch logs lied and showed units in service or on another call? Within minutes?

Special thanks to Philip who posted the radio log in question that clearly show who's lying:

Readers will notice that this log has nothing whatsoever about when those units were back in service, despite Philip's spurious claims.

The rest of Klein's story is hearsay, rumor, and speculation on his part:

According to officers that were not at the scene - they were told that Shettle asked them to leave and they did.

According to my anonymous sources who weren't at the scene either, "the kids had the wherewithal not to open the doors to cops, ditched their drinks and didn't get caught with anything.  They got rides home and there was nothing anyone COULD have done."

Any comments, buddy?

Jul 30, 2009

SETPR New Feature: Retirement Notices


Philip R.Klein writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

The most honorable Justice of the Peace Robert Morgan shall retire at the end of this term....Morgan - who is one of the most honorable judges in Southeast Texas and who is said to have been one of the most honorable and honest men to hold the bench in years will be moving out of the Jefferson County area at the end of his term.

The most honorable Channel 6 published this most honorable story before the disreputable Philip Klein. I'll have more on Philip's article about KFDM in Nitwit Tidbits tomorrow.

Next item:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this morning...that Superintendent Gail Krohn will "announce her resignation next month."

This after speculation that newer members of the board of trustees wanted new leadership.

Philip's speculation doesn't count, but I'm sure that Gail's 42 years with the Nederland ISD was the primary influence in her decision.

Klein is usually the last to know, but Gail has been talking about retirement since January. Klein's reckless disregard for the truth aside,  Gail is loved and was named Region 5 Superintendent of the Year.

Sadly, Philip mangles his own retirement notices. The biggest announcement to come is Vi McGinnis, who'll announce her retirement next month. Expect Marsha Norman and Nancy Beaulieu to announce their race for Vi's seat.  No word from Klein or his sources, but let's revisit in a few weeks.

According to anonymous sources close to Philip Klein, the SETPR will next introduce lost dog announcements in its in-depth coverage of politics in Southeast Texas.

Jul 29, 2009

Since You Mentioned It...


Philip broaches the subject of his father in a letter to himself:

My dad would first knock me upside my head, make sure that I got a job and paid the fine.

This somewhat corroborates some of the unsubstantiated rumors I've heard about Philip's childhood. Adult Children of Alcoholics has more information here.  For even more information, see the picture in the sidebar on Sam The Eagle's blog here.

Any comments?

Huh? (Pardon Philip’s Prejudice)


Philip R. Klein indulges his inner racist in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review:

This will be ready for the "childrens" of Port Arthur to come and be safe and their grades to increase and test scores to increase?

Philip's sentence doesn't make much sense, but neither does the rest of his website.

Klein has already run out of new material for the week, so he’s relying upon those anonymous sources again:

Sources tell the Review that the school will be open and open on time with "most construction to be completed."

We will see.

We will indeed! Check back in 21 days.

Jul 28, 2009



In lieu of fresh gossip about 17-year-old females, Philip R. Klein beats the same dead horse in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Here we go again. According to sources at KFDM - the second round of Furlough's have begun and now there is anger over at the big 6.

FLASHBACK : Some sales guy writes the Review and tells us that they have hit their budget and all is well at channel 6 and calls us names.

Back to the current day.

This is the second round of Furlough's for the employees at six. Sadly - we have heard that some have had enough and are looking. And looking hard.

As far as I know, none of KFDM's ex-employees are registered sex offenders, unlike some other small businesses in the area.

The common term today is not "Furlough" as Klein writes, but "Reduction In Force" or reduction in workforce. The acronym, RIF, has become a verb, as in "A local private detective agency riffed three employees earlier this year."  Is it ironic that a shrewd businessman like Philip isn't familiar with terms like RIF, comp time, or holiday pay?

Philip contradicts himself in back-to-back statements - note that I edited Philip's crude language, but the meaning is more succinct:

However, don't [edit] expect us to believe that budgets are being made and everything is all good. It is not.

We checked with 12 and 4 - business is good and raises have been given on time.

So business is terrible at the top station in town, but business is "good and raises have been given on time" at the second and third-rated stations. I suppose this makes sense to Philip Klein, but I can count the advertisers simply by watching and figure out for myself who's making money and who's not.

Philip's logical fallacy is analogous to a low-rated and now-defunct Saturday morning radio show that ran for 18 months with no commercials, but lots of talk about 17-year-old girls, too (MP3 borrowed from Sam The Eagle).

However, I've often wondered about Philip's preoccupation with the local media - is this because they've repeatedly turned him down as a writer (!) or on-air personality, or could this be about something else, like outstanding advertising bills that were written off in the distant past?

More likely, he's just trying to pick a fight, while hoping for some attention.

On Philip’s New Editorial: "What Judge?"


From Philip’s latest editorial:

There is a judge on the bench. I am not going to mention his name - but he knows who he is. He is the most politically charged judge on the bench - and he is in the domestic courts. Here is an example of how you are treated if you are not in the click -

I think Philip meant “clique,” not “click.” But I digress.

Philip describes his divorce settlement from 1994 and a suit over child support in nauseating detail, none of which is his fault. Poor Philip was the victim of an unscrupulous judge!

His conclusion:

This judge today continues his "reign of terror." He throws files - he screams - and he degrades attorney's in front of their clients. His rulings are way off the beaten path. As I understand how crazy his court is....I further understand that some of the crazy businesses is of his own hand.

Philip reminds us that he’s “educated:”

Today I am educated. Very educated. I understand how the justice system works and I am educated about the State Judicial Commission.

He’s apparently not too educated, since neither of the two sitting Family Court judges were on the bench in 1994.

The two Judges at the time were Judge James Farris (now deceased) and Judge Robert Walker (now retired and not related to Judges Layne and Ron Walker).

I suspect Philip’s making up things again, what about you?

Jul 27, 2009

$100,000 Club


Philip R. Klein provides an uninformed commentary on the salaries of Jefferson County employees in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. 

Ironically, the figures that the Beaumont Enterprise published and those that Philip published last year are completely different. Philip didn't mention this, so I suspect his numbers came from his usual sources; i.e., he made them up or heard them from a "friend of a friend of a friend."

For those truly interested, I recommend the 2008 Salary Survey from the Texas Association of Counties (TAC). Download all 88 pages at this location. The County Expenditures Survey Report for 2008 is also interesting reading.  Note these are in pdf, rather than the digital photograph format that Philip prefers for legal documents.

Unlike the TAC publications, Philip provides no perspective other than his own wingnut opinion. As an example, consider his insightful commentary on the salaries of the Jefferson County District Attorneys office. Philip's prejudice is blatantly obvious:

The Bee Keepers Maness, Shettle and Rugg - Almost a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS FOR THREE GUYS TO ....well....throw parties? To do what??? Like crime is getting any better? They are winning cases? They protect the power structure and are paid very well to do so. Remember this.

Source: Salary.com

I'm sure those seem like big salaries to Philip, who flunked out of college after a semester or two and then ran six Dairy Queens straight into bankruptcy.

In the real world, however, local attorneys with the experience of Maness, Shettle, and Rugg make many times the salary that Jefferson County pays.

Consider Klein's commentary on Ann Winfield, County Pharmacist and a very dear lady:

Ann Winfield - Giggle ----- just a big Giggle. Okay - so those that have no money get from those that have some. Remember - for the government to give to someone they have to take away from others. So they take our money to give medicine to those that cannot get afford it and we pay the lady that give it to them over $100k a year.

After reading this adolescent gibberish, I'm sure Philip is drunk at the keyboard again. 

According to salary.com (see chart on right also), most pharmacists in Beaumont make between $96,000 and $107,000 per year. Ann's $103,000 salary puts her about in the middle. The lesson here is that if you want capable employees running your county government, you have to pay salaries that are competitive with private business.

Source: Salary.com

As an interesting exercise, I queried the database on the salary of a private detective in Nederland (see chart on right). The median salary is around $38,000 per year.

Now we know why Philip can't afford a simple computer scanner for legal pdfs, and why he has to take pictures of documents with his digital camera. 

I tried finding the salary for managers of six failed Dairy Queens, but salary.com didn't have that info.

Neither did the site post the salaries of political consultants with no clientele, editorialists who can't string together enough words to form a coherent sentence, administrators of non-existent public charities, or self-described lobbyists.

Bottom Line: In the private detective business, as in most others, you get what you pay for. That is, unless you're overcharged by a rotund investigator who scams a TV network into an expensive vacation to find Patrick McDermott, or who charges $85.00 per hour to take digital pictures of paper documents.

On Those Pesky “Copywrite” Issues


As noted in a previous article, Philip R. Klein claims he’s suing Google over alleged copyright infringement regarding Sam The Eagle’s blog. 

Readers who have knowledge of copyright law will immediately recognize that Sam’s use of Philip’s articles (I use the term loosely) is legal under the fair use provision of sections 107-118, Title 17, US Code. I suspect the truth is that Philip avoids accountability for previous articles by not archiving them on the Southeast Texas Political Review website.

As an example, see this page; it’s one of my very favorite postings from Philip.  Not only did the Internet Archive copy the page in its entirety, but Philip’s copyright notices are included at the bottom.

Unfortunately, Philip hasn’t gotten around to suing the Internet Archive yet, even though they’ve apparently been stealing Philip’s intellectual property (see bottom line below) since 1999.

Saturday, March 31, 2001 08:05:04 AM

Gadfly Comes Together!
by Philip R. Klein, Editor

I had a great teacher in business. He told me once that when good things or bad things happen to you, it is always good to remember to give back to the ones that give to you.

It is with great honor and humbleness that I announce the formation of the Gadfly 2001 Trust, Inc.

Gadfly will be a company that is dedicated to giving back to the community through Children's Projects. This week, I am happy to announce the first project has begun.

Jacobs House will be our first project. In a private effort between Gadfly, Inc., private donors and corporate sponsors, the first project will be the building of two houses near St. Mary's Hospital and St. Elizabeth's Hospital for family members, siblings and parents of Premature Babies. This house will be a place, a haven so to call it, for family members to rest, visit and stay overnight free so that they can be near their new babies that are in PICU or NICU at both hospitals.

In the next three month we will undertake an extensive effort to collect funds to build and manage these homes. And Gadfly, Inc., will match each fund donated dollar for dollar.

You can start now to be a part of this project by sending a donation if you wish to the addresses shown on this web site.

I have never been amazed as much as I have over the last decade on how life can change in a heartbeat.  I hope that you will take time and help these families and children have a place away from the hospital to be together, share their fears and dreams, but most of all to feel at home away from home.

Watch our site over the next six weeks for more information on how you can be a part of our project. And watch for another program (unnamed yet) that will deal with young people that have trouble reading and that have dyslexia.

In politics, we are not all bad. Just giving back to the community in our time, funds and love.

The Southeast Texas Political Review is a production of Klein and Associates Political Relations. (c) 1995 - 2001 Klein Investments, Inc. Any rebroadcast or reproduction of this site is forbidden without permission. For comments and questions, please E-Mail us at SETREVIEW@cs.com

Klein, Philip. "Gadfly Comes Together!" Internet Archive. 2001. The Internet Archive, Inc. Accessed: July 27, 2009.

As it turned out, there was never a corporation - non-profit or otherwise - that was registered to Philip R. Klein under the name, “The Gadfly Trust, Inc.” Philip later changed the name to “The Gadfly Foundation, Inc.,” but that was never registered.  As one would expect, Jacob’s House never happened either.

Philip solicited money for years under these bogus corporations, until he pulled the page down during the Gillam lawsuit last year. I’m sure he’ll still accept any donations, however; just make that check out to “Philip R. Klein.” 

Bottom line: To produce intellectual property, a person must first possess an intellect.

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Jul 26, 2009

What Really Happened


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes of a party involving MIPs and the daughter of Assistant District Attorney Ed Shettle:

Here are some of you that are asking yourself - why is this story so important to the SET Political Review? And the answer is simple - it is just ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the Good Old Boy system in Jefferson County that overlooks the law - is selective on how the law is enforced - based not upon case - but upon who you are and who you know. Which makes Jefferson County THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS - BARR NONE.

"BARR NONE?" Is that Rosanna or Candy Barr?  I've long suspected that Philip is simply jealous because he wasn't invited to the party, hence his allegations concerning the good ol' boy system. 

Philip's evidence is hearsay and rumor:

According to officers that were not at the scene - they were told that Shettle asked them to leave and they did.

If the officers were not at the scene, how could Ed Shettle tell them anything?  Philip reveals the true nature of Assistant District Attorney Ed Shettle later in his story:

One of the young women told one of the officers that their father was assistant district attorney chief Ed Shettle's home.

Philip claims that Ed Shettle is not really a person, but a sentient building. According to a "friend who told a friend who told me," this isn't politics, it's gibberish. Note the irony in Sheriff Wood's note concerning "Bayou Din Drive off of Blewett."

Philip concludes that this alleged MIP incident involving Ed's daughter is a contributing cause to the ills of Jefferson County:

And you wonder why there is 12% unemployment, no businesses that want to move here, big city crime, and government who takes and takes and takes from you making themselves millions. Not to mention corruption in the unions that "helped build Jefferson County."

Fact check time.

The unemployment rate for June 2009 in Jefferson County is 10 percent, not 12 percent. This is only a half-percentage point higher than the national average and 2.5 percentage points higher than the state average of 7.5 percent. In the past, the state average generally runs about 4 percentage points lower than Southeast Texas. On an ancillary note, the Dallas/Plano/Irving unemployment rate is 8.1 percent.

Concerning "big city crime," here are the crime rates from the Texas Department of Public Safety for 2007 (the latest published):

Location Crimes per 100,000
Jefferson County 1,481.2
Harris County 4,017.6
Plano 3,334.4

Philip also clams that no businesses want to move here, but he's apparently unaware of the developing recycling industry in Southeast Texas. Another Houston firm is considering a $40 million dollar plant. Nor did Philip mention the LPG industry. While he initially made fun, those terminals are filling up.  The greatest evidence: hotel construction is growing in a recessionary economy.

Bottom line: Despite Philip's loose interpretation of what constitutes politics, his latest article is playground gossip written at middle school level. This hypocrite has frequently complained about publishing hearsay and rumor concerning his children, but someone else's kids are "front page news" on The Southeast Texas Political Review.

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Jul 25, 2009

Got a comment?


Philip R. Klein is suing Google over the identity of Sam The Eagle

From his editorial page on July 25, 2009 (via anonymous link),

The Southeast Texas Political Review hereby posts this public notice as required under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 [DCMA]. In such - interested parties please take notice:

Exactly where does the DMCA require such a notice?  I couldn't find it.

Philip took a digital photo of each page, then sent the images as a huge attachment; that is, if he really sent the notice. The private investigator apparently never heard of a pdf document, but charges $85.00 dollars per hour as his "computer/internet investigative" rate.

Hey, Philip: how's that investigation into Patrick McDermott coming along? Track any interesting IP addresses lately to fishing boats off the coast of South America?

Any thoughts? Leave a comment!