Jul 27, 2009

$100,000 Club

Philip R. Klein provides an uninformed commentary on the salaries of Jefferson County employees in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. 

Ironically, the figures that the Beaumont Enterprise published and those that Philip published last year are completely different. Philip didn't mention this, so I suspect his numbers came from his usual sources; i.e., he made them up or heard them from a "friend of a friend of a friend."

For those truly interested, I recommend the 2008 Salary Survey from the Texas Association of Counties (TAC). Download all 88 pages at this location. The County Expenditures Survey Report for 2008 is also interesting reading.  Note these are in pdf, rather than the digital photograph format that Philip prefers for legal documents.

Unlike the TAC publications, Philip provides no perspective other than his own wingnut opinion. As an example, consider his insightful commentary on the salaries of the Jefferson County District Attorneys office. Philip's prejudice is blatantly obvious:

The Bee Keepers Maness, Shettle and Rugg - Almost a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS FOR THREE GUYS TO ....well....throw parties? To do what??? Like crime is getting any better? They are winning cases? They protect the power structure and are paid very well to do so. Remember this.

Source: Salary.com

I'm sure those seem like big salaries to Philip, who flunked out of college after a semester or two and then ran six Dairy Queens straight into bankruptcy.

In the real world, however, local attorneys with the experience of Maness, Shettle, and Rugg make many times the salary that Jefferson County pays.

Consider Klein's commentary on Ann Winfield, County Pharmacist and a very dear lady:

Ann Winfield - Giggle ----- just a big Giggle. Okay - so those that have no money get from those that have some. Remember - for the government to give to someone they have to take away from others. So they take our money to give medicine to those that cannot get afford it and we pay the lady that give it to them over $100k a year.

After reading this adolescent gibberish, I'm sure Philip is drunk at the keyboard again. 

According to salary.com (see chart on right also), most pharmacists in Beaumont make between $96,000 and $107,000 per year. Ann's $103,000 salary puts her about in the middle. The lesson here is that if you want capable employees running your county government, you have to pay salaries that are competitive with private business.

Source: Salary.com

As an interesting exercise, I queried the database on the salary of a private detective in Nederland (see chart on right). The median salary is around $38,000 per year.

Now we know why Philip can't afford a simple computer scanner for legal pdfs, and why he has to take pictures of documents with his digital camera. 

I tried finding the salary for managers of six failed Dairy Queens, but salary.com didn't have that info.

Neither did the site post the salaries of political consultants with no clientele, editorialists who can't string together enough words to form a coherent sentence, administrators of non-existent public charities, or self-described lobbyists.

Bottom Line: In the private detective business, as in most others, you get what you pay for. That is, unless you're overcharged by a rotund investigator who scams a TV network into an expensive vacation to find Patrick McDermott, or who charges $85.00 per hour to take digital pictures of paper documents.


Anonymous said...

Klein need not apply to the $100K Club.

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell have you been? That doesn't matter now since you are working on debunking Klein BS.

Anonymous said...

I think Klein is overpaid at 38 Dollars a year.

Anonymous said...

Do you find it strange that PRK segues from irrational rage to "giggle" or "just a big giggle"? Another symptom of an impending mental breakdown?

Anonymous said...

What a true blue, 100% bonafide IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

when you calculated Klein making $38,000, did that include all the judgments against his clients that he sues for when the clients dispute the charges?