Jul 28, 2009


In lieu of fresh gossip about 17-year-old females, Philip R. Klein beats the same dead horse in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Here we go again. According to sources at KFDM - the second round of Furlough's have begun and now there is anger over at the big 6.

FLASHBACK : Some sales guy writes the Review and tells us that they have hit their budget and all is well at channel 6 and calls us names.

Back to the current day.

This is the second round of Furlough's for the employees at six. Sadly - we have heard that some have had enough and are looking. And looking hard.

As far as I know, none of KFDM's ex-employees are registered sex offenders, unlike some other small businesses in the area.

The common term today is not "Furlough" as Klein writes, but "Reduction In Force" or reduction in workforce. The acronym, RIF, has become a verb, as in "A local private detective agency riffed three employees earlier this year."  Is it ironic that a shrewd businessman like Philip isn't familiar with terms like RIF, comp time, or holiday pay?

Philip contradicts himself in back-to-back statements - note that I edited Philip's crude language, but the meaning is more succinct:

However, don't [edit] expect us to believe that budgets are being made and everything is all good. It is not.

We checked with 12 and 4 - business is good and raises have been given on time.

So business is terrible at the top station in town, but business is "good and raises have been given on time" at the second and third-rated stations. I suppose this makes sense to Philip Klein, but I can count the advertisers simply by watching and figure out for myself who's making money and who's not.

Philip's logical fallacy is analogous to a low-rated and now-defunct Saturday morning radio show that ran for 18 months with no commercials, but lots of talk about 17-year-old girls, too (MP3 borrowed from Sam The Eagle).

However, I've often wondered about Philip's preoccupation with the local media - is this because they've repeatedly turned him down as a writer (!) or on-air personality, or could this be about something else, like outstanding advertising bills that were written off in the distant past?

More likely, he's just trying to pick a fight, while hoping for some attention.


Anonymous said...

Question: Is Klein using a copyright photo of the KFDM van truck? It was a big laugh around Nederland when Klein used a photo of the Nederland ISD school board and a local photography called Klein about SETPR stealing his copyright photo. Is that true, Klein? You mother f*%#ing thief. How about it fat boy? Did you steal the copyright photo with your big toy gun? Carrying a gun around make you a stuff guy? Everyone laughs at you in Nederland when you run up and down the streets with your grill lights flashing. We chant "get out of the way, secret service coming" and laugh our asses off at you. Move out of Nederland, the good citizens are tired of being associated with such a loser as yourself. You were the biggest joke at football games when you walk into the bleachers. Spectators cringe when you step into the bleachers, fearing the bleacher may crash from the weight of your big lard ass. Your fire buddies think you are a big joke too, so remember it when they laugh at the fire station and pat you on the back and then you leave in your squad car. You are nothing but an evil person, full of hate, destroying families and leading a hamburger joint into bankruptcy. You write crap about the NISD but never attended a board meeting. Fraidy cat is what you are or better put, Fraidy Pu**y.

Damn, I love this web site. Keep up the great work and hold Klein's words to the fire.

P.S. When is Klein going to reveal the identity of the missing banner hero?

Anonymous said...

Chill Out Bro.

Anonymous said...

that's cold

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to tell people I use to work for Philip Klein. I've never met a person so petty and stuck on himself.

Philip, you know exactly who I am and I still think you're an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Brent Weaver has the complete story on Klein ripping off the school board pic. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

A true disgrace to his family and community.

Anonymous said...

Gus, how much did the taxpayers end up eating from Klein and Dairy Queen SBA loans? Talk around here is about one million dollars. If anyone knows the exact amount, let us know.

Anonymous said...

800K was submitted to the Trustee

Anonymous said...

I think gus or sam dug up another one where he used an sba loan to pay off his house or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hell, he still owes me 50 bucks from about 10 years ago. Nowadays he hides everytime he sees me coming. That was the best investment I ever made.