Jul 25, 2009

Got a comment?

Philip R. Klein is suing Google over the identity of Sam The Eagle

From his editorial page on July 25, 2009 (via anonymous link),

The Southeast Texas Political Review hereby posts this public notice as required under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 [DCMA]. In such - interested parties please take notice:

Exactly where does the DMCA require such a notice?  I couldn't find it.

Philip took a digital photo of each page, then sent the images as a huge attachment; that is, if he really sent the notice. The private investigator apparently never heard of a pdf document, but charges $85.00 dollars per hour as his "computer/internet investigative" rate.

Hey, Philip: how's that investigation into Patrick McDermott coming along? Track any interesting IP addresses lately to fishing boats off the coast of South America?

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back...nothing has changed with Klein since you went off-line, he still goes through the Sanderson's buffett 5 times per seating. Jeez that lard ass is fat.

Anonymous said...

Who is Valerie Klein?

Anonymous said...

Philip had all weekend to work on the explosive story and he fucked it up. No names of officers involved, no records from May graduation party, no names of adults attending the party, no comments from Ed Shettle or Mitch Woods. Come on Philip, this isn't second grade, try harder if you want to play hardball in the big leagues.

Anonymous said...

So am I correct when I read "The Klein Gossip Newsletter" that Ed Shuttle's step-daughter created 12% unemployment in Jefferson county. Shame on that little girl!

Anonymous said...

welcome back