Jul 31, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review,  Philip writes:

The Review received a copy of a statement put out after the story by Robert L. Reyna.

Meaning: he read it on the Channel 4 website.

Philip offers this suggestion for those working poor who fall behind in their rent:

Fire the entire staff at BHA and get some people in there that protect our tax dollars.

Most people will immediately see the problem in turning out large numbers of indigent and now-homeless people, but I'm sure Herr Klein has a final solution.

On his editorial where Klein offered his version of his lawsuit for not paying child support, the court documents in Klein v. Klein (C-0154240) show Philip owed over $2300 in back support for his "childrens." 

Note to Philip: If you spin this story again, I may post the court documents so that our readers can form an opinion based on the facts of the case, rather than your invention. Your divorce decrees make for interesting reading. If you don't want your family discussed, then don't insert them into the discussion. Anecdotal evidence is not credible.

One might ask, why does Klein mention this?

This judge today continues his "reign of terror." He throws files - he screams - and he degrades attorney's in front of their clients. His rulings are way off the beaten path. As I understand how crazy his court is....I further understand that some of the crazy businesses is of his own hand.

This most honorable judge runs a straightforward and respected court, but recently admonished Klein's courthouse mole when he discovered some contradictions in her statements, said my own anonymous sources. Does the concept of contradictory statements sound familiar?

Philip referred to her as his "in-house attorney" on his short-lived radio show on KOLE-AM.

According to my anonymous sources, "in-house" meant that this attorney rented a room in Philip's office for her law business, displaced because of a mold problem in her house.  I suppose she saved a lot by running her law business out of her house, at least until the mold escaped and began eating the neighborhood. From the Nederland City Council minutes of June 28, 2004:

The structure...was found to have mold throughout. An insurance claim was filed..and the claim was paid over a year ago, but no improvements have been made.

Whether fact or speculative rumor, readers can decide for themselves whether Philip R. Klein's vituperative editorial is a commentary on "Southeast Texas Politics" or another example of his purely personal feuds. <cough><tom maness>cough>.

On retirements:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this morning, and confirmed by three sources...

Philip still hasn't heard about Vi McGinnis.


We checked with 12 and 4 - business is good and raises have been given on time.

Unfortunately, no one at Channel 6 would return Philip's calls. "Klein lies when he says there is a 'second round.'  No, we did get the luxury of a 5% across the board pay cut IN LIEU of a second furlough.  Had he actually talked to anyone at the station that would have been easy to confirm. We've not only made our budgets, but we're getting (for the second consecutive quarter) BONUSES for beating EBIDTA!" said another anonymous source.

Note to Philip: EBIDTA = Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. Before you get into sophomore business concepts, you'll need to educate yourself on the meaning of comp time and vacation pay.

Philip never commented on employees riffed from a certain private detective firm earlier this year.

On the salaries of Jefferson County Employees:

The Review has learned that for a county our size - the average employee is paid 15.23% more in wages.

Another manufactured statistic with no supporting citation. The 2008 Salary Survey from the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) clearly disputes Philip's bogus claim. 

On Ed Shettle's 17-year-old daughter and her attendance at a party where alcohol was allegedly consumed by minors:

so.....the SO lied to me and said that they spoke with him on the phone. Or the fact that the Dispatch logs lied and showed units in service or on another call? Within minutes?

Special thanks to Philip who posted the radio log in question that clearly show who's lying:

Readers will notice that this log has nothing whatsoever about when those units were back in service, despite Philip's spurious claims.

The rest of Klein's story is hearsay, rumor, and speculation on his part:

According to officers that were not at the scene - they were told that Shettle asked them to leave and they did.

According to my anonymous sources who weren't at the scene either, "the kids had the wherewithal not to open the doors to cops, ditched their drinks and didn't get caught with anything.  They got rides home and there was nothing anyone COULD have done."

Any comments, buddy?


Anonymous said...

And you mind your spelling, too! This blog is SOOOO refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Gus, you're the best!! Your blog restores my faith in Southeast Texas, to know there aren't people who believe everything they read that's written by an illiterate you-know-what who can't string a sentence together with basic, elementary school syntax.

You also show Klein by allowing comments and better yet: keeping an ARCHIVE!

Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

philip klien has been using his web blog for years to badmouth anyone he doesen't like. that's why he's been sued so many times. if this is CORRUPTION IN JEFFERSON COUNTY, philip is the corrupted one.

i think it's funny that klein responds to all of the other web blogs, but he's to gutless to mention gus. good job, gus!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a nut case. I live in Nederland and he is nothing but trouble for most of us living here. He owned the Dairy Queens back in the 1990s where my sister worked. Her paychecks started bouncing, so they went to the cash register at the DQ and cashed their checks. He wanted to file thief charges against her but the police told the employees she needed to take the hot checks to the justice of peace and file charges. It was a mess.

Anonymous said...

Klein giving hot check, imagine that. Sure they were min. wage checks too.

Anonymous said...

Here is a little tidbit of info and a warning for area politicians. Known fact about Klein and his spying on people--and this isn't made up or rumor but told to me by a Nederland cop--Klein has a boom mic listening device and sits outside of peoples homes and businesses taping their conversations. Gus, is this legal to tape a personal private conversation while you are in your own home? Have you heard of Klein doing this before? Looking forward to your reply.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice Klying's teeth. That is just nasty. His teeth look like boogers in a row...