Jul 28, 2009

On Philip’s New Editorial: "What Judge?"

From Philip’s latest editorial:

There is a judge on the bench. I am not going to mention his name - but he knows who he is. He is the most politically charged judge on the bench - and he is in the domestic courts. Here is an example of how you are treated if you are not in the click -

I think Philip meant “clique,” not “click.” But I digress.

Philip describes his divorce settlement from 1994 and a suit over child support in nauseating detail, none of which is his fault. Poor Philip was the victim of an unscrupulous judge!

His conclusion:

This judge today continues his "reign of terror." He throws files - he screams - and he degrades attorney's in front of their clients. His rulings are way off the beaten path. As I understand how crazy his court is....I further understand that some of the crazy businesses is of his own hand.

Philip reminds us that he’s “educated:”

Today I am educated. Very educated. I understand how the justice system works and I am educated about the State Judicial Commission.

He’s apparently not too educated, since neither of the two sitting Family Court judges were on the bench in 1994.

The two Judges at the time were Judge James Farris (now deceased) and Judge Robert Walker (now retired and not related to Judges Layne and Ron Walker).

I suspect Philip’s making up things again, what about you?


Anonymous said...

Somebody that stupid should stay off of the internet. MY GOD HE'S STUPID.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The good Lord gave S**t for brains to Philip Klein. Now that is all I'm going to say about the knot-head.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pillsbury,
It is an honor to read your blog and thank you for countering the mistruths from PK's mouth. I am a friend of one of his ex-wives and know of his attempts to ruin her upstanding reputation and business. The emails he has sent her in the past are beyond anything that could be reprinted on this blog. They are awful to say the least.
Thanks again and you now have a new loyal reader.

Anonymous said...

Gus you need a new house rule. No talking about klein's ex-wives. They have suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the X's....One is have the time of her life in Vegas this week...