Jul 27, 2009

On Those Pesky “Copywrite” Issues

As noted in a previous article, Philip R. Klein claims he’s suing Google over alleged copyright infringement regarding Sam The Eagle’s blog. 

Readers who have knowledge of copyright law will immediately recognize that Sam’s use of Philip’s articles (I use the term loosely) is legal under the fair use provision of sections 107-118, Title 17, US Code. I suspect the truth is that Philip avoids accountability for previous articles by not archiving them on the Southeast Texas Political Review website.

As an example, see this page; it’s one of my very favorite postings from Philip.  Not only did the Internet Archive copy the page in its entirety, but Philip’s copyright notices are included at the bottom.

Unfortunately, Philip hasn’t gotten around to suing the Internet Archive yet, even though they’ve apparently been stealing Philip’s intellectual property (see bottom line below) since 1999.

Saturday, March 31, 2001 08:05:04 AM

Gadfly Comes Together!
by Philip R. Klein, Editor

I had a great teacher in business. He told me once that when good things or bad things happen to you, it is always good to remember to give back to the ones that give to you.

It is with great honor and humbleness that I announce the formation of the Gadfly 2001 Trust, Inc.

Gadfly will be a company that is dedicated to giving back to the community through Children's Projects. This week, I am happy to announce the first project has begun.

Jacobs House will be our first project. In a private effort between Gadfly, Inc., private donors and corporate sponsors, the first project will be the building of two houses near St. Mary's Hospital and St. Elizabeth's Hospital for family members, siblings and parents of Premature Babies. This house will be a place, a haven so to call it, for family members to rest, visit and stay overnight free so that they can be near their new babies that are in PICU or NICU at both hospitals.

In the next three month we will undertake an extensive effort to collect funds to build and manage these homes. And Gadfly, Inc., will match each fund donated dollar for dollar.

You can start now to be a part of this project by sending a donation if you wish to the addresses shown on this web site.

I have never been amazed as much as I have over the last decade on how life can change in a heartbeat.  I hope that you will take time and help these families and children have a place away from the hospital to be together, share their fears and dreams, but most of all to feel at home away from home.

Watch our site over the next six weeks for more information on how you can be a part of our project. And watch for another program (unnamed yet) that will deal with young people that have trouble reading and that have dyslexia.

In politics, we are not all bad. Just giving back to the community in our time, funds and love.

The Southeast Texas Political Review is a production of Klein and Associates Political Relations. (c) 1995 - 2001 Klein Investments, Inc. Any rebroadcast or reproduction of this site is forbidden without permission. For comments and questions, please E-Mail us at SETREVIEW@cs.com

Klein, Philip. "Gadfly Comes Together!" Internet Archive. 2001. The Internet Archive, Inc. Accessed: July 27, 2009.

As it turned out, there was never a corporation - non-profit or otherwise - that was registered to Philip R. Klein under the name, “The Gadfly Trust, Inc.” Philip later changed the name to “The Gadfly Foundation, Inc.,” but that was never registered.  As one would expect, Jacob’s House never happened either.

Philip solicited money for years under these bogus corporations, until he pulled the page down during the Gillam lawsuit last year. I’m sure he’ll still accept any donations, however; just make that check out to “Philip R. Klein.” 

Bottom line: To produce intellectual property, a person must first possess an intellect.

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Anonymous said...

Stealing peoples money is not new to Klein. Ask the former Mrs. Klein how he scammed her out the Dairy Queen business..Or ask Klein how he scammed us, the taxpayers, with his unpaid small business loans.

Anonymous said...

Gus, I hope that you and your family are doing well. May God bless each and everyone in your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Does the Attorney General know about this?