Aug 31, 2009

Slow Crime

Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review has little to do with politics (emphases are mine):
Officers with the Port Arthur Police Department report that the summer of crime predicted in Port Arthur was not as bad as everyone thought it would be during the spring crime spree.

"We have had some shootings, stabbings and assaults - but nothing of what we thought it would be earlier this year. It was not that bad. But it could get better," said a high ranking source in the Port Arthur Police Department to the Review this morning.

The source went on to say : "Don't get me wrong. We still have problems, and it is not getting better. We are just keeping a lid on thing," said the source.

Our take?

Good job by the street crimes unit and Mark Blanton. The message is out. Enough. And we like that. Blanton and crew seem to be letting it known that they are not going to be putting up with the freestyle street crime issues that have plagued Port Arthur.
And that is a good thing.
This is another of Klein's tired devices: the crime wave.

On December 12, 2008, Klein predicted:
Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!
As I pointed out in this article, Klein's fictitious statement was dead wrong. The crime stats for the year were actually down 10 percent, not up 8 percent as Klein claimed.

Philip responded on February 3, 2009 with another article also entitled "Crime Wave," he described a crime wave in Port Arthur that only existed in his imagination:
What is up? The crime stats say everything is okay? Right? Well not in Port Arthur. Arsons, shootings, and robberies? Say it is not so.
To avoid confusion, note that there are two articles with the same title, "Crime Wave." Reiterating, it's a claim that Philip frequently makes.

In December 2007, he claimed crime was so bad that the US Attorney's office, the FBI, the ATF, Secret Service, DEA, ICE, and the military would descend upon Port Arthur:

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.
None of that happened.

The bottom line is this: crime in Port Arthur has been dropping for at least two years according to the real crime stats. Despite his back-handed compliments, Klein continues to insult the good work ("not getting any better") of the Port Arthur Police Department and the citizens of Port Arthur.


Philip R. Klein continues his personal feud with KFDM in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review (emphases are mine):
The SET Political Review has learned that KFDM's parent company - Freedom Communications will file for bankruptcy this week according to both industry and publish reports this morning. Freedom has been struggling over the last year and the cost cuts have not been successful.
Industry sources tell the Review this morning from New York - "We are not sure that they can emerge successfully without major changes in the way they do business and the reduction of at least 25% of their current staffing levels."
KFDM - who has been number one in the market over the last decade - and who has shown signs of struggling to even meet payroll - with salary reductions, layoffs and furloughs with employees - may be a jewel in the company portfolio and may be up for sale - not closure as some stations will face closure and massive layoffs just to stay open post filing of the bankruptcy.

A source at a local investment firm
told the Review this morning : "If I worked at KFDM - I might get my resume and tapes together."
We will keep you updated. And we feel horrible for all of the nice people at KFDM.
I acknowledge that Philip has more experience with bankruptcy than I (see sidebar), but typically, he invents "industry sources" in New York to cast KFDM in the worst possible light.

Readers may remember that Klein's "industry sources" have also predicted that Hearst would fold The Beaumont Enterprise into the Houston Chronicle. When that didn't happen, Klein's industry sources predicted that Hearst would sell The Beaumont Enterprise within the year

That hasn't happened, but he's now claiming that Freedom Communications will sell Channel 6, a "jewel in the company portfolio." I'm not sure why Klein thinks KFDM is more of a jewel than the company's other properties, such as West Palm Beach, Albany, or Chattanooga, but I'm absolutely sure we'll revisit this many times in the future.

Readers may remember that Klein contradicted himself in this article from July 28, 2009:
We checked with 12 and 4 - business is good and raises have been given on time.
Presumably, Channel 4 is doing well because thousands of viewers in Southeast Texas are tuning in to watch the progress of Philip's lawsuit against Google.  There is a reason that KFDM/Channel 6 has been the top station in Southeast Texas for the past four decades, not one as Klein claims.

What Klein didn't mention is that Channel 6 not only made it's 2nd quarter budget, but station employees received bonuses for the second consecutive quarter for beating EBIDTA. This is not what any informed source would call "signs of struggling to even meet payroll."  In his original article, Klein claimed that KFDM has had two employee furloughs, another of his blatant lies.

Most importantly, what does this have to do with politics in Southeast Texas?  In my opinion, it's another example of Klein's hidden agendas.  Care to explain why KFDM won't put you on the air, Philip? Or should we save for sworn testimony?

Aug 30, 2009



Hey, Philip, leave that woman alone:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Community Activist Created By the Media, Rhonda Dugas, got into some legal trouble this past week in Port Arthur.

According to public sources and the Port Arthur Police Department, Dugas showed up at a local daycare center this past week telling daycare workers that she was enrolling her "grandchild" into the daycare center called "The Clubhouse." Sources tell the Review that the child was being put into the daycare sponsored by the "Catholic Charities" Meaning it was a freebee for Dugas's "grandchild."

According to witnesses - the child had some trouble coping - which can happen in a new environment. So, according to our sources, Dugas was informed of such and told the child could not come back.. She later arrived back at the daycare to discuss the issue. And it did not go over well.

And that is an understatement.

Sources tell us that Dugas, after being told of the problems, began yelling, cussing and screaming at employees and owners of the daycare. Further being in earshot of the children. She was asked to leave by the daycare representatives - but refused and continued to scream and curse and upset not only employees but "possibly some of the children." After not following the requests of management of the daycare - they called 911 - "fearing that she was out of control."

Dugas finally left after hearing one of the employees on the phone with 911 and was gone before police arrived. However, after police investigated - the Groves police department, in the city to which Dugas lives, was asked to go to her home and issue a trespassing warning restricting Dugas from ever stepping foot onto the daycare property again. Further, it was learned that the child was in fact not her grandchild - simply a friends child that Dugas was helping. Sources go on to tell us that Dugas was upset because daycare workers did not spank the child when it was misbehaving.

Why is this a story?

Now you may ask - why is this a story? Well - we will tell you.

Four years ago - the Media made Rhonda Dugas a spokesperson for the anti-Griffith movement. She ran for county clerk - because she got mad at the current county clerk. She ran for county commissioner - but bailed out after it was learned that she had financial issues and liens against her. And then she ran for a local office - and lost. Big. Then licking her wounds she simple drifted off into the sunset of the political world after buying a home in Groves with her son - with money from......? Rhonda you see was not employed.

Since disappearing from the political spotlight - Dugas has remained under the radar. Everyone once in a blue moon stories will emerge - but nothing like going into a daycare cursing and screaming around children. And having the police called.

According to our sources at the Port Arthur Police Department - the 911 tape was very reveling and a detective was assigned to the case. The outcome is unclear - but the trespass warning was issued.

The story here is simply this - the media elevated this lady and she was used by political forces to take over the county. Again, she is someone that should have been snuffed out by the media in the Walker v. Griffith race - but was not. She was put on the tube every single night and was used by the printed media to attempt to garner bad political blood by none other than team Walker. All along she had nothing to offer anyone - including the taxpayers.

If it were not for this site - and maybe three others - that brought who this woman really was - we might of had serious issues in county or city government. Thank goodness she is now out of the political world - and only causing the public problems with her rants and antics. She could not and never will run for public office again. And that is a GREAT THING.

This is one political story that has a great ending for political types - but the public still has to deal with her.

As they say - it is what it is. And it is not pretty.

Despite Philip's preoccupation with Rhonda Dugas, this unsubstantiated rumor has no relevance whatsoever to politics in Southeast Texas. Since Philip R. Klein' admits that Rhonda Dugas is no longer a public personality, this is simply a gross invasion of her privacy. If not, where are the charges?  Readers may remember Philip's previous headlines in huge font claiming "Dugas Under Investigation" when in fact, no investigation ever happened.

If any of this is true, it seems to me that Rhonda Dugas was trying to help a neighbor and her child, referenced as "it" by Klein. I hope "it" wasn't a "smelly little girl" who played soccer.

In the past, Klein has called Rhonda Dugas various names including "loon" and "nutcase," commented on her physical appearance, published photos of her home taken without her knowledge or permission, posted her financial information, published rumors about her relationship with her child, allowed subscribers to post photoshopped and obscene images of her on his now-defunct Talk Back Line, among many other complaints.

Philip was a strong supporter of former County Judge Carl Griffith, father of Ford Park, and continues his personal feud with County Judge Ron Walker to this day. Judge Walker was one of three state appeals court justices who refused to award damages to Klein in PAISD v. Klein.

Any comment, Philip, or should we save for sworn testimony?

Aug 29, 2009

No Republicans (No Truth)


In an article dated Aug. 28, 2009, on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

The Southeast Texas media is reporting - and court house documents confirm - the Jefferson County Commissioners Court will consider and have a workshop on closing one of the two Pct. One JP's office. Three people have announced that they will be running for the seat being vacated by the Honorable Vi McGinnis.

Furious Republicans are said to be planning to be at the meeting. The district has a whopping 60+% GOP rating in the last election.

"You can assume that republicans are being very well welcomed in this courthouse," said a source close to commissioners court this afternoon.

According to sources, the only elected republican - Eddie Arnold - knew of the meeting and GOPERS are furious - and all eyes now are on Arnold.

Notice Philip's weasel words: "Furious Republicans are said to be..."  Said by whom? Phillip R. Klein?

Klein offered no citation for his spurious claim of a "whopping 60+% GOP rating." Here are the number of straight party tickets cast in the 2008 election from Jefferson County JP Precinct 1:

Philip claims Republicans en masse are angry over a simple workshop on the cost benefits of two JPs in one precinct, yet he wrote in an earlier article this week:

But our governments simply cannot cut back or get smaller. Only bigger and more expensive.

Only in Jefferson County - the most corrupt county in Texas.

By the end of the article, Klein changed his original thesis and implied that Republicans are angry because County Commissioner Eddie Arnold colluded to hide the meeting from constituents:

According to sources, the only elected republican - Eddie Arnold - knew of the meeting and GOPERS are furious - and all eyes now are on Arnold.

I certainly hope Eddie Arnold knew about the meeting, since he's a County Commissioner. Otherwise, we have a bigger problem with Commissioner Eddie than PRK's fictitious claims. 

By Klein's own admission, his information came from this KFDM news report and this meeting notice. Jefferson County not only met, but exceeded the posting requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Readers will notice a consistent pattern in Klein's hysterical pronouncements. From two weeks ago:

The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care. And they will be black. And the race card will be pulled.

The only person who "pulled" the "race card" was Philip R. Klein. His fictitious claim of "black," "progressive," "pro-Obama" Democrats running amok are more revealing of Klein's own racial bias.

In closing, note Klein's signature sentence construction with mangled syntax in his purported quote from an alleged "source:"

You can assume that republicans are being very well welcomed in this courthouse," said a source close to commissioners court this afternoon.

Most people in Southeast Texas would probably say, "Republicans are very welcome in the courthouse," but perhaps Klein's real source has roots in New Jersey.

Aug 28, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits


From Philip R. Klein's last article of the week:

"You can assume that republicans are being very well welcomed in this courthouse," said a source close to commissioners court this afternoon.

What source would say, "...very well welcomed at the courthouse?"

Low points in the English language:

The school board - still stinging from a political a** whipping - voted 4-3 this week to raise taxes over the roll back under an unknown clause which gives school districts the chance to raise taxes over the roll back rate without kicking in a vote by the citizens.

Read the facts here.

Philip speaks for us:

So we - the taxpayers pay more. And again.

Our take? Remember this - we the taxpayers are asked again again and again.

We think it is just p** poor management by p** poor leaders that just want to empower themselves.

We think Philip is mentally deficient.

--to be continued.

Tax Man


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein rants about the new property tax rate in Nederland:

And if you want to know - $1.21 is now one of the highest rates in the state of Texas. Even our friends in Houston pay $1.15 per $100 in valuation. 

Philip's entire thesis is based on this statement. Since he didn't cite a source, he's maliciously spreading misinformation with a reckless disregard for the truth, or he's so confused that he can't verify the facts for himself. I think he's lying.

The Houston ISD has the lowest tax rate in all of Harris County -- the rate in every other district is equal to or greater than Nederland's new rate.

From highest to lowest, according to the State Comptroller's Office:

  Galena Park ISD 1.46
  North Forest ISD 1.44
  New Caney ISD 1.44
  Sheldon ISD 1.43
  Waller ISD 1.42
  Pearland ISD 1.42
  Spring Branch ISD 1.38
  Clear Creek ISD 1.36
  Tomball ISD 1.36
  Cypress-Fairbanks ISD 1.35
  Pasadena ISD 1.35
  Alief ISD 1.34
  Crosby ISD 1.34
  Deer Park ISD 1.34
  La Porte ISD 1.33
  Klein ISD 1.31
  Aldine ISD 1.29
  Goose Creek CISD     1.28
  Channelview ISD 1.24
  Stafford MSD 1.24
  Dayton ISD 1.21
  Houston ISD 1.16

Here are the local rates in Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange County, again sorted from highest to lowest:

  Hardin Warren ISD 1.39
  Jefferson Hardin-Jefferson ISD 1.35
  Hardin Hardin-Jefferson ISD 1.35
  Jefferson Hamshire-Fannett ISD 1.33
  Hardin Silsbee ISD 1.32
  Jefferson Port Arthur ISD 1.31
  Jefferson Port Neches-Groves ISD 1.28
  Orange West Orange-Cove CISD 1.25
  Hardin West Hardin CISD 1.21
  Orange Bridge City ISD 1.21
  Orange Vidor ISD 1.21
  Jefferson Beaumont ISD 1.19
  Hardin Kountze ISD 1.18
  Orange Orangefield ISD 1.17
  Orange Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD    1.15
  Jefferson Sabine Pass ISD 1.13
  Hardin Lumberton ISD 1.13
  Jefferson Nederland ISD (old rate) 1.12

Readers can plainly see that the Nederland ISD previously had the lowest rate in Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin County. Their new rate 1.21 puts them midway through the pack, not “one of the highest rates in the state of Texas” as Klein claims.

Any comment, Philip, or should we save this for sworn testimony?

Aug 27, 2009

Public Statement From Philip R. Klein


On Wednesday afternoon, August 26, 2009, the company that owns the SET Political Review and its sister company, Klein Investments, Inc., filed a cause of action in the Jefferson County District Courts which is entitled PRK Enterprises, Inc., Klein Investments, Inc., v. Google, Inc.,

We have filed this cause of action further naming two particular blogspot sites, namely, opertionkleinwatch and samtheeagleusa, as well as another site associated with the first after a two year investigation and monitoring of the site (s).

This case has been filed under rule 202.2 of the Texas Civil Code, which is the first step of three that we intend to take under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, 17 U.S.C., section 512.

Without comment, as the suit states, the websites being hosted by Google, Inc., and/or, have been engaged in a pattern of liable and defamation per se, invasion of privacy, and use of copyrighted images (both facial and voice images) without permission. Further, they both provide false information as well as invade the privacy of myself and my family members.

We have asked that Google, Inc., to name the owners, IP addresses and as well certain posts made by others, as well as any parties or entities who provide contributions of money or literary substance to these web sites.

For the legal precedence regarding this case we refer you to Liskulula:, Petitioner, v. Google, Inc. and/or its subsidiary,, which was litigated in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The Southeast Texas Political Review continues to believe and support the 1st Amendment to the United States of America to which gives each of us the right to the freedom of speech. However, when the threshold is crossed where copyrighted images, defamation, false litigation history, invasion of privacy of my family and my extended family - I must act.

We thank you for reading the Southeast Texas Political Review and the calls of support. We do appreciate it.

For the media - I refer all questions and comments to our legal counsel - John Morgan - (409) 832-8382.

Southeast Texas Political Review, "Public Statement," The Southeast Texas Political Review, Retrieved: Aug. 27, 2009

Aug 26, 2009

Breaking News


Southeast Texas Political Blogger Takes Legal Action Against Google

Reported by: Angel San Juan
KBTV Channel 4
Beaumont, Texas
Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009
06:22pm CST

A Southeast Texas political blogger is pursuing legal action against Google.

Philip Klein is a Nederland private eye and author of the popular Southeast Texas Political Review.

He's taking the search engine to court to seek names.

He wants to know who's behind two blog sites hosted by Google.

Those sites are "" and "".

Klein claims those sites have defamed his character by posting false stories.

He also says they've invaded his family's privacy., "Southeast Texas Political Blogger Takes Legal Action Against Google," KBTV-TV/Beaumont, Retrieved: Aug. 26, 2009

On Philip R. Klein's So-called Editorial: "Ted"


Philip writes:

Ted Kennedy is dead. The last of the "Camelot" era. The last of the great Kennedy's because unless you take Caroline seriously - they are now all gone.

Klein is an idiot!  If the logical fallacies in Philip's thesis are legion, how can the rest of his opinion be any more credible?

Camelot was associated with John Kennedy, not Ted. That era ended abruptly on November 22, 1963, not with the death of Ted.

Regarding Philip's wishful thinking that "they are all gone," let's not forget Ted's sister, Jean Kennedy Smith, and the fourth Kennedy generation (Caroline excluded, since that's the only one that Philip can name):

  • Patrick Kennedy (Son of Ted), U.S. Representative
  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Daughter of Robert), Lieutenant Governor
  • Joe Kennedy II (Son of Robert), U.S. Representative
  • Robert Shriver (Son of Eunice), City Council Member
  • Mark Shriver (Son of Eunice), State Representative
  • Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger (Daughter of Eunice), Even Philip has heard of Arnold.

Those are the ones in politics.  There are several others, like Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert), who have no political ambitions, but serve in other areas. In Kerry's case, she is the chairperson for the Amnesty International Leadership Council. She's also the former wife of Andrew Cuomo. Their three children each share the same middle name: Kennedy. 

I'm sure we'll see the fifth Kennedy generation with the same high ethics regarding public service. Those are the factual errors in Philip's first two sentences. The rest of Philip's attack on Ted Kennedy is just as confused.

Typically, Philip finds a tenuous coattail to grasp:

As young boy in 1963 - I clearly remember my mother crying and my father staying home from work post President Kennedy's assassination. In my career I have had the opportunity to meet those that worked near him in the old days - as well as know a man that wrote a book regarding the Kennedy family. So for me - it is kind of history in the making and good bye to another part of a generation that I had the opportunity to live through.

So for me - Philip went completely off the track with this silly babble about his memories of John Kennedy, who died 45 years ago. "I" or "me" is mentioned almost as much as "Ted" in Philip's editorial.

Philip is exploiting the death of Ted Kennedy to further his own personal agenda.  The irony in this statement is apparent to everyone but Philip R. Klein:

As he goes out - watch for the health care bill to be pushed through in "his name." At least that is what the libs think. They will use his death to champion health care.

Considering Ted Kennedy's lifetime of service and his priorities, I suspect he would have no problem in having his name attached to a healthcare bill. I'm also absolutely sure that Ted Kennedy would have a good laugh over this juvenile gibberish from Philip R. Klein.

Dr. Tax and Spend


Philip R. Klein asked a very stupid question in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Dr. David Teuscher stood front and center at Lamar University last night to talk about health care and its impact on our lives. Wearing this white doctors coat - Teuscher - sponsored by the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce - gave his speech and then took questions.

We - however - are a little confused. Why Teuscher?

I’ve already addressed Dr. David Teuscher’s qualifications in this article.

  • First student Republican elected to the Urbana City Council in 1979, while still a student at the University of Illinois
  • Served on the Finance Committee for the 2008 Reelection Campaign of Michael Williams as Railroad Commissioner
  • Served on the State Republican Executive Committee
  • Appointed to the Texas Tax Reform Commission by Governor Rick Perry
  • Served as President and Legislative Committee Chair of the Texas Orthopedic PAC
  • Served as the Chairman of the Committee on Professional Liability for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons - readers may remember this group was instrumental in the passage of Proposition 12 on tort reform that capped subjective non-economic damages in medial liability suits
  • Co-Chair of the Beaumont ISD Citizen's Advisory Bond Committee
  • Served as the managing editor of the Orthopedic Medical Legal Advisor
  • Served on the faculty of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, and Baylor University
  • Served in the Army, where he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf, the meritorious Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal and the Southwest Asia Campaign Ribbon with Oak Leaf.
  • Served as President of the Texas Orthopedic Association
  • Served as President of the Jefferson County Medical Society
  • Served as Chairman, AAOS Committee on Professional Liability
  • Served as a Texas Delegate to the American Medical Association
  • Served as a delegate to the Texas Medical Association

Apparently, Philip missed the subject of the town hall meeting: healthcare. As I pointed out in this article, the other sponsors were the Texas Medical Association, the Jefferson County Medical Society, Lamar University, and the Lamar Institute of Technology, but Philip never mentioned that.

Here’s the bottom line: Klein began this particular article on healthcare, but ended on another rant about the Beaumont Independent School District. See this article for more on Philip’s ignorance.

More of Klein’s “same old think, over and over and over again.”

Aug 25, 2009



Congratulations to Philip R. Klein, who finally put it all together in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Nancy Beaulieu will be running as a GOPER in the 2010 election for Jefferson County JP 1 that long time justice Vi McGinnis will be leaving.

I mentioned this last week, after I pointed out last month that Klein missed the biggest story of the local 2010 campaign season so far.

Klein claims artifice (yesterday's spelling word of the day) in Ms. Beaulieu's party affiliation:

And the GOP should be cheering? Right? Well it seems there is a stir in the back yards [sic] of the GOP.

Since Philip's source is David Bradley, I'm not sure which backyard Klein is referencing: the one in Jasper County, or the one in Jefferson County. Philip never answered my question last fall about Bradley's reelection campaign to the District 7 seat of the State Board of Education (SBOE):

How can a person who owns a home in Jasper County, for which he receives a homestead exemption, claim to be a resident of Beaumont? 

Texas state law requires property owner certification that the home is their principal residence to receive a homestead exemption. Yet Bradley's voter registration in Jefferson County lists his office on North Street as his residence.

Jasper County is in District 8, while Jefferson County is in District 7. An indisputable fact is that Bradley knowingly filed a false government document with at least one official agency.

In his article today, PRK acknowledges the controversy surrounding David Bradley.

Love him or hate him - Bradley has support. Big support.

In addition to Bradley's dubious county of residence, about 20 percent of his campaign funds came from one donor, a New York financial advisor. At the same time, he was leading an effort for an early review of a lucrative financial services contract between the SBOE and another firm.  Rather than send his children to public schools, he home-schooled them.

The Examiner documented an incident where Bradley assaulted another (Republican) SBOE member and told her to "keep her G**D*** mouth shut." He stated that teachers who disagreed with his extremist opinions were "spanked" and that critical thinking is "gobbledygook."  I'm not even sure if Bradley graduated from college or if he flunked out of Texas A&M.

Then there was Bradley's indictment on an open meetings violation concerning the administration of the Permanent School Fund. Ironically, Philip recently argued that an open meetings violation proved corruption on the Board of Trustees for the Beaumont Independent School District.

My biggest complaint about David Bradley is this: He was a leader in the SBOE faction that scrapped recommendations from 17 literacy organizations representing 13,000 teachers in favor of a bizarre "back-to-basics" reading curriculum for the next decade. The new standard eliminated comprehension curricula in higher grades. Read more about this circus here.

We already have an example of a literacy-challenged adult with no comprehension skills who reads and writes at a sixth-grade level: Philip R. Klein.

In the 2008 election, Laura Ewing, a 34-year educator, ran against Bradley. To determine the credibility of Klein's statement about Bradley's big support, here are the results of the local race in Jefferson County:

  • Ewing 48,628
  • Bradley 33,592

Compare these results with the local returns in the Presidential race in the same election:

  • Obama: 44,888
  • McCain: 42,905

Even the most obtuse "political consultants" should see that a substantial number of Jefferson County Republicans crossed party lines to vote against Bradley.

Having put this issue of David Bradley into the proper context, let's examine the letter that PRK offers as evidence of duplicity in Nancy Beaulieu's Republican credentials:

Readers can make up their own minds whether Nancy's letter is "baggage that Beaulieu needs to explain," or bipartisan support for a professional educator, instead of an insurance salesman who won't tell the truth about his real county of residence.

Aug 24, 2009



The compassion of Philip R. Klein is evident in his latest article from the Southeast Texas Political Review:

[Ashley LaBiche] had the horrible opportunity to meet Justin Joubert - a young and up and coming young man that seemingly had alcohol and drug issues.

We got leaked the name this morning and did some checking on the young man that caused the accident.

    1. DUI 1st - Guilty - Fine and Suspension of License : February 2004
    2. DWLS (Driving While Licenses Suspended) - Guilty - Fine and Threat Of Jail : June 2006
    3. Possession of Pot - Guilty - Fine and Some Jail : August 2006
    4. Possession of a Controlled Substance (Felony) - February 2009 - Guilty

Add in a few other issues - like he did not report to parole / probation and motions to revoke his probation and parole - and committing crimes while on probation - well you get the idea? Right?

The idea I get is that PRK will exploit children, accident victims, tragedies, and any other misfortune for his own private feud with Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness.

Joubert died less than 48 hours ago, but Philip has already published his record and irresponsibly speculated on the cause of the accident before the autopsy has been completed:

And our guess is that maybe alcohol and drugs could have been a factor? We will see when the autopsy is released.

The toxicology reports may well verify Klein's guess, but perhaps we should give a grieving family time to bury their dead before throwing mud and calling names.

Regarding Philip's gibberish:

That leaves us to ask? What the h**l was the DA's office in Jefferson County thinking putting a two time loser and someone that obviously could not follow the rules of probation on another probation - and then want to adjudicate it?

Can someone answer us at the DA's office in Jefferson County? Please?

I'm not "at" the District Attorney's office, but here's the answer.

Every jurisdiction in Texas frequently uses unadjudicated probation to give a judge the full range of punishment on a revocation, instead of limiting the term to the length of probation only; e.g., three years for a three-year probated term.  One might wonder why Philip, a licensed private investigator and self-proclaimed political consultant, isn't more familiar with the criminal justice system in Texas.

There is no easy answer to this question: does a judge practice zero tolerance, or does he/she make their best judgement based on circumstances?

Readers will immediately spot the error in Klein's logic: the final decisions are made by the presiding judge, not the district attorney's office.  But, Philip didn't mention the Judge in this case, did he?

Reading Philip’s Letters to Himself:


Philip R. Klein’s latest Reader Mail to himself is an instant classic (emphases are mine):

From Orange County :

Thanx for exposing Howard Trahan and the BISD taxi cab scam.  BISD Handicap bus drivers have used those buses for personal taxis for years.  I would watch one drop her friend off for work at the old Market Basket on Phelan and Dowlen when it was open.  I called Terry Ingram, reported it with bus number and maybe that driver was reprimanded, but I know it still goes on.  The handicap buses go all over town because those students (one of which is mine) attend certain schools depending on the disability.  There is no way you will ever convince me that they are not still toting their friends and family members around to their jobs or anywhere else they need to go.  The children don't know any different and they appear to be an aide on the bus.  Who questions it?  Another BISD waste of money.

Answer : Nobody does. You live in Jefferson County Texas - the most corrupt county in Texas. And Jerry Jordan exposed it...we just are talking about it.

So if this purported reader lives in Orange County, why is a BISD bus transporting the reader’s child “all over town?”

Maybe Jerry Jordan should look into this mail coming from the Southeast Texas Political Review, which seem to be as credible as the faxes.

Aug 23, 2009

On Philip's New Editorial: Healthcare


Philip R. Klein's latest editorial on the Southeast Texas Political Review is based on this premise:

Over 91% of American's are insured;

Given the subject matter, I suspect that Klein actually meant, "Over 91 percent of Americans are insured.'

Typically, PRK made up the statistic, which is why Klein never cites his references. The actual figures used by all sides of the healthcare debate come from a 2007 report by the U.S. Census Bureau:

The number of people without health insurance coverage declined from 47 million (15.8 percent) in 2006 to 45.7 million (15.3 percent) in 2007.

This is corroborated by Wikipedia, who cited the same report:

Around 84.7% of citizens have some form of health insurance; either through their employer or the employer of their spouse or parent (59.3%), purchased individually (8.9%), or provided by government programs (27.8%; there is some overlap in these figures).[36]

Since these statistics were taken before the current recession, most knowledgeable sources agree that the percentage of uninsured is substantially higher in 2009. Furthermore, these statistics do not account for other critical demographics, such as the underinsured and the newly unemployed.

Why is this important?  Superficially, a seven percent difference between truth and fiction seems almost inconsequential, even when extrapolated to the 3 million people it represents.

Here's why. Much of the today's debate on healthcare is based on similar misinformation. Reforming a system that represents 15.3 percent of our total GDP needs to be done rationally and deliberately, based on fact. Unfortunately, the facts get lot in the extremist rhetoric, much like Philip R. Klein's editorial.

As an example, HR 3200 has no reference whatsoever to the purported death panels, but these panels have existed for years as claims boards at private insurance companies.  Unfortunately, about 30 people in Southeast Texas will quote Philip's manufactured statistic as fact.

It's okay to have an opinion, no matter how bizarre, but it's wrong to make up facts and rumors from anonymous sources as validation. Philip's lies and reckless disregard for the truth have no place in reasoned debate, so his editorial loses on all counts. It's obvious that Klein doesn't have the mental acuity to fully comprehend the issue without resorting to lies.

Aug 22, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits


Philip R. Klein's best of the worst of the Southeast Texas Political Review for Aug. 17 though Aug. 21, 2009.

On town hall meetings: In his last posting of the week, Philip asked:

Oh get this. There is a town hall meeting to talk about Health Care. It will be at the Lamar University Campus on Tuesday the 25th. So who is sponsoring it? The chamber of commerce? Maybe? Now we are going to have a debate on health care with the chamber of commerce? Why?

Anyone who asks why a discussion on healthcare is pertinent is truly out of touch.  The other sponsors include the Texas Medical Association, the Jefferson County Medical Society, Lamar University, and the Lamar Institute of Technology, but Philip didn't mention that.

In the last town hall meeting on health care, Philip predicted:

The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care. And they will be black. And the race card will be pulled.

Philip's "tipster" was wrong again

Readers will note that the only person who "pulled" the "race card" was Philip R. Klein. His fictitious claim of "black," "progressive," "pro-Obama" Democrats running amok are more revealing of Klein's own bias. See more on PRK's blatant racism below.

Another signature grammatical trainwreck: Note confusion over capitalization and word forms in the same paragraph: talk about Health Care...we are going to have a debate on health care....

For the record, it's healthcare.

On the appointment of a U.S. Marshall:

Rumors that Mitch Woods has promised the black community that Zena Stevens, his chief deputy, would win approval by commissioners court to take over his seat has set well. As for Ray Beck - rumors that DA Tom Maness has been in the backfield trying to cut off the nomination has kind of fallen on deaf ears.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has an interesting take regarding one of Klein's previous lies:

In an interview with a high ranking police official this past week, a call is being made in the backrooms of police stations across Jefferson County for District Attorney Tom Maness to step aside.

Any questions on why the liquor bottles in Klein's kitchen are empty in the MSNBC video (see link in the sidebar)? 

On Nancy Beaulieu:

As much as we do not like her take on government (bigger is better), we kind of like the way she stands up to folks and sinks her heals (sorry that is sexist) in.

Confusing "heal" for "heel" is ignorance, not sexism. Philip is so biased that he's unable to tell the difference between sexist writing and idiomatic language. 

Even funnier, Klein mangled the colloquialism "digging his/her heels in." The phrase originally came from the Southwest and referred to breaking wild horses by cowboys, who routinely "dug their heels in" to control the horse.

Reading Philip's Mail: In a letter to himself, Philip responds to the charge that he's unfit for public service:

I think you are right. I could not make it in public service. The waste and the misuse of tax dollars would make me scream.

Philip doesn't address the obvious: to be elected to public office, one must have a core group of supporters larger than 30 people.

It's interesting to note that Klein's experience in real politics amounts to an abortive effort as a lobbyist for Texas restaurants that ended abruptly when his six Dairy Queens went belly up, and as a volunteer on a presidential campaign where the candidate received the fewest votes of any Republican in over 40 years. 

I've often wondered whether Klein, as a lobbyist, ever honored his donation pledge to a certain U.S. Senator for the state of Texas.

 On Philip's blatant racism:

Until then - this dance that is going to be done staring a black man, a white man and a Mexican man is a waste of time.

Klein apparently meant "starring," not "staring."

This comes from the same person who routinely refers to all Latinos as "Mexicans:"

Flores - Nobody cares about a Mexican man like Caesar [sic] Chavez. Everyone should honor the man that gave the land and made it possible for children to learn. Even the kids get that.

I think Philip meant César Chávez, who was actually a native American citizen, born in Yuma, AZ.

On Philip's name dropping:

According to polling centers like Rasmussen and Zogby - Americans are angry at government right now - and if change will happen in both parties - it will be now.

No recent polls by either Rasmussen or Zogby corroborate his claim. Klein regularly makes the same claim about catastrophic change in local city governments, local county governments, the state government, the federal government, local businesses, national businesses, and political parties:

There is a purge coming in the Republican Party in the United States. That is the Purge [sic] of the RINO Republicans. And that is a good thing.

That never happened, either.

On Philip's fuzzy math:

The City of Beaumont announced the new budget this past week which now goes to you the taxpayer. In that budget they actually dropped spending from 21 million to around 19 million.

The actual numbers numbers were $221.7 million for 2010 and  $218.9 million for 2009. When I mentioned his confusion, Philip attempted to explain his error in a response to a purported reader:

The budget this last year was for $100,700 (m) and is coming in a little bit light at $99,000 (m). This years is coming in at $104,500 (m). We subtracted contract fire and police union. Thus the number. And you were right - we were not clear on that as we should have been.

The real numbers still didn't match up, in spite of PRK's attempt to obfuscate his mistake by arbitrarily removing large portions of the budget.

Philip, did however, reduce the size of his mistake from approximately $200 million to only $65 million or so.  

Quote of the Week:

By the way - police/fire/ems makes up well over 50% of the [Beaumont] city expenditures.

Reality: Police/Fire/EMS make up 25 percent of the proposed 2010 city budget. See the overview here.

Aug 20, 2009

Vi (Still) Out....


Philip R. Klein writes in the Southeast Texas Political Review:

What party will Nancy run in..our guess is her true colors as a tax and spend democrat will come out? Or Blue dog democrat?

Reality: Nancy runs as a RepublicanTo be revisited many times. Look for Nitwit Tidbits this week-end.

Two (Pt Deux)


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review (emphasis is mine):

The SET Political Review has learned this morning that the US Marshal's job for the Southeastern District of Texas is down to two candidates - being Jefferson County Sherriff Mitch Woods and Lt. Ray Beck of the Beaumont Police Department.

The Review has learned that the Obama administration has formally asked a senators office for a recommendation between the two - and that nothing has been forwarded back to Washington.

The Review has also learned of a "dark horse" that may come in at the last minute to sweep the position from underneath the two candidates.

"We have been given a third name that has not formally applied. If he applies there seems to be interest in him," said the source.

The senators staff refused to give the name.

Let's count:

  1. One: Mitch Woods
  2. Two: Ray Beck
  3. Three: Philip's dark horse

Isn't that Three, not Two? From December 4, 2007:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Eddie Arnold ran unopposed. From December 8, 2008:

Two sources confirm that they have received direct confirmation that attorney Jeff Branick will run for [Jefferson County Judge] when it comes up.

Nick Lampson, Bo Alfred and a dark horse blast from the past that has asked us not to use their name at this time. That name may be a GOPER.

To be revisited, many times.

See Two (Part 1) below.

Aug 19, 2009

Vi Out....


Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review provides an opportunity to revisit a few predictions; read my July 30, 2009, commentary on Philip's retirement notes. Philip apparently decided the unsubstantiated rumor was true, even though it was reported on Operation Kleinwatch, the Beaumont Enterprise, and KFDM-TV:

Vi McGinnis - who not only has the respect of every and all persons on both sides of the political fence will leave her office at the end of her term this next year. And Beaumont City Councilperson Nancy Beaulieu will step up to the plate and run. As one other has announced - Beaulieu will be the name to beat.

Readers will note Philip's uniquely redundant and awkward sentence construction.

The rest of Philip's so-called article is an attack on Nancy Beaulieu in the form of five long-winded questions (edited for bandwidth and emphases are mine):

First question - what party will Nancy run in..our guess is her true colors as a tax and spend democrat will come out? Or Blue dog democrat?

Although he claims he's a political consultant, Philip doesn't know the difference between the Blue Dog and Liberal wings of the Democratic Party. On his question, surely a shrewd political consultant like Philip R. Klein would look for clues in past campaign donations.

Second question - what does KFDM-TV do now? Questions already arose when Larry Beaulieu stepped down with a little prodding from the news division at KFDM

Philip drags Channel 6 into the issue, even though Nancy has no official connection whatsoever to the station.

Third question - what makes her qualified to be a JP? Here vast experience in the law? We viewed her bio this morning - and all we could find is this :

"Nancy is an active volunteer for the Jefferson County Resolution Center and enjoys offering her mediation services to the families of Southeast Texas."

Let's compare previous experience:

  • Vi McGinnis: three terms on the Beaumont City Council
  • Nancy Beaulieu: four terms on the Beaumont City Council and an active volunteer for the Jefferson County Resolution Center

Philip didn't do his homework: only one JP in Jefferson County has previous experience as an attorney. 

Forth [sic] Question - Why JP? Really - with her experience in the business world - and her kind of arrogant attitude on the city council - as well as her blue dog tendencies...

Forth question?

In his first question, Philip identified Nancy as a "tax and spend democrat." In his "forth" question, Philip now claims Nancy has "blue dog tendencies."  Philip is either terminally confused, or he believes all Democrats look alike.

Fifth Question - who is going to run her campaign? She has to run and get support from some of the big three. And now she has to pledge her troth to the democrats? With her business background? And her ties to the GOP COC? Oh...wait....we forgot.....the COC in Beaumont is not is hybrid Democrat with the board made up of one of the most liberal tax and spenders in the history of the county. Never mind on this question - we already have the answer.

Another example of Klein's supercilious gibberish.

Last question - if the GOP does not run one - will they support her? We mean the rank and file. The GOP chairman has a problem.

Here's an interesting question: would the rank and file GOP in Jefferson County choose Philip R. Klein as Chairperson? I suspect that the rank and file believe Klein has a problem.

Philip closes with a threat:

We also are going to watch very very closely the coverage of tonight's announcement on KFDM and see if they invoke the relationship as well as see if they invoke "Uncle Larry's" movement off the set to his office....

Ah yes. Political drama coming to a TV near you.

Do you think Philip will investigate Larry Beaulieu's time sheets?  Please note that Philip R. Klein indulges in the first (and only?) name-calling in this race.

Aug 18, 2009

King Moment?


In Philip R. Klein's latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review, his prejudice clearly shows through his race-baiting:

It is a Rodney King moment coming to all of you here in Southeast Texas...the tape makes its way to the Grand Jury - and officers are indicted for official oppression and the dollar signs just went way up for the man.

My favorite quote of the week thus far:

A tape showing a couple of police officers allegedly beating a man that had a foul mouth but made no jesters to being aggressive towards officers.

Readers will notice that Klein confused  "jesters" for "gestures."  Reading, writing, and comprehension skills are all closely linked, so we can surmise that Philip doesn't comprehend the issue of race relations very well:

There is a race problem. Whites don't like blacks, blacks don't like whites, Mexicans don't like blacks, Mexicans don't like whites. Every does not like each other.

Philip's stereotypical and simplistic generalizations underscore his racial bias. As another example of Philip's poor comprehension skills, let's consider one of his really deep thoughts:

Justice will do what justice will do? Right?

Right! "It is what it is."

Question for Philip Klein: You stated as fact that the "cops at BPD hate the DA's office."

Do you even know what Harry Lewis, the prosecutor who presented this case to the Jefferson County Grand Jury,  did before joining the Jefferson County District Attorney's office?

Philip has the intellectual capacity of a fence post. His search for Patrick McDermott is entertaining; this article is a boring display of a wingnut's ignorance.

Philip R. Klein: Disconnected from Reality


As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, Philip R. Klein generally misses the forest for the trees and lives outside the realm of reality in a fantasy world called The Southeast Texas Political Review.

The Beaumont Enterprises corroborates a story that I’ve mentioned on several occasions, but Philip missed entirely:

Longtime Justice of the Peace McGinnis to retire

Justice of the Peace Vi McGinnis announced that she is stepping down at the end of her term in December 2010 at a press conference Tuesday.

Philip’s “inside sources at the courthouse” must have missed that one. As I also predicted, local attorney Ann Bradley has announced her candidacy.

Look for Nancy Beaulieu to follow shortly.

Aug 17, 2009

Philip Klein: “It’s as Clear as Mud!”


As I pointed out in an earlier posting, Philip R. Klein mangled the figures for the proposed City of Beaumont budget:

The City of Beaumont announced the new budget this past week which now goes to you the taxpayer. In that budget they actually dropped spending from 21 million to around 19 million.

The actual numbers numbers were $221.7 Million for 2010 and  $218.9 Million for 2009. I suspect that most readers will realize that Klein miscopied the numbers from the original story in the Beaumont Enterprise. 

Shortly after I posted this article, Philip attempted to explain his error in a purported “Reader Mail:”

The budget this last year was for $100,700 (m) and is coming in a little bit light at $99,000 (m). This years is coming in at $104,500 (m). We subtracted contract fire and police union. Thus the number. And you were right - we were not clear on that as we should have been. The reason we took that out? Because of collective bargaining that you the citizens gave the police and fire departments. Meaning - when the citizens voted in collective bargaining - you opened the door (s) to the raises and blessed them before they happened and frankly took them out of your elected leaders control. What they can control - dropped. Meaning less spending. I hope this helps you. By the way - police/fire/ems makes up well over 50% of the city expenditures. Just as it should be. Public safety first.

Philip never admitted he made a mistake – instead, he typically tried to obfuscate his original mistake with even more gibberish.

Here are the real figures from the Beaumont City Budget for 2009 and 2010:

  2009 Budget 2010 Budget
Police 28,831,100 30,358,000
Fire 22,885,000 23,424,300
Total Budget 221,700,000 218,900,000
Budget w/o Police & Fire 169,983,900 165,117,700

Readers can easily see that Philip’s manufactured numbers have no relation to the real budget. Unfortunately, there are about 30 lost souls in Southeast Texas who will take Philip’s gibberish as fact without checking the real numbers.

Klein’s dismal record as a businessman in Southeast Texas underscores his inability to read a simple balance sheet, to be expected from someone who is confused over simple payroll concepts such as “comp time” and “holiday pay.”

A cursory examination of the real numbers will reveal where the cuts in expenditures are:


Care to continue the discussion, Philip?



On October 17, 2007, Philip R. Klein informed the world that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Governor Rick Perry had reached a backroom deal, where the two would exchange seats in the Governor's Mansion and the Senate:

If Senator Hutchinson runs for Governor, she may have to step down. If that happens the Governor will appoint. Huh? Do we smell a deal?

According to Philip's sources at the time, the deal was done and would be announced "in a few months."

That never happened, like most of Klein’s “inside information.“

Philip has changed his story according to his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

The fight for the Governors mansion this next spring. And Kay Bailey Hutchison has her work cut out for her.

Pushing the conservative agenda - and pushing the missteps of Governor Perry - Hutchison kicks off the run for what may be her last race for public office.

Klein shows his shrewd insight as a self-proclaimed political consultant again.

Anyone who's been following the race will know that Perry is maneuvering for the truly conservative vote, while Hutchison has targeted the center and moderate voters.

Philip also displays his simplistic understanding of the real issues:

Some in the GOP are asking why Perry and Hutchison don't do the political swap. Kay comes home and Perry goes to Washington. After all, it has happened before in other states? The fact - Hutchinson and many in the GOP just don't want Perry in Washington. It is that simply.

The truth is even more "simply" than this: Philip is the only one asking that question. These statements clearly show how truly out of touch Klein really is.

Philip R. Klein: Math Wiz


As I pointed out yesterday, Philip R. Klein manufactured quotes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Philip’s real source was a newspaper article.

Klein stated (emphasis is mine):

The City of Beaumont announced the new budget this past week which now goes to you the taxpayer. In that budget they actually dropped spending from 21 million to around 19 million.

Typically, Philip has a hard time with big numbers. From the original story in the Beaumont Enterprise, dated August 15, 2009:

Next year's proposed budget is $218.9 million…This year's budget was $221.7 million.

How can one expect a reasoned argument from someone who can’t copy numbers out of the newspaper without making a mistake? 

Reading, writing, and comprehension skills are closely related, so Klein loses on all counts.

Aug 16, 2009

"They Call me Mister Klein!"



Thanks to everyone who's made Operation Kleinwatch two of the top five Google sites for the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Less Spending?


Philip R. Klein manufactures more fictitious quotes in his latest article on the Southeast Teas Political Review (emphasis is mine):

"It is seemingly not going to be much better this next year and we need to do what we needed to do right now to insure that we can pay our bills," said our source close to the Beaumont City Council.

From his most recent article before this one:

Well - seemingly it just did not work out right and p****d a bunch of people off.

And the article before that:

The "progressive democrats" seemingly have attempted an overthrow in the past few months of the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

And the article before that:

Seemingly Melancon comes with some pretty big sponsors...

From the same article:

Seemingly the public guy is Melancon.

And the article before that:

Walker, who is Mr. Law and Order - and we like that - seemingly could win a general.

Readers can consider the last time they used this odd adverb in a sentence. Seemingly, Philip is a liar whose inside sources are as phony as their quotes.

Aug 14, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits


Before reviewing Philip R. Klein's best of the worst in the Southeast Texas Political Review this week, here's a bit of administrivia: the comments are back!

During a momentary lapse of reason, I took the comments down. This was not forced by Klein, but purely a personal decision. Since I don't track the incoming traffic like Klein, I wasn't sure how popular the comments were.

Over the past 24 hours, I received 20-11 hundred thousand (Klein's math) messages; all were in favor of the comments. In human numbers, that amounted to about 20 emails. So, the comments are back.

The new subscribe button on the right sidebar is a suggestion by Philip R. Klein in his editorial this week:

The call came from our media rep who monitors RSS. This is a service where you can get news information very quickly. All the major news media organizations use it. I have it on my desktop, blackberry and laptop at home and in my vehicle. It is a way to stay in touch with what is going on and breaking.

Philip displays his ignorance of Really Simple Syndication, but arrogantly explains the concept to his readers. For aggregating content, I prefer Atom, so pick your favorite aggregator.

The Funniest Blunder in Klein's Long-winded Editorial This Week

Well, this morning I got a phone call from the West Coast. It was late this morning and we working on some other issues with our sister company KIC of Nederland.

"Late this morning" implies that "we working" sometime after 10:00 AM. KIC is an acronym for either Kentucky Institutional Chicken, or Klein Investigations and Consulting.

Philip lost his train of thought while meandering through his simplistic explanation of RSS, self-adulation and a laundry list of Patrick McDermott interviews:

Back to the story - as I am driving in my car from an interview on satellite in Houston at 4 a.m. - my representative with the media calls me and asks who Dan Sher is and where is the Beaumont Enterprise. Imagine my surprise? As I ask why she told me to check my RSS feed and get back with her.

In four paragraphs, Philip changed his story from working in Nederland "late this morning" to 4:00 AM while driving back from Houston. Yet he wants you to believe he received a mysterious fax from a latina friend of Patrick McDermott, written in Philip R. Klein's signature style.

Readers should note that Philip R. Klein admits to driving while texting. As a rule of thumb, I always pull off the road when I see fat, ugly men in big SUVs playing with a Blackberry in my rear-view mirror (see Bellow v. Klein and Mazzolla v. Klein).

A Vintage Quote from Philip R. Klein

We could go through hundreds of examples of stories that they have missed, ignored, gotten wrong, editors have killed or have take the liberal firm stance on that have created business people - as well as conservatives to stop buying the paper and ads.

Clearly a case of keyboard diarrhea.

Philip R. Klein Exploits Children

Philip has exploited  child victims of sexual abuse and his own children for his own vanity.

In his editorial, "The Beaumont Enterprise," Klein exploits Patrick McDermott's son on his "political blog:"

Well, Dan, let's ask the 16 year old young man whose father is missing what he thinks of your funny editorial this morning?

By Philip's own admission, he was paid by a "major media company" for a "very high profile international case;" as such, he is not authorized to speak for Chance McDermott.

How despicable.

Another Vintage Quote from Philip R. Klein:

It seems the Hologram thing - you know the $100k plus of your tax dollars meant to give passes to important people to get back into towns in Jefferson County post a hurricane?

Diagnosis: Projectile emesis of the keyboard.


The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care. And they will be black. And the race card will be pulled.

Apparently Philip's "tipster" was wrong.

Real Readers Write


Check back later for Nitwit Tidbits.

In the meantime, a reader beats that dead horse in South Park (or is that “Southpark,” Philip?):

When Klien [sic] talks about Thomas being on the board and approving the flyer in the South Park litigation, he is talking about the fact that Thomas was on the board of the Chamber of Commerce. Also, according to the trial testimony, BISD could save 10-15 million by renovating the school instead of demolishing and rebuilding. Just FYI.

Thanks for the message! Note that the focus of this blog is Philip R. Klein, so your first point underscores Philip's inability to communicate a message clearly without resorting to misinformation and histrionics.

Your second point is beyond the scope of my blog. Since you felt compelled to respond, however, here's my opinion as a Beaumont taxpayer who didn't go to South Park and whose primary interest is the best return on investment for taxpayers.

I think both sides have done an abysmal job at presenting the most cost-effective solution as a viable alternative.

You mentioned that according to the trial testimony, they would save up to $15 million by renovation. This was not corroborated by the media reports.

From The Beaumont Enterprise, dated July 30, 2009:

The plaintiffs' attorney, Michael Getz, has been questioning John Reagan, senior estimator for Parsons, the project manager for the Beaumont ISD bond program, about the relative costs of renovating the South Park Middle School building and building a new one.

As a point of comparison, Getz asked Reagan about Houston's John H. Reagan High School, named after the estimator's great-grandfather.

Getz introduced photographs of the school, which underwent a large renovation project in 2004-06, and a newsletter put out by the construction firm that did the project. According to the newsletter, the 20,000-square-foot project cost approximately $30 million.

Under cross examination from Sarah Frasher, one of the district's attorneys, Reagan said he would not be able to rely on the newsletter's information to provide enough information for a professional assessment.

Getz also asked Reagan why an April 2007 assessment performed by 3DI (which was later bought out by Parsons) indicated that it would cost $42 million to renovate South Park, while the most recent budget is set at $33 million.

Reagan replied that construction figures are constantly in flux, and were especially so in 2006 through 2008.

Judge Bob Wortham called for a lunch break. Getz told The Beaumont Enterprise he hopes to complete the plaintiffs' case today. The district's attorneys have said they plan to call several witnesses, pushing the hearing at least through Friday.

From KFDM, Channel 6, dated July 30, 2009:

Representatives from Parsons, the company charged with managing BISD's $389 million bond project, discussed the costs and steps involved in tearing down South Park and rebuilding another school in its place.  Program Director Bob Menefee says there has always been at least half a million dollars in the project's budget for preservation, furthering the district's claim it promised if it had to build a new school on the old site, it would save as much of the old building as possible.

"The existing building is an impediment to meeting state and BISD requirements for this project," said John Reagan, Parsons senior estimator.  He also said the legal delay could cost the district an extra half a million dollars.  After questioned from plaintiffs' attorney Mike Getz, Reagan admitted the costs associated with the project are all guesses, but, he added that they're proving to be accurate.

You’ll note that Attorney Mike Getz is the same person that Philip identified as “Mike Getts.”

One could subscribe to Klein’s conspiracy theory regarding these reports, but I suspect that both outlets would have mentioned the cost savings if your statement were indeed true. Instead, I see a lot of obfuscation by both sides to avoid the issue entirely.

If you’ll send the trial transcript that you’ve cited, I’ll post it here for all to read. To make it easier, you don’t even have to send the whole transcript; the pages where Mr. Reagan (or anyone else) admits that renovation is cheaper than demolition will be sufficient.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Aug 13, 2009

Philip R. Klein is a Big, Fat Liar


In his latest article, “DPS,” Philip R. Klein writes:

The story covered by KBMT had a quote from Jefferson County Emergency Management :

"Because Ike was so big, there were not enough state troopers to watch every exit into the county."

Here’s the story from KBMT, but that quote isn’t there.  See for yourself.

Philip manufactures an entire story, with anonymous sources, based on this non-existent quote :

Well that didn't play well in Austin. And phone calls were made. A source close to emergency management in Austin tells the Review : "We had more than enough State Troopers to cover anything and everything. We just did not have orders, communication or a firm plan on what the Jefferson County Officials wanted us to do - or at least make a decision. To say that about the State Troopers is simply not true."

Maybe this was faxed in to Klein’s office by a friend of Patrick McDermott?

Aug 12, 2009

On Philip R. Klein and Patrick McDermott (Pt II)


After The Beaumont Enterprise's blog, The Bayou, poked fun at Philip R. Klein's silly search for Patrick McDermott, Philip responded with a juvenile and long-winded "editorial" castigating the newspaper:

I guess I have a belief in read stories that simply tell the true story here in Southeast Texas.

What irony. I'm sure that Klein forged this purported fax from a "friend" of Patrick McDermott to show that his investigation is "94 percent done." Read more about the actual search and this mysterious fax in Part 1 below.

As I've pointed out on several occasions, PRK's psychological problems frequently manifest themselves in his writing:

For my critical look at the Enterprise I have now become one of two things. Either (1) ignored in professional accomplishments or (2) made the target of criticism.

Philip's martyr complex is apparent. Most people know that searches for Patrick McDermott, Jimmy Hoffa, or Bigfoot are open invitations for criticism. Klein complains about attacks on his family:

My family, my friends, my business and most of all my personal life has been the target of those who have opposite views politically that I have.

Yet, PRK feels comfortable in attacking the families of others:

In its descriptor line it explains that Dan Sher is the chief writer and has contributions from many editors and writers. Sher;s wife works at the Enterprise and Dan stays at home with the kids I have been told. Thus the time to play on the net? Maybe while the kids are sleeping?

What does any of this have to do with Patrick McDermott?  These tabloid pieces are more about Philip R. Klein than Patrick McDermott.

Philip rambles through several paragraphs of self-adulation before returning to the original narrative:

Back to the story - as I am driving in my car from an interview on satellite in Houston at 4 a.m. - my representative with the media [on the West Coast] calls me and asks who Dan Sher is and where is the Beaumont Enterprise.

The obvious question: what kind of media rep would have to ask "...where is the Beaumont Enterprise?" 

Another question less obvious: Klein's "media representative" called about 2:00 AM PDT when the bars close. I wonder if he pays his "media representative" a retainer or an hourly wage?

After 10 paragraphs of egomaniacal blather, Philip presents his complaint:

As well - in a matter of words calling me a liar. And no - it is not interpreted - it is fact. You can read it for yourself.

Perhaps the Bayou is only acknowledging what everyone already knows.

In Nitwit Tidbits on Friday, I'll present my complaint about Philip R. Klein and his investigation.

Aug 11, 2009

On Philip R. Klein and Patrick McDermott

See the following on Philip R. Klein and Patrick McDermott:
Philip writes:
But as I want to take this editorial in a way that you the reader can understand.
Mission failure.

Let's discuss the true facts concerning recent developments in the investigation of Patrick McDermott by Philip R. Klein, Private Invegitator. We'll revisit many times in the future as the private detective builds a new career on the disappearance of a Hollywood camera tech, whose biggest claim to fame is his romantic involvement with Olivia Newton-John. 

In this most recent development, Philip. R. Klein has produced a purported fax from a "friend" of McDermott, and Klein now claims he's almost completed his investigation.

From, dated August 10, 2009.  The emphasis is mine:
According to Klein, the U.S. Coast Guard has uncovered dramatic new evidence revealing how McDermott planned his disappearance for at least six months and withdrew life savings from two bank accounts before vanishing.
Klein also tells that the Coast Guard also discovered that McDermott now works as a deckhand in the small Mexican fishing town of Sayulita.

The investigator concluded, “This case is now 94 per cent solved. The remaining six per cent is to actually see McDermott sitting in front of my face.”
To summarize, the silly sleuth told the publication that the U.S. Coast Guard has uncovered dramatic new evidence  and discovered McDermott living in Sayulta, Mexico. The article is more about Philip R. Klein than Patrick McDermott.

Readers thoroughly familiar with Philip will spot his fuzzy math immediately; what's the difference between 94 percent or 95 percent?  I suspect most people would state a truth as "...about 95 percent solved." Likewise, I suspect most liars would make up an exact figure for attempted credibility: "This case is now 94 percent solved."

But don't take my word for it.  From the Long Beach Press-Telegram, dated August 10, 2009; the emphasis is again mine:
So recent reports that he's alive and well and living in Mexico sounded pretty amazing ... except local Coast Guard investigators consider the "letters" to be nothing more than hoaxes themselves.
In statements Monday, Coast Guard investigators based out of Terminal Island, near where McDermott was last seen, said the Coast Guard closed separate investigations in 2006 and 2008 and found no "evidence of criminal action, suicide, accident or hoax in the disappearance of McDermott. Both investigations suggest that McDermott was indeed lost at sea," the Coast Guard said in an email.
So who's lying: the U.S. Coast Guard or Philip R. Klein?

For the answer, let's examine the purported fax sent to Klein Investigations:
As I pointed out in a previous article, this fax contains many of Philip R. Klein's signature grammatical train wrecks. Most readers of the Southeast Texas Political Review will immediately recognize his style.  This is especially true for those who read his Reader Mail page, where Philip answers questions he's written himself. 

Among his signatures:
  • Trite phrasing and awkward sentence construction: "If you continue this madness that you have created...."
  • Confused prepositions: "...the spotlight to which he lived..."
  • Missing punctuation and run-on phrases: "...have created by your accusation Pat will hold you..."
  • Redundancies: "You may assume that Pat is alive and is very well..
  • Confusion over word forms: " a man whom has..."
There are still others that I won't mention today.

To be continued!