Aug 25, 2009


Congratulations to Philip R. Klein, who finally put it all together in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Nancy Beaulieu will be running as a GOPER in the 2010 election for Jefferson County JP 1 that long time justice Vi McGinnis will be leaving.

I mentioned this last week, after I pointed out last month that Klein missed the biggest story of the local 2010 campaign season so far.

Klein claims artifice (yesterday's spelling word of the day) in Ms. Beaulieu's party affiliation:

And the GOP should be cheering? Right? Well it seems there is a stir in the back yards [sic] of the GOP.

Since Philip's source is David Bradley, I'm not sure which backyard Klein is referencing: the one in Jasper County, or the one in Jefferson County. Philip never answered my question last fall about Bradley's reelection campaign to the District 7 seat of the State Board of Education (SBOE):

How can a person who owns a home in Jasper County, for which he receives a homestead exemption, claim to be a resident of Beaumont? 

Texas state law requires property owner certification that the home is their principal residence to receive a homestead exemption. Yet Bradley's voter registration in Jefferson County lists his office on North Street as his residence.

Jasper County is in District 8, while Jefferson County is in District 7. An indisputable fact is that Bradley knowingly filed a false government document with at least one official agency.

In his article today, PRK acknowledges the controversy surrounding David Bradley.

Love him or hate him - Bradley has support. Big support.

In addition to Bradley's dubious county of residence, about 20 percent of his campaign funds came from one donor, a New York financial advisor. At the same time, he was leading an effort for an early review of a lucrative financial services contract between the SBOE and another firm.  Rather than send his children to public schools, he home-schooled them.

The Examiner documented an incident where Bradley assaulted another (Republican) SBOE member and told her to "keep her G**D*** mouth shut." He stated that teachers who disagreed with his extremist opinions were "spanked" and that critical thinking is "gobbledygook."  I'm not even sure if Bradley graduated from college or if he flunked out of Texas A&M.

Then there was Bradley's indictment on an open meetings violation concerning the administration of the Permanent School Fund. Ironically, Philip recently argued that an open meetings violation proved corruption on the Board of Trustees for the Beaumont Independent School District.

My biggest complaint about David Bradley is this: He was a leader in the SBOE faction that scrapped recommendations from 17 literacy organizations representing 13,000 teachers in favor of a bizarre "back-to-basics" reading curriculum for the next decade. The new standard eliminated comprehension curricula in higher grades. Read more about this circus here.

We already have an example of a literacy-challenged adult with no comprehension skills who reads and writes at a sixth-grade level: Philip R. Klein.

In the 2008 election, Laura Ewing, a 34-year educator, ran against Bradley. To determine the credibility of Klein's statement about Bradley's big support, here are the results of the local race in Jefferson County:

  • Ewing 48,628
  • Bradley 33,592

Compare these results with the local returns in the Presidential race in the same election:

  • Obama: 44,888
  • McCain: 42,905

Even the most obtuse "political consultants" should see that a substantial number of Jefferson County Republicans crossed party lines to vote against Bradley.

Having put this issue of David Bradley into the proper context, let's examine the letter that PRK offers as evidence of duplicity in Nancy Beaulieu's Republican credentials:

Readers can make up their own minds whether Nancy's letter is "baggage that Beaulieu needs to explain," or bipartisan support for a professional educator, instead of an insurance salesman who won't tell the truth about his real county of residence.


Anonymous said...

Gus, if Klein did only 1% of the research you do, maybe he could get one thing right. Well, on second thought, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Once again Gus you have outdone yourself. Outstanding critical review of another PrK rant void of fact or truth.

Anonymous said...

You have a quote of the week from Klein...I think this should the Operation Kleinwatch quote of the week.

"We already have an example of a literacy-challenged adult with no comprehension skills who reads and writes at a sixth-grade level: Philip R. Klein."

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Damn gus...your better than jerry jordan.

Anonymous said...

Gus is better looking than Jerry, but who isn't.

Anonymous said...

Klein & Bradley: They get up at dawn, hold hands, and watch the Sun begin its daily orbit around the Earth.

Anonymous said...

The SBOE makes the BISD board look like a group of amateurs. come to think of it, they are. Impeach Bradley!

Anonymous said...

When Gus races past the finish line, Klein is just getting into the starting blocks. Good job, Gus.

Anonymous said...

The biggest trouble with Bradley is....He homeschools his kids...How in the Hell can he serve on a board that oversees "public" schools?
Bradley never completed college.
You want to see bad? Wait until the SBOE comes out with the new science guidelines. The chemistry books will have recipes on making gold.