Aug 30, 2009


Hey, Philip, leave that woman alone:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Community Activist Created By the Media, Rhonda Dugas, got into some legal trouble this past week in Port Arthur.

According to public sources and the Port Arthur Police Department, Dugas showed up at a local daycare center this past week telling daycare workers that she was enrolling her "grandchild" into the daycare center called "The Clubhouse." Sources tell the Review that the child was being put into the daycare sponsored by the "Catholic Charities" Meaning it was a freebee for Dugas's "grandchild."

According to witnesses - the child had some trouble coping - which can happen in a new environment. So, according to our sources, Dugas was informed of such and told the child could not come back.. She later arrived back at the daycare to discuss the issue. And it did not go over well.

And that is an understatement.

Sources tell us that Dugas, after being told of the problems, began yelling, cussing and screaming at employees and owners of the daycare. Further being in earshot of the children. She was asked to leave by the daycare representatives - but refused and continued to scream and curse and upset not only employees but "possibly some of the children." After not following the requests of management of the daycare - they called 911 - "fearing that she was out of control."

Dugas finally left after hearing one of the employees on the phone with 911 and was gone before police arrived. However, after police investigated - the Groves police department, in the city to which Dugas lives, was asked to go to her home and issue a trespassing warning restricting Dugas from ever stepping foot onto the daycare property again. Further, it was learned that the child was in fact not her grandchild - simply a friends child that Dugas was helping. Sources go on to tell us that Dugas was upset because daycare workers did not spank the child when it was misbehaving.

Why is this a story?

Now you may ask - why is this a story? Well - we will tell you.

Four years ago - the Media made Rhonda Dugas a spokesperson for the anti-Griffith movement. She ran for county clerk - because she got mad at the current county clerk. She ran for county commissioner - but bailed out after it was learned that she had financial issues and liens against her. And then she ran for a local office - and lost. Big. Then licking her wounds she simple drifted off into the sunset of the political world after buying a home in Groves with her son - with money from......? Rhonda you see was not employed.

Since disappearing from the political spotlight - Dugas has remained under the radar. Everyone once in a blue moon stories will emerge - but nothing like going into a daycare cursing and screaming around children. And having the police called.

According to our sources at the Port Arthur Police Department - the 911 tape was very reveling and a detective was assigned to the case. The outcome is unclear - but the trespass warning was issued.

The story here is simply this - the media elevated this lady and she was used by political forces to take over the county. Again, she is someone that should have been snuffed out by the media in the Walker v. Griffith race - but was not. She was put on the tube every single night and was used by the printed media to attempt to garner bad political blood by none other than team Walker. All along she had nothing to offer anyone - including the taxpayers.

If it were not for this site - and maybe three others - that brought who this woman really was - we might of had serious issues in county or city government. Thank goodness she is now out of the political world - and only causing the public problems with her rants and antics. She could not and never will run for public office again. And that is a GREAT THING.

This is one political story that has a great ending for political types - but the public still has to deal with her.

As they say - it is what it is. And it is not pretty.

Despite Philip's preoccupation with Rhonda Dugas, this unsubstantiated rumor has no relevance whatsoever to politics in Southeast Texas. Since Philip R. Klein' admits that Rhonda Dugas is no longer a public personality, this is simply a gross invasion of her privacy. If not, where are the charges?  Readers may remember Philip's previous headlines in huge font claiming "Dugas Under Investigation" when in fact, no investigation ever happened.

If any of this is true, it seems to me that Rhonda Dugas was trying to help a neighbor and her child, referenced as "it" by Klein. I hope "it" wasn't a "smelly little girl" who played soccer.

In the past, Klein has called Rhonda Dugas various names including "loon" and "nutcase," commented on her physical appearance, published photos of her home taken without her knowledge or permission, posted her financial information, published rumors about her relationship with her child, allowed subscribers to post photoshopped and obscene images of her on his now-defunct Talk Back Line, among many other complaints.

Philip was a strong supporter of former County Judge Carl Griffith, father of Ford Park, and continues his personal feud with County Judge Ron Walker to this day. Judge Walker was one of three state appeals court justices who refused to award damages to Klein in PAISD v. Klein.

Any comment, Philip, or should we save for sworn testimony?


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Phil had it out for Judge Walker. Now we know thanks to you. He always has an agenda. It is rarely political and usually personal.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rhonda, she never can aspire to be Jefferson County's No.1 political gadfly as long as Phil Klein is hanging around.

Anonymous said...

Help me on this, but didn't Fullofit endorse the Clubhouse operator for the Nederland city council, then blame her defeat on the "good old boys"?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that about sums it up except he never "endorses" people...he just prints nice things about his candidates and usually made-up crap about everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Is that a service of Klein Political Consulting?

Anonymous said...

Rhonda Dugas has 1000 times more credibility than FAT BOY. He's just too stupid to see it.

Anonymous said...

Phillip Klein has a lot of nerve calling anybody a loose cannon. He's the biggest idiot in Jefferson County. He's just a poor, pitiful looser who is bitter at the world. Nothing hurt former County Judge Carl Griffith more than Klein's endorsement. And Klein is mad at WHO?

Anonymous said...

Gus, there was so much to talk about that you didn't get a chance to highlight things like this:

"in the city to which Dugas lives" - I didn't know you could live "to" a city

And let's not forget those "reveling" 911 tapes. Are they so good they make you want to party in the streets? LOL

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

How about this jewel:

"Everyone once in a blue moon stories will emerge"

Anonymous said...

"If it were not for this site - and maybe three others - that brought who this woman really was - we might of had serious issues in county or city government. "

Gus, Klein gives himeslf credit for Dugas' failed races, but she had more votes than people who actually read Klein's blog.

I guess we don't live in the most corrupt county in Texas anymore since we only "might of" had problems if she were elected.