Aug 9, 2009

Dominos [sic]

Self-proclaimed political consultant Philip R. Klein shows his shrewd political intuition in his latest political rumination on the Southeast Texas Political Review (parody intended):

If Judge Stevens goes - Maness will entertain retirement early - and Judge Walker will step up as the one to replace him (appointed?).

Philip R. Klein wrote on January 9, 2009:

"...I think Layne has to come to a political reality - he has made no friends over the past few years and his support is zero," said a source in the Jefferson County Democratic Party with knowledge of the party system.

So, Philip claims that Honorable Judge Walker has no support, but Governor Rick Perry will cross party lines to appoint the Democrat as District Attorney of Jefferson County; predicated, of course, upon a surprise early retirement by Tom Maness!

Typing while drunk again, Philip? In Twitterspeak, that's TWD.

Readers may also remember Philip R. Klein's prediction that Judge Layne Walker would be convicted and sentenced to multiple life terms in prison on several counts of felonious sex with someone other than his wife. That wasn't true either, but maybe Klein was investigating that fax from Patrick McDermott's "friend" or the missing 300 people from Bolivar Peninsula during Hurricane Ike.

Philip's tenuous grasp of the English language is slipping. Unless he's referencing a pizza delivery business without the possessive apostrophe, the plural of "domino" is "dominoes:"


/ˈdɒməˌnoʊ/  –noun, plural -noes.

Still waiting on those answers to the questions I posed in the article below, Philip.

Questions and comments? Bring it on!

Philip R. Klein is a serial liar.

Reading Philip's Mail

Philip asks the question and answers himself:

" do you think Mike (Aguilar) will shut his site down?

"Answer :    I have not spoke [sic] to Mike - but my guess is that it will go to sleep during the time of the election once he formally files. It kind of is a law. Watch for a web site to pop up being a campaign site."

The emphasis is mine. There is no law anywhere that prohibits Mike Aguilar from blogging during his campaign. That is, unless it's in the part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that Philip invented as grounds to sue Google.

There are, however, multiple rules about subject-verb agreement when writing.

Advice to Mike Aguilar: consult an attorney for the real story.  Let us know what you find out!


Anonymous said...

Film and live interview on this developing story at 9:00 PM tonight on KBTV Channel 4!

Klein's Crackberry said...

I R A dumas.

Anonymous said...

"Gezzzz....what a dope."

Anonymous said...

Hw can you debunk this crap with a straight face (:-}?

Anonymous said...

Klein typing while drunk again. And add stupid to that too.

Anonymous said...

This guy can't be for real. every time he opens his mouth he shows how truly stupid he is. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

He bankrupted Golden Triangle Dairy Queens about 15 years ago. Married into the family and destroyed it.

Klein's Crackberry said...

O I 8 A big 1.

Anonymous said...

Anon said " He bankrupted Golden Triangle Dairy Queens about 15 years ago. Married into the family and destroyed it.": you're leaving out three marriages, failure to graduate from college, severe personality disorders and generally viewed as a complete idiot by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but his IMDB page looks mahhvelous! He oughta put a link to the SETPR on there, since he gets billions and billions of readers every day.

Anonymous said...

What about his poor kids? They have got to be embarrassed that their dad has made such a complete ass of himself. I guess Klein's ego is bigger than his love for his kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philly, how's the hangover?

Klein's Crackberry said...

O my hed hertz.