Aug 17, 2009


On October 17, 2007, Philip R. Klein informed the world that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Governor Rick Perry had reached a backroom deal, where the two would exchange seats in the Governor's Mansion and the Senate:

If Senator Hutchinson runs for Governor, she may have to step down. If that happens the Governor will appoint. Huh? Do we smell a deal?

According to Philip's sources at the time, the deal was done and would be announced "in a few months."

That never happened, like most of Klein’s “inside information.“

Philip has changed his story according to his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

The fight for the Governors mansion this next spring. And Kay Bailey Hutchison has her work cut out for her.

Pushing the conservative agenda - and pushing the missteps of Governor Perry - Hutchison kicks off the run for what may be her last race for public office.

Klein shows his shrewd insight as a self-proclaimed political consultant again.

Anyone who's been following the race will know that Perry is maneuvering for the truly conservative vote, while Hutchison has targeted the center and moderate voters.

Philip also displays his simplistic understanding of the real issues:

Some in the GOP are asking why Perry and Hutchison don't do the political swap. Kay comes home and Perry goes to Washington. After all, it has happened before in other states? The fact - Hutchinson and many in the GOP just don't want Perry in Washington. It is that simply.

The truth is even more "simply" than this: Philip is the only one asking that question. These statements clearly show how truly out of touch Klein really is.


Anonymous said...

Has Klein announced that Delores Douglas will run yet?

Anonymous said...

RE: Klein's front page. Klein spells KBH as Kay Baily Hutchison.

Anonymous said...

Could KBH be considering retaining Klein Political & Consulting to manage and advise her campaign? Not likely!. Anyway, he's probably too busy guarding a Saudi prince, or flying off to Mexico to retrieve McDermott.

Klein's Crackberry said...

KBH called. R U going 2 make good on that pledge?

Rick Perry said...

Philip R. Klein should endorse Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Anonymous said...

"It is that simply!" Oh that had me ROFL!