Aug 18, 2009

King Moment?

In Philip R. Klein's latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review, his prejudice clearly shows through his race-baiting:

It is a Rodney King moment coming to all of you here in Southeast Texas...the tape makes its way to the Grand Jury - and officers are indicted for official oppression and the dollar signs just went way up for the man.

My favorite quote of the week thus far:

A tape showing a couple of police officers allegedly beating a man that had a foul mouth but made no jesters to being aggressive towards officers.

Readers will notice that Klein confused  "jesters" for "gestures."  Reading, writing, and comprehension skills are all closely linked, so we can surmise that Philip doesn't comprehend the issue of race relations very well:

There is a race problem. Whites don't like blacks, blacks don't like whites, Mexicans don't like blacks, Mexicans don't like whites. Every does not like each other.

Philip's stereotypical and simplistic generalizations underscore his racial bias. As another example of Philip's poor comprehension skills, let's consider one of his really deep thoughts:

Justice will do what justice will do? Right?

Right! "It is what it is."

Question for Philip Klein: You stated as fact that the "cops at BPD hate the DA's office."

Do you even know what Harry Lewis, the prosecutor who presented this case to the Jefferson County Grand Jury,  did before joining the Jefferson County District Attorney's office?

Philip has the intellectual capacity of a fence post. His search for Patrick McDermott is entertaining; this article is a boring display of a wingnut's ignorance.


Anonymous said...

If Maness was going to appoint a special prosecutor, he would have already.

Anonymous said...

Gus, how come Klein doesn't post wack anonymous comments here like he does on The Bayou?

Anonymous said...

The videos on the side are to die for. If I were Philip, I would add NBC on his list of lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

That video is hilarious...especially the lucky chair he sat in when he talked to his bankruptcy attorney. And who was the strange looking guy in Philip's kitchen? And when he offered $25 to the person shooting against him at Legers...take the cash only.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or does Kleinio look a little light in the loafers in that kitchen video?

Anonymous said...

He just looks fat to me. They had to squash the video to get all of Philip's fat ass in the whole frame.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:20, he does look a little light in the loafers and then you have a wierdo prancing around in the kitchen. Klein's kitchen looks like a track house kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but noticing all the bottles of liquour on top of the fridge, quickly accessible,all of 'em were over half empty.

Anonymous said...

Growing up I read comic books and now I read SETPR. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

If I was Philip (thank God I'm not), I would get NBC to delete that god awful video. How many times a day does Philip replay it?

Anonymous said...