Aug 16, 2009

Less Spending?

Philip R. Klein manufactures more fictitious quotes in his latest article on the Southeast Teas Political Review (emphasis is mine):

"It is seemingly not going to be much better this next year and we need to do what we needed to do right now to insure that we can pay our bills," said our source close to the Beaumont City Council.

From his most recent article before this one:

Well - seemingly it just did not work out right and p****d a bunch of people off.

And the article before that:

The "progressive democrats" seemingly have attempted an overthrow in the past few months of the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

And the article before that:

Seemingly Melancon comes with some pretty big sponsors...

From the same article:

Seemingly the public guy is Melancon.

And the article before that:

Walker, who is Mr. Law and Order - and we like that - seemingly could win a general.

Readers can consider the last time they used this odd adverb in a sentence. Seemingly, Philip is a liar whose inside sources are as phony as their quotes.


Anonymous said...

Seemingly, Philip is a liar.

Klein's Crackberry said...

Y M I A Dumas?

Anonymous said...

Lesson for Philip, if he had spent less on his personal life, maybe he wouldn't have bankrupted Bruce Allred's business. Philip will go to his grave with that black mark. Hope you read this, brother.

Anonymous said...

Klien has a whole lot of black marks.

Anonymous said...

I kept track of the EMS units working that wreck on I-10. Klein lies again.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how it would feel seemingly knowing that everyone n Southeast Texas knows that you are a lying piece of dog sh*t. Makes me wonder if the afore mentioned piece of dog sh*t got his fat as* kicked out of Jersey.