Aug 24, 2009


The compassion of Philip R. Klein is evident in his latest article from the Southeast Texas Political Review:

[Ashley LaBiche] had the horrible opportunity to meet Justin Joubert - a young and up and coming young man that seemingly had alcohol and drug issues.

We got leaked the name this morning and did some checking on the young man that caused the accident.

    1. DUI 1st - Guilty - Fine and Suspension of License : February 2004
    2. DWLS (Driving While Licenses Suspended) - Guilty - Fine and Threat Of Jail : June 2006
    3. Possession of Pot - Guilty - Fine and Some Jail : August 2006
    4. Possession of a Controlled Substance (Felony) - February 2009 - Guilty

Add in a few other issues - like he did not report to parole / probation and motions to revoke his probation and parole - and committing crimes while on probation - well you get the idea? Right?

The idea I get is that PRK will exploit children, accident victims, tragedies, and any other misfortune for his own private feud with Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness.

Joubert died less than 48 hours ago, but Philip has already published his record and irresponsibly speculated on the cause of the accident before the autopsy has been completed:

And our guess is that maybe alcohol and drugs could have been a factor? We will see when the autopsy is released.

The toxicology reports may well verify Klein's guess, but perhaps we should give a grieving family time to bury their dead before throwing mud and calling names.

Regarding Philip's gibberish:

That leaves us to ask? What the h**l was the DA's office in Jefferson County thinking putting a two time loser and someone that obviously could not follow the rules of probation on another probation - and then want to adjudicate it?

Can someone answer us at the DA's office in Jefferson County? Please?

I'm not "at" the District Attorney's office, but here's the answer.

Every jurisdiction in Texas frequently uses unadjudicated probation to give a judge the full range of punishment on a revocation, instead of limiting the term to the length of probation only; e.g., three years for a three-year probated term.  One might wonder why Philip, a licensed private investigator and self-proclaimed political consultant, isn't more familiar with the criminal justice system in Texas.

There is no easy answer to this question: does a judge practice zero tolerance, or does he/she make their best judgement based on circumstances?

Readers will immediately spot the error in Klein's logic: the final decisions are made by the presiding judge, not the district attorney's office.  But, Philip didn't mention the Judge in this case, did he?


Anonymous said...

A total and complete BUFOON.

Anonymous said...

Klein is like that alien blob that sucks the life force out of everyone that comes near.

Anonymous said...

Gus, thank you for respecting these grieving families at a time when only understanding and compassion needs to be expressed. Philip speaks ill of those who have an addiction problem but never mentioned his own brother's past criminal record with illegal drugs.

Anonymous said...

PrK says he got leaked the name? Odd that it was published in other media sources this morning as well. Philip posts at this time " Monday, August 24, 2009 02:42:06 PM", The Beaumont Enterprise posts at this time "Posted: August 24, 2009, 11:48 AM CDT ".

It's always possible PrK can't read and therefore someone else read it and "leaked it" to him.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess that answers the queston whether Kleinio canceled his Enterprise subscription.

Anonymous said...

How about his dopehead friend that wacked himself?

Klein's Crackberry said...

IK called: STFU

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:52
What dopehead friend?

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask for contributions to send that idiot, retarded waste of flesh back to Jersey. Klein is the ebola disease of Jefferson County. Klein needs to go back home and fuck up Jersey. Given the chance I would absolutely love to bitch slap Klein's piece of lyin retarded ass. S-H-I-T.

Forgive me..I went on a rant

Anonymous said...

Klein has many many personalities and ever single one of them is f**kin retarded

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Philip's brother is a dopehead?

Anonymous said...

Gus, this is what filup does. He's never offered any meaningful contribution to his community, and sadly, he'll cloak his writing about such a deep tragedy as news, rather than an unfortunate intrusion into two grieving families lives. No suprise though, his personal failures and myriad of personality disorders are well documented. You do a great job, filup is still his own best example!