Aug 7, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits

A few high points from Philip R. Klein's addled postings on the Southeast Texas Political Review this week:

Questions and comments? Bring it on!

Question to Philip R. Klein: Exactly how much in taxes will the BISD save by renovating the former South Park High School? You've vented a lot of hot air over this issue, but offered no substantiating evidence to show that the best return on investment for the Beaumont taxpayer is keep the building.

Philip, I'm looking forward to your response on this question and all of the rest below!

Spending taxpayer money on personal causes? Sick. Arrogant?

Like the Gadfly Foundation, Inc?

This week is just a scrape of the corruption that we call Jefferson County Texas.

If so, why can't Klein find better evidence of corruption than a BISD cop getting an oil change in Nederland?

The [temporary restraining order] TRO cancels the meeting which many have deemed it illegal over the past few days. The judge agreed this morning.

Philip offers evidence that the meeting was legal. If people had "deemed" the meeting illegal over the "past few days," then the BISD apparently met the 72-hour posting rule. Otherwise, people wouldn't have time to "deem" the meeting illegal over "the past few days." Right, Philip? 

KBTV is reporting that the BISD Police Department has suspended one officer and reprimanded another for sneaking off the job to take a personal car to a muffler shop in Nederland, Texas.

Actually, KBTV4 reported on Philip R. Klein's story - there is a difference. Philip's seems to be seeking a new position as in-house "editorialist and political consultant" for Channel 4.

Our anonymous readers ask: how much did you get paid for the photos, Plhilip? 

I ask: how desperate is KBTV to consider Philip as a credible asset? How much did his now-defunct radio show make on KOLE before the station went off the air? Philip, how big was your audience, according to the ratings? Wasn't that 30 regular listeners, as I remember?

Note to readers: beware of "political consultants" who pay 2.50 a month for an IMDB listing.

This morning at 8:43 a.m. we got a series of emails from a cell phone friend of ours that send us pictures.

Who drives a vehicle like this:

As the law firm of Wells Payton gears up for the big fight - the little fight is over.

That's Wells, Peyton, Greenberg & Hunt; the big fight being exactly what?

Blame David Tauscher.

That's David Teuscher.

One factor that nobody disputed was the absolute fact that either Dr. Carroll Thomas is either a liar or he is an overpaid forgetful bureaucrat that simply does not remember anything at any time.

Either that's Dr.Carrol Thomas or either [sic] its Dr.Carrol Thomas. So which is the "absolute fact:" is he "a forgetful overpaid bureaucrat" or is he "a liar?"

Well the BISD should save TAXPAYERS MONEY and simply conform to what they said they would do...which is? Keep Southpark and build another school or remodel.

That's South Park. See the comment below about "TAXPAYERS [sic] MONEY."

In the end - as Jeff Rich said in his now famous memo - racial divide is well alive in the place we call Jefferson County Texas.

That's Jim Rich, and he never said anything like that in the "now-famous memo." Klein didn't actually read the real flyer, right Philip?

And the Review has a new hero - attorney Mike Getts. He could careless about the politics and the power structure of Beaumont.

That's Mike Getz.  Philip never explained what his carelessness has to do with "politics and the power structure of Beaumont." Does he represent Entergy?

As well, the numbers - which reminds the review of a certain PATRICK SWAIN that has a way of manipulating numbers - says the new school will be built for 600+ students to facilitate grown. But the districts own numbers show a projection of a decease of students to less than 400 over a two year period. As well, current enrollment was near 460, but only 350 students were shown to be "showing up to school."

Meaning? The district will spend close to $143,000 per student to tear down a building and build a new one? Tax dollars well spent? After all.....the "childrens" need a beautiful building to go to school in?

Philip hasn't run the numbers. Missing evidence: how much does it cost to renovate the building? Approximately $203,741 per student? So, what is the most cost-efficient solution?

 Even though at the time - Thomas WAS ON THE BOARD AND APPROVED the flyer.

I previously pointed out that Dr. Carrol Thomas as superintendent is prohibited by Texas law to sit on the Board of Trustees.

We are the most read Political Blog in Southeast Texas.

If this is true, why is Operation Kleinwatch the top item when googling Philip R. Klein?

If Southpark does not go down - it will put a band-aid on a leaking artery that is bleeding the life out of Jefferson County.

Read as: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

And we wonder? How are the "childrens" doing?

Philip's racism aside, shouldn't that be, "And we wonder how are the children doing?"

...lets be clear - the hero of the week is Jerry Jordan and Don Dodd of the Examiner.

Just to clear, we're talking about two social liberals who run the most liberal news publication between Houston and New Orleans, funded by an attorney whose firm does much trade in personal injury suits, is that right, Philip?

What it shows you dear reader is that fact that Beaumont Independent School District is run by social liberals that want to make the law what they want it to be.

What it shows me is that Klein is inconsistent and confused, doesn't understand the issues very well, but likes to watch himself on TV. Right, Philip?

Philip R. Klein endorses Mike Aguilar for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2:

Aguilar is a single father and a veteran fire fighter for the Port Arthur Fire department. As well, Aguilar is well known in political circles for his hard hitting web site called "Mike Aguilar's Going Underground" which has exposed corruption and political issues in the Port Arthur area.

Sources tell the Review that Aguilar will his family around him this next week and many in the know in Port Arthur Politics say that he will be the man to beat.

I like Mike, too.  Isn't it sad his campaign has now been branded a loser with Klein's personal endorsement? As a personal favor, Philip, don't ever mention Mike's campaign again.

Note to Philip Klein: our anonymous readers look forward to seeing your response, since you invited me to "bring it on."


Anonymous said...

I 'm pretty sure that Klein picks his secret information out of his nose

Anonymous said...

Damnit, I like Mike and want him to be the next JP. Doomed now with the Satan endorsement.

Anonymous said...

omigod! klein has an IMDB page?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they'll rent to anybody.

Anonymous said...

Sam the Eagle did an excellent expose on Philip's IMDB. He pointed out that pages also exist for Charles Manson, The Unabomber, and Porky Pig.

Anonymous said...

Gus, that GM part number is for a surburban window.

Anonymous said...

Sam the Eagle is fantastic. Oh, you too, Gus.

Anonymous said...

See it is a conspiracy just like klein said.

Anonymous said...

Ironically if you google "phil klein texas," the second hit is the Gilliam settlement:

Ch. 4 is grasping at straws, and why Angel and Chris Pruitt feel they have to tie their ship to Klein is beyond me.

And I would stop really short of calling Jerry Jordan or Don Dodd liberals. They are far from it, and so is Wayne Reaud. You can tell their coverage is aimed at the "angry-white-person-who-either-has-left-or-will-leave-Beaumont" demographic...

Anonymous said...

I haee to go with Gus on that question. Anyone who supported Hillary Clinton is a social liberal. .

Anonymous said...

Philip is too funny. I know that Muffler shop. It's on Nederland Ave. just down the street from his office. And those are NOT photos from a cell phone. Anonymous tip my butt.

Anonymous said...

Philip's ex-wife business is located on Nederland Avenue...Philip like to drive by 5, 6, 20 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Those photos came from a blackberry 8330. The stupid idiot forgot to wash the metadata from the images. Need the reg number of the device?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:49:

He may be a social liberal, but it seems like Jerry and Don seem to have it out for minority programs and politicians. Doesn't Reaud basically grant his blessings for stories before they're run? I could be wrong but I've been in the area for a few years, and been reading their coverage of things, and it just doesn't seem like it jibes with being a "liberal," unless my definition is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the Nederland village idiot. Mike Aguilar doesn't have a cake walk in his bid for Justice of Peace Place #2. Aguilar has stepped on some toes in the past and the Nederland village idiot endorsement is a kiss of death.

Anonymous said...

"Nederland's village idiot". Now that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Tragedy averted. Beaumont Underground is now located here:

Anonymous said...

I know both Don and Jerry. On the Klein scale, they're flaminig communists. The rest of the world would call them moderates. The Examiner is a liberal publication however. Look at the columns.

Anonymous said...

The Weekly Reaud Reader a liberal pub? No! Say it ain't so!


Anonymous said...

Great example of why Channel 4 is the worst station in the market. Per the Examiner, the price is equal to its worth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could the Jefferson County Republican Party off the ground if Klein would just shut up and go away.

Anonymous said...

Jerry and Klein aren't friends? I guess I'm placing guilt by association. Oops! Angel and Klein are friends, Angel and Jerry are buds, too.

As far as columns, what was it about Fanniece Hawkins that rubbed Don (Wayne) the wrong way?