Aug 14, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits

Before reviewing Philip R. Klein's best of the worst in the Southeast Texas Political Review this week, here's a bit of administrivia: the comments are back!

During a momentary lapse of reason, I took the comments down. This was not forced by Klein, but purely a personal decision. Since I don't track the incoming traffic like Klein, I wasn't sure how popular the comments were.

Over the past 24 hours, I received 20-11 hundred thousand (Klein's math) messages; all were in favor of the comments. In human numbers, that amounted to about 20 emails. So, the comments are back.

The new subscribe button on the right sidebar is a suggestion by Philip R. Klein in his editorial this week:

The call came from our media rep who monitors RSS. This is a service where you can get news information very quickly. All the major news media organizations use it. I have it on my desktop, blackberry and laptop at home and in my vehicle. It is a way to stay in touch with what is going on and breaking.

Philip displays his ignorance of Really Simple Syndication, but arrogantly explains the concept to his readers. For aggregating content, I prefer Atom, so pick your favorite aggregator.

The Funniest Blunder in Klein's Long-winded Editorial This Week

Well, this morning I got a phone call from the West Coast. It was late this morning and we working on some other issues with our sister company KIC of Nederland.

"Late this morning" implies that "we working" sometime after 10:00 AM. KIC is an acronym for either Kentucky Institutional Chicken, or Klein Investigations and Consulting.

Philip lost his train of thought while meandering through his simplistic explanation of RSS, self-adulation and a laundry list of Patrick McDermott interviews:

Back to the story - as I am driving in my car from an interview on satellite in Houston at 4 a.m. - my representative with the media calls me and asks who Dan Sher is and where is the Beaumont Enterprise. Imagine my surprise? As I ask why she told me to check my RSS feed and get back with her.

In four paragraphs, Philip changed his story from working in Nederland "late this morning" to 4:00 AM while driving back from Houston. Yet he wants you to believe he received a mysterious fax from a latina friend of Patrick McDermott, written in Philip R. Klein's signature style.

Readers should note that Philip R. Klein admits to driving while texting. As a rule of thumb, I always pull off the road when I see fat, ugly men in big SUVs playing with a Blackberry in my rear-view mirror (see Bellow v. Klein and Mazzolla v. Klein).

A Vintage Quote from Philip R. Klein

We could go through hundreds of examples of stories that they have missed, ignored, gotten wrong, editors have killed or have take the liberal firm stance on that have created business people - as well as conservatives to stop buying the paper and ads.

Clearly a case of keyboard diarrhea.

Philip R. Klein Exploits Children

Philip has exploited  child victims of sexual abuse and his own children for his own vanity.

In his editorial, "The Beaumont Enterprise," Klein exploits Patrick McDermott's son on his "political blog:"

Well, Dan, let's ask the 16 year old young man whose father is missing what he thinks of your funny editorial this morning?

By Philip's own admission, he was paid by a "major media company" for a "very high profile international case;" as such, he is not authorized to speak for Chance McDermott.

How despicable.

Another Vintage Quote from Philip R. Klein:

It seems the Hologram thing - you know the $100k plus of your tax dollars meant to give passes to important people to get back into towns in Jefferson County post a hurricane?

Diagnosis: Projectile emesis of the keyboard.


The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care. And they will be black. And the race card will be pulled.

Apparently Philip's "tipster" was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Woo-Woo! Don't take the comments away, Gus!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, Gus, why should you and Sam have all the fun?

Klein's Crackberry said...

O sh*t

Anonymous said...

He is so stupid. God what a liar. First, his agent is calling 'late in the morning.' and then 'she's calling at 4:00 am.' What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Anonymous said...

In his reader mail, PRK defends his use of "childrens" and boasts that he has spoken at almost all of the high schools. Sure. And I'll bet the English teachers use his lectures as an example of trailer park patois.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact he spoke at Westbrook. Since it was July, he was the only one in the parking lot until the BISD cops told him to quit loitering and move on.