Aug 22, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R. Klein's best of the worst of the Southeast Texas Political Review for Aug. 17 though Aug. 21, 2009.

On town hall meetings: In his last posting of the week, Philip asked:

Oh get this. There is a town hall meeting to talk about Health Care. It will be at the Lamar University Campus on Tuesday the 25th. So who is sponsoring it? The chamber of commerce? Maybe? Now we are going to have a debate on health care with the chamber of commerce? Why?

Anyone who asks why a discussion on healthcare is pertinent is truly out of touch.  The other sponsors include the Texas Medical Association, the Jefferson County Medical Society, Lamar University, and the Lamar Institute of Technology, but Philip didn't mention that.

In the last town hall meeting on health care, Philip predicted:

The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care. And they will be black. And the race card will be pulled.

Philip's "tipster" was wrong again

Readers will note that the only person who "pulled" the "race card" was Philip R. Klein. His fictitious claim of "black," "progressive," "pro-Obama" Democrats running amok are more revealing of Klein's own bias. See more on PRK's blatant racism below.

Another signature grammatical trainwreck: Note confusion over capitalization and word forms in the same paragraph: talk about Health Care...we are going to have a debate on health care....

For the record, it's healthcare.

On the appointment of a U.S. Marshall:

Rumors that Mitch Woods has promised the black community that Zena Stevens, his chief deputy, would win approval by commissioners court to take over his seat has set well. As for Ray Beck - rumors that DA Tom Maness has been in the backfield trying to cut off the nomination has kind of fallen on deaf ears.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has an interesting take regarding one of Klein's previous lies:

In an interview with a high ranking police official this past week, a call is being made in the backrooms of police stations across Jefferson County for District Attorney Tom Maness to step aside.

Any questions on why the liquor bottles in Klein's kitchen are empty in the MSNBC video (see link in the sidebar)? 

On Nancy Beaulieu:

As much as we do not like her take on government (bigger is better), we kind of like the way she stands up to folks and sinks her heals (sorry that is sexist) in.

Confusing "heal" for "heel" is ignorance, not sexism. Philip is so biased that he's unable to tell the difference between sexist writing and idiomatic language. 

Even funnier, Klein mangled the colloquialism "digging his/her heels in." The phrase originally came from the Southwest and referred to breaking wild horses by cowboys, who routinely "dug their heels in" to control the horse.

Reading Philip's Mail: In a letter to himself, Philip responds to the charge that he's unfit for public service:

I think you are right. I could not make it in public service. The waste and the misuse of tax dollars would make me scream.

Philip doesn't address the obvious: to be elected to public office, one must have a core group of supporters larger than 30 people.

It's interesting to note that Klein's experience in real politics amounts to an abortive effort as a lobbyist for Texas restaurants that ended abruptly when his six Dairy Queens went belly up, and as a volunteer on a presidential campaign where the candidate received the fewest votes of any Republican in over 40 years. 

I've often wondered whether Klein, as a lobbyist, ever honored his donation pledge to a certain U.S. Senator for the state of Texas.

 On Philip's blatant racism:

Until then - this dance that is going to be done staring a black man, a white man and a Mexican man is a waste of time.

Klein apparently meant "starring," not "staring."

This comes from the same person who routinely refers to all Latinos as "Mexicans:"

Flores - Nobody cares about a Mexican man like Caesar [sic] Chavez. Everyone should honor the man that gave the land and made it possible for children to learn. Even the kids get that.

I think Philip meant César Chávez, who was actually a native American citizen, born in Yuma, AZ.

On Philip's name dropping:

According to polling centers like Rasmussen and Zogby - Americans are angry at government right now - and if change will happen in both parties - it will be now.

No recent polls by either Rasmussen or Zogby corroborate his claim. Klein regularly makes the same claim about catastrophic change in local city governments, local county governments, the state government, the federal government, local businesses, national businesses, and political parties:

There is a purge coming in the Republican Party in the United States. That is the Purge [sic] of the RINO Republicans. And that is a good thing.

That never happened, either.

On Philip's fuzzy math:

The City of Beaumont announced the new budget this past week which now goes to you the taxpayer. In that budget they actually dropped spending from 21 million to around 19 million.

The actual numbers numbers were $221.7 million for 2010 and  $218.9 million for 2009. When I mentioned his confusion, Philip attempted to explain his error in a response to a purported reader:

The budget this last year was for $100,700 (m) and is coming in a little bit light at $99,000 (m). This years is coming in at $104,500 (m). We subtracted contract fire and police union. Thus the number. And you were right - we were not clear on that as we should have been.

The real numbers still didn't match up, in spite of PRK's attempt to obfuscate his mistake by arbitrarily removing large portions of the budget.

Philip, did however, reduce the size of his mistake from approximately $200 million to only $65 million or so.  

Quote of the Week:

By the way - police/fire/ems makes up well over 50% of the [Beaumont] city expenditures.

Reality: Police/Fire/EMS make up 25 percent of the proposed 2010 city budget. See the overview here.


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He is such an idiot.

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He is below idiot level. My God what a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Gus, I know your sources are more realiable than our "make believe sources" friend. Check with your courthouse source (you know the name of his favorite attorney) and see if that attorney was locked up in jail last year. Two peas in a pod for sure.

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Watched that NBC video. I hate yappy little dogs, but it's appropriate for an anklebiter like Klein.

Klein's Crackberry said...

Ur Mama called: Pls chang ur last name.

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So much Sunday: Another Fillup rant against BISD. Sore because he wasn't invited to go on media bus tour?

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Give him a chance - he'll make a joke about Trahan drooling on himself and compare it to Ted Kennedy as another example of JEFFERSON COUNTY IS THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS!!!!