Aug 12, 2009

On Philip R. Klein and Patrick McDermott (Pt II)

After The Beaumont Enterprise's blog, The Bayou, poked fun at Philip R. Klein's silly search for Patrick McDermott, Philip responded with a juvenile and long-winded "editorial" castigating the newspaper:

I guess I have a belief in read stories that simply tell the true story here in Southeast Texas.

What irony. I'm sure that Klein forged this purported fax from a "friend" of Patrick McDermott to show that his investigation is "94 percent done." Read more about the actual search and this mysterious fax in Part 1 below.

As I've pointed out on several occasions, PRK's psychological problems frequently manifest themselves in his writing:

For my critical look at the Enterprise I have now become one of two things. Either (1) ignored in professional accomplishments or (2) made the target of criticism.

Philip's martyr complex is apparent. Most people know that searches for Patrick McDermott, Jimmy Hoffa, or Bigfoot are open invitations for criticism. Klein complains about attacks on his family:

My family, my friends, my business and most of all my personal life has been the target of those who have opposite views politically that I have.

Yet, PRK feels comfortable in attacking the families of others:

In its descriptor line it explains that Dan Sher is the chief writer and has contributions from many editors and writers. Sher;s wife works at the Enterprise and Dan stays at home with the kids I have been told. Thus the time to play on the net? Maybe while the kids are sleeping?

What does any of this have to do with Patrick McDermott?  These tabloid pieces are more about Philip R. Klein than Patrick McDermott.

Philip rambles through several paragraphs of self-adulation before returning to the original narrative:

Back to the story - as I am driving in my car from an interview on satellite in Houston at 4 a.m. - my representative with the media [on the West Coast] calls me and asks who Dan Sher is and where is the Beaumont Enterprise.

The obvious question: what kind of media rep would have to ask "...where is the Beaumont Enterprise?" 

Another question less obvious: Klein's "media representative" called about 2:00 AM PDT when the bars close. I wonder if he pays his "media representative" a retainer or an hourly wage?

After 10 paragraphs of egomaniacal blather, Philip presents his complaint:

As well - in a matter of words calling me a liar. And no - it is not interpreted - it is fact. You can read it for yourself.

Perhaps the Bayou is only acknowledging what everyone already knows.

In Nitwit Tidbits on Friday, I'll present my complaint about Philip R. Klein and his investigation.


Anonymous said...

Klein is milking the sucker footing the bill to find Mcdermott. Area attorneys don't use him anymore. Ask Mark Faggard or Bruce Hoffer about his billing system.

Anonymous said...

Klein seems like a very bad liar. I've heard that many people think he's a total fraud.

Anonymous said...

I read his funny editorial about the Beaumont Enterprise. It was all about Philip, how Philip has a publicist, how Philip has a laptop computer in his car, how Philip is so important to be on tv via satellite, how Philip is so important to be kept abreast of latest happenings. I met Philip back in the Brenda A. marriage days and he was a complete jerk then as he is now. It is all about Philip. How about explaining how you filed bankruptcy and skipped out on paying your bills.

Anonymous said...

What I love about the latest stories in print regarding long lost Patrick McDermott, like at the New York Daily News and elsewhere, is that only the term "investigators" is used. There's no mention of Klein by name.

Word has spread! Even reporters and editors in New York know that this idiot has zero credibility, and that they should refrain from using the nutcase's name. I absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

He's been using the SETPR as a platform to smear anyone who slights him, imagined or otherwise.

Gus, I don't know how you wade through hiw crap everyday, but your blog is a hell of a lot more entertaining than his.

Anonymous said...

I can't WAIT to see your take on his most recent crap! LOL

Anonymous said...

Klein's a bitter asshole eaten up with jealousy.