Aug 26, 2009

On Philip R. Klein's So-called Editorial: "Ted"

Philip writes:

Ted Kennedy is dead. The last of the "Camelot" era. The last of the great Kennedy's because unless you take Caroline seriously - they are now all gone.

Klein is an idiot!  If the logical fallacies in Philip's thesis are legion, how can the rest of his opinion be any more credible?

Camelot was associated with John Kennedy, not Ted. That era ended abruptly on November 22, 1963, not with the death of Ted.

Regarding Philip's wishful thinking that "they are all gone," let's not forget Ted's sister, Jean Kennedy Smith, and the fourth Kennedy generation (Caroline excluded, since that's the only one that Philip can name):

  • Patrick Kennedy (Son of Ted), U.S. Representative
  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Daughter of Robert), Lieutenant Governor
  • Joe Kennedy II (Son of Robert), U.S. Representative
  • Robert Shriver (Son of Eunice), City Council Member
  • Mark Shriver (Son of Eunice), State Representative
  • Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger (Daughter of Eunice), Even Philip has heard of Arnold.

Those are the ones in politics.  There are several others, like Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert), who have no political ambitions, but serve in other areas. In Kerry's case, she is the chairperson for the Amnesty International Leadership Council. She's also the former wife of Andrew Cuomo. Their three children each share the same middle name: Kennedy. 

I'm sure we'll see the fifth Kennedy generation with the same high ethics regarding public service. Those are the factual errors in Philip's first two sentences. The rest of Philip's attack on Ted Kennedy is just as confused.

Typically, Philip finds a tenuous coattail to grasp:

As young boy in 1963 - I clearly remember my mother crying and my father staying home from work post President Kennedy's assassination. In my career I have had the opportunity to meet those that worked near him in the old days - as well as know a man that wrote a book regarding the Kennedy family. So for me - it is kind of history in the making and good bye to another part of a generation that I had the opportunity to live through.

So for me - Philip went completely off the track with this silly babble about his memories of John Kennedy, who died 45 years ago. "I" or "me" is mentioned almost as much as "Ted" in Philip's editorial.

Philip is exploiting the death of Ted Kennedy to further his own personal agenda.  The irony in this statement is apparent to everyone but Philip R. Klein:

As he goes out - watch for the health care bill to be pushed through in "his name." At least that is what the libs think. They will use his death to champion health care.

Considering Ted Kennedy's lifetime of service and his priorities, I suspect he would have no problem in having his name attached to a healthcare bill. I'm also absolutely sure that Ted Kennedy would have a good laugh over this juvenile gibberish from Philip R. Klein.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nederland, your idiot is running loose.

Klen's Crackberry said...

D Pope called: U 4got to mention drooling.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that Klein sounds like Jack Brooks when he starts talking about the "little guy like you and me?" Maybe it's just the cigar.

Anonymous said...

Jack Brooks never filed bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

or 3 divorces.