Aug 17, 2009

Philip Klein: “It’s as Clear as Mud!”

As I pointed out in an earlier posting, Philip R. Klein mangled the figures for the proposed City of Beaumont budget:

The City of Beaumont announced the new budget this past week which now goes to you the taxpayer. In that budget they actually dropped spending from 21 million to around 19 million.

The actual numbers numbers were $221.7 Million for 2010 and  $218.9 Million for 2009. I suspect that most readers will realize that Klein miscopied the numbers from the original story in the Beaumont Enterprise. 

Shortly after I posted this article, Philip attempted to explain his error in a purported “Reader Mail:”

The budget this last year was for $100,700 (m) and is coming in a little bit light at $99,000 (m). This years is coming in at $104,500 (m). We subtracted contract fire and police union. Thus the number. And you were right - we were not clear on that as we should have been. The reason we took that out? Because of collective bargaining that you the citizens gave the police and fire departments. Meaning - when the citizens voted in collective bargaining - you opened the door (s) to the raises and blessed them before they happened and frankly took them out of your elected leaders control. What they can control - dropped. Meaning less spending. I hope this helps you. By the way - police/fire/ems makes up well over 50% of the city expenditures. Just as it should be. Public safety first.

Philip never admitted he made a mistake – instead, he typically tried to obfuscate his original mistake with even more gibberish.

Here are the real figures from the Beaumont City Budget for 2009 and 2010:

  2009 Budget 2010 Budget
Police 28,831,100 30,358,000
Fire 22,885,000 23,424,300
Total Budget 221,700,000 218,900,000
Budget w/o Police & Fire 169,983,900 165,117,700

Readers can easily see that Philip’s manufactured numbers have no relation to the real budget. Unfortunately, there are about 30 lost souls in Southeast Texas who will take Philip’s gibberish as fact without checking the real numbers.

Klein’s dismal record as a businessman in Southeast Texas underscores his inability to read a simple balance sheet, to be expected from someone who is confused over simple payroll concepts such as “comp time” and “holiday pay.”

A cursory examination of the real numbers will reveal where the cuts in expenditures are:


Care to continue the discussion, Philip?


Anonymous said...

Open mouth, insert both feet.

Anonymous said...

"Seemingly, this idiot doesn't make mistakes," said a source close to Philip R. Klein.

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs and he still can't write. Philip Klein is a total moron. "Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life."

Anonymous said...

The irony is that klein would probably gain credibility by simply admitting he made a mistake. Instaad he makes up this BS which makes even less sense that his original mistake.

Klein's Crackberry said...

KBH called: where's the $$$?

Anonymous said...

Did Klein find four flat tires on his vehicle when he left the courthouse the other day?

Anonymous said...

Klein said "This years is coming in at $104,500 (m)"

Philip your a liar. That figure came from the proposed budget for NEXT YEAR and hasn't even been approved yet.

You really are a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

With Klein's math abilities, no wonder all of his companies go into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 622, Klein IS a flat tire.