Aug 18, 2009

Philip R. Klein: Disconnected from Reality

As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, Philip R. Klein generally misses the forest for the trees and lives outside the realm of reality in a fantasy world called The Southeast Texas Political Review.

The Beaumont Enterprises corroborates a story that I’ve mentioned on several occasions, but Philip missed entirely:

Longtime Justice of the Peace McGinnis to retire

Justice of the Peace Vi McGinnis announced that she is stepping down at the end of her term in December 2010 at a press conference Tuesday.

Philip’s “inside sources at the courthouse” must have missed that one. As I also predicted, local attorney Ann Bradley has announced her candidacy.

Look for Nancy Beaulieu to follow shortly.


Anonymous said...

Klein has zero credibility. In fact, he is a zero.

Anonymous said...

Gus, is it true about this tornado?

My sources at the courthouse said the tornado picked up Klein and when he landed, he squashed the Wicked Witch of the East.

Anonymous said...

More lies, no tornado could pick up the PrK

Anonymous said...

No, it's not true. He squashed the Walmart, bounced off and put a big ole hickey on Kohl's.

Anonymous said...

Not true, tornados only destroy things of value. Philip isn't worth anything.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my bad.