Aug 13, 2009

Philip R. Klein is a Big, Fat Liar

In his latest article, “DPS,” Philip R. Klein writes:

The story covered by KBMT had a quote from Jefferson County Emergency Management :

"Because Ike was so big, there were not enough state troopers to watch every exit into the county."

Here’s the story from KBMT, but that quote isn’t there.  See for yourself.

Philip manufactures an entire story, with anonymous sources, based on this non-existent quote :

Well that didn't play well in Austin. And phone calls were made. A source close to emergency management in Austin tells the Review : "We had more than enough State Troopers to cover anything and everything. We just did not have orders, communication or a firm plan on what the Jefferson County Officials wanted us to do - or at least make a decision. To say that about the State Troopers is simply not true."

Maybe this was faxed in to Klein’s office by a friend of Patrick McDermott?


Anonymous said...

I am trying to reconcile the facts as presented in a news story and PRK's absolute lies.
How stupid must anyone be to believe what he wrote? HE MAKES SHIT UP, PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Good one, Gus. If this fat dipwad lied about this, what else has he lied about?

Anonymous said...

Philip is no more...


Klein's Crackberry said...

U B busted.

Cho Klatcake said...

Hey Phil, John says hello.

Anonymous said...

Anon 312 the real question is when has Klien told the truth? His stuff about SET EMT is made up too.