Aug 17, 2009

Philip R. Klein: Math Wiz

As I pointed out yesterday, Philip R. Klein manufactured quotes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Philip’s real source was a newspaper article.

Klein stated (emphasis is mine):

The City of Beaumont announced the new budget this past week which now goes to you the taxpayer. In that budget they actually dropped spending from 21 million to around 19 million.

Typically, Philip has a hard time with big numbers. From the original story in the Beaumont Enterprise, dated August 15, 2009:

Next year's proposed budget is $218.9 million…This year's budget was $221.7 million.

How can one expect a reasoned argument from someone who can’t copy numbers out of the newspaper without making a mistake? 

Reading, writing, and comprehension skills are closely related, so Klein loses on all counts.


Anonymous said...

Open mouth, insert foot Philip.

Anonymous said...

Your kidding right?

Delores Douglas said...

Looks like the real deal to me.

Anonymous said...

Hell, he's confused about everything. He said the budget "now goes to you the taxpayer."

Since when do taxpayers get to vote on the budget?

Anonymous said...

What funny about Philip is that he is to GD stubborn to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Reeding, Ritting and Rithmatic ain't Philip's strong points. Lets be honest, he is dumb as a rock. Sorry rocks, no offense.