Aug 2, 2009


According Philip R. Klein latest's article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, the adult population of Beaumont are liars:

The numbers the district put out was a lie. The numbers [sic] of students that attend Southpark [sic] was a lie. The numbers [sic] of students that actually show up at the school was a lie. The engineering report was a lie. The spin to the public was a lie. The BISD and it's leaders lied to you the public.

They will use anyone or say anything to get what they want. A certain doctor in town comes to mind. The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce comes to mind. The City Council of Beaumont comes to mind. There are many people and things that come to mind in the BISD bond mess. But in the end - the bond was built and sold on a lie.

What has happened in the trial is pretty simple - BISD and its leadership have been exposed. They are liars. They lie. They continue to lie and they will lie to get what they want.

The emphasis is mine, in lieu of any supporting evidence. Other than Philip's conspiracy theory, here more likely explanations :

  1. Philip is the biggest liar
  2. Philip is clueless about the real issues
  3. Philip can't comprehend simple statistics
  4. Philip has a reckless disregard for the truth
  5. All of the above

Readers will notice that Klein typically blames the local media for his own ignorance (try "South Park," not "Southpark"). Those childhood "knocks upside the head" may have done permanent damage.

As an example where Philip R. Klein lied, two engineering "reports" were done by 3DI and CSF Engineers, not one as Klein claims. Both are independent and reputable firms who reached the same conclusion: the building is in bad condition and renovation costs would be significantly greater than simply building a new facility.

Clearly the most cost-effective measure for ROI is to demolish the older building and construct a new one, even though Philip claims it's in the taxpayers' best interest to keep the old building.  The heritage, whether good or bad, is more complicated than simple ROI.

Direct Questions to Philip R. Klein: This ROI does not account for the emotional ties that many people have to the existing structure, so exactly how much is that worth in tax dollars, Philip? Care to debate the issue, or is this the best SETPR has to offer?  Perhaps you're confused: ROI = Return on Investment. This is another common business term - have you figured out comp time and holiday pay yet?

Philip contradicts himself:

The only person that has told half of the truth in public and the media is Paul Brown.

While half-truths are the undisputed province of Philip R. Klein, Dr. Brown served as Co-chair of the BISD Citizen's Advisory Bond Committee.

Philip's initial thesis:

The spin to the public was a lie...the bond was built and sold on a lie.

Philip's blatant racism is evident:

Speaking frankly, that all puts the black community and their want and dreams of running the district against the white community that wants to keep some little sense of pride of the past [sic].

Black v. White.

Readers will recall that Klein wrote last Thursday (emphasis is mine):

This will be ready for the "childrens" of Port Arthur to come and be safe and their grades to increase and test scores to increase?

Nothing new here, remember the Valero incident? According to Philip, African-Americans have "childrens," while Caucasians have "smelly little girls."

Readers will also recognize Philip's code words for a predominantly black neighborhood (emphasis is mine)

Southpark [sic] stands in a place in Beaumont that is run down, a high crime area and most of all a place that was once a sense of pride and history for many of Beaumont's citizens that want to remember Beaumont of yester year [sic]. Not the high crime, high unemployment and high taxed [sic] place it is today.

South Park Middle School is only a few blocks from Lamar University. Neither did Klein explain how the area has "high unemployment" and "high crime," but its "high taxed" [sic].

Since unemployment in Hardin County (predominantly white) is 10 percent, Jefferson County is 10.1 percent, and Orange County (predominantly white) is 10.5 percent, readers will recognize other factors at work here than simply race.

If there are indeed racial overtones in this issue, Philip R. Klein is the biggest racist of all.


Anonymous said...

You'd think Klein would donate his klan robe to the US Army for a mess tent.

The Grand Dragon said...

The Ku Klux Klein?

Anonymous said...

I've heard him use the N word around the fire station in the past. I've no doubt that he is a racist.

Anonymous said...

Gus, thanks for the anonymous link to SETPR. Now Klein does not have a clue as to who reads his lies.

Anonymous said...

I think the anonymous links are great! Do you know how many people click on it?

Anonymous said...

Keep Klein's feet to the fire, Gus!