Aug 24, 2009

Reading Philip’s Letters to Himself:

Philip R. Klein’s latest Reader Mail to himself is an instant classic (emphases are mine):

From Orange County :

Thanx for exposing Howard Trahan and the BISD taxi cab scam.  BISD Handicap bus drivers have used those buses for personal taxis for years.  I would watch one drop her friend off for work at the old Market Basket on Phelan and Dowlen when it was open.  I called Terry Ingram, reported it with bus number and maybe that driver was reprimanded, but I know it still goes on.  The handicap buses go all over town because those students (one of which is mine) attend certain schools depending on the disability.  There is no way you will ever convince me that they are not still toting their friends and family members around to their jobs or anywhere else they need to go.  The children don't know any different and they appear to be an aide on the bus.  Who questions it?  Another BISD waste of money.

Answer : Nobody does. You live in Jefferson County Texas - the most corrupt county in Texas. And Jerry Jordan exposed it...we just are talking about it.

So if this purported reader lives in Orange County, why is a BISD bus transporting the reader’s child “all over town?”

Maybe Jerry Jordan should look into this mail coming from the Southeast Texas Political Review, which seem to be as credible as the faxes.


Anonymous said...

I guess fil writes letters to himself because no one else does. As many personna's as he has, you'd think one fil could write a decent letter to the other fil. What a pitiful "sole"

Anonymous said...

Gus scores another one for the home team.